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Daughter got to Christen the new drill for her project. an outdoor chaulkboard in her school's garden. "students are happier outside"


she painted cement board w/ special paint. it works great!


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Daughter got to Christen the new drill for her project. an outdoor chaulkboard in her school's garden. "students are happier outside"
I love that, despite the whole every student needs to got to University theme which appears to be the current trend, there is a whole swath of students/children/teenagers/victims or whatever the current trendy word is that are not academically inclined, the school system is forgetting about them.

Anyway my Home DIY was a humour/irony bypass of fitting guttering in the persistent rain!!


So the big Bank Holiday project was to install insulation under the floor of my Victorian terrace front room. Got all the bits for a suitable system inc wood fibre insulation, draft proof membrane for below and moisture membrane above + various tapes, primers, screws.
Managed to pull the boards up with only some damage to woodwormy bits and a few splits. Have been gluing the split ones.
Took down some newer bricks on top of the old hearth which we can now tile level with the floor.
The joists are a bit wonky ( seems to be an original feature built in.) which might be OK for reinstalling old boards but not if we want a modern floor. Trying to level them.
I contructed a duct for the air brick to channel air underneath the joists and insulation.

At every stage there seems to be some tricky problem to solve.
Someone even built a masonry wall to infill a door, on top of the floorboards! I really cant start demolishing walls now so have to work around, maintaining support.20210503_170702.jpg


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the bottom sash was in quite good condition. I have chopped out the rotten edge with a router and prepared a new piece of wood cut from an old door. This is going to be glued and screwed into place.
The top sash was in great condition and it was simply a case of of re-puttying the glass into place. Looks like it is going to take a couple of weeks for this to cure sufficiently so I can paint it though.

Job complete. All nicely draughtproofed with special brushes fitted on the beads etc. plus the window now opens, which it hadn't for over 20 years. I had to replace some of the glass, which meant I needed new weights. I am very pleased with the result, which cost way less than fitting a new PVC window.



Bought these guttering clamps for the shed and will be fitting them tmrw. One side is going into a water butt and the other side directly into the compost heap……….


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I've had a busy few weekends and another few to come. Finished my partners fence 2 weeks ago, 16 metres of feather edge boards and concrete posts. Then levelled a seating area and barrowed a ton of chippings through the back gate. Made 3 18inch square planters which were more trouble than I anticipated. 2 weeks time I've got to do my neighbors fence, only 8 metres of feather edge this time. Then when that's done I have to wallpaper my lounge, fit new skirting boards and then get the carpet fitted. Oh and put new curtains in my son's room. After all that I'm looking forward to some lazy weekends!
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