How do you mount and dismount your bike?

OK - panic over

I managed to get on and off my bike - thinking about it didn't make it impossible to do IRL

anyway - did make me realise that I missed a bit out

When mounting when stationary - or dismounting - I hold the brakes on to make sure the bike doesn't roll off unexpectedly

didn;t realise I did that^_^
wonder when I started??????


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Reading this I realise I don't know the answer! It just happens. I "think" I step over the top tube with my right leg, clip in my right foot and push.

I do know I always mount and dismount from the left to keep out of traffic.

I'll pay more attention later today.
I used to do that but now in later years I damage the paint on the top tube with my cleats.


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I’m loving this! What an eclectic bunch of mounters and dismounters we are!
Apologies in advance for any topples resulting from overthinking what you’ve been doing naturally for ages!


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I have done a few dive forward dismounts in my time. Some have ended in tears and gore...

My memory of events goes into Sam Peckinpah slow-mo mode here ! The clothes-peg fell off and there was a twanging noise as the severed gear cable came loose. The chain lost tension as the rear derailleur went walkabout. My body became weightless for a few moments as I launched forwards. In mid-trajectory I smacked my right knee into the handlebar stem but ignored the pain of that because I was rather more concerned with where my helmetless-head was going. In fact it was destined for a close-encounter-of-the-tarmac-kind but fortunately I seem to have a thick skull. Emergency braking was now required so I dug my left shoulder down hard onto the road surface and that eventually did the trick. I actually slid across the finish line but the damn timekeeper was distracted by my screams and forgot to look at his watch. Drat - I could have had 'em all !

I was helped to my feet my mates. They were all looking at my shoulder in a "So that's what they're made of!" way which I found distracting so I took a look myself. Once I came out of the faint, my mates were kind enough to help me to my feet again and then... a strange wailing sound erupted from my body. It was pretty scary, I can tell you!
Some in laughter...

I did something like that at Coed-y-Brenin, except I was lucky ... as I flew through the air, I spotted a small tree just to the side of me, stuck my hand out and grabbed it, which span me round and I landed back on the trail on my feet, while my bike clattered about 15 feet down the slope! I got a round of applause for that one from some witnesses ...:highfive:
I was out on my first ride on my new mountain bike. Up on the hills I encountered a guy from Keighley who said that he'd show me some good bridleways so I decided to ride with him for an hour or two. Eventually, we came to a long fast stretch of bridleway and he really blasted down it ahead of me. There were big boulders all around and in front of us was a huge muddy lake of a puddle in a dip. He carved his way through the puddle and shot up the slope on the other side. I was about 50 metres behind and hit the puddle at full speed. My front wheel dug down into the mud and I was launched into the air over the bars. I seemed to be in the air for seconds and screamed in terror as I plummeted down towards two big boulders. I landed face down in thick mud between the boulders so, amazingly, I was completely uninjured. As I prised myself out of the mud looking like The Creature from the Black Lagoon, I heard the sound of riotous applause. I looked up to see a big group of mountain bikers sitting on the grass behind the boulders eating sandwiches. One guy shouted out - "F***ing brilliant mate - do it again!"
And the occasional could not do that again if I tried a thousand times dismount (from another 'how do you get on/off your bike' thread!)...

I once did a spectacularly wonderful involuntary dismount from my mountain bike though ... I was bombing down some singletrack which suddenly became deeply rutted. My wheels became trapped in the rut and I was not able to slow down enough before the rut came to an end. The front wheel dug in and launched me over the bars. My shoes unclipped themselves from the pedals and I cleared the handlebars, landed on my feet and was able to keep my balance by running away from the fallen bike! :becool: :laugh:

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Thanks but no thanks. I think I'll pass.
I get off anyway I can without falling off and looking like a complete plank.
Not at all, I did that all the time when riding fixed, the saddlebAg was mounted high on a saddle bag uplift, far easy to swing the leg over the front, then snag me tights on the bag!
OK - if I tried that I think I would end up on the floor crawling back to the house and pleading for some painkillers

and hoping my wife is
a) up
b) not laughing so much she can't reach the top shelf
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