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Discussion in 'Commuting' started by HLaB, 17 Aug 2007.

  1. Must I turn up at work forgetting a change of shirt?
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  2. Blonde

    Blonde New Member

    Bury, Lancashire
    Heh! I have done that. It looks a bit odd wearing black work trousers with a muti coloured pro-team cycling jersey... good thing I didn't have a meeting that day!
  3. Keith Oates

    Keith Oates Janner

    Penarth, Wales
    I always try to keep a spare set of most clothing items in the office for just such days. It can still fail though when taking them home to wash and forgetting to replace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  4. Road Fiddler

    Road Fiddler New Member

    I have forgot my shirt many times. Many years ago i turned up to work and it soon became apparent that i had left my shoes at home, my boss was not sympathetic and in no uncertain terms told me to go home, take the day off without pay i turned around unsimpathetic and told him to wind his neck in and that i will just wear my socks as i would be tied to my desk that day. He said no you wont this is a health and safety environment so i looked down at his slippers and said so you want to make an issue out of this. He stormed off and didn't speak to me for almost a week.
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  5. Andrew_Culture

    Andrew_Culture Internet Marketing bod

    Fortunately everyone here seems to wear the same size as me, so if I were to forget my company polo shirt I'd just grab another from the uniform box :smile:
  6. SW19cam

    SW19cam Über Member

    I haven't done this for a long time ago... and just checked - yep still have my emergency shirt under my desk ;) It's one of those shirts that should have been retired many years ago, but it'll do in an emergency.... ;)
  7. sheffgirl

    sheffgirl Senior Member

    I'm lucky, quite a few people walk around in socks or bare feet at my workplace and nobody seems to mind. I have spare shoes under my desk but I rarely wear them. I leave my trousers at work and take a spare top to wear, although sometimes I forget to take them home, so I'm building up a bit of a collection :laugh:
    Just don't forget to take spare underpants if it's raining, I did that once, and never again :rain:
  8. Could be worse - you could be female and have left your bra at home ...:whistle:
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  9. Maz

    Maz Legendary Member

    You need to stockpile your shirts at work. Along with socks, pants, etc.
  10. fossala

    fossala Veteran

    I'm a chef, work cleans all my clothes. All I need to turn up with is myself as I keep my shoes in my locker.
  11. jarlrmai

    jarlrmai Veteran

    i clean my clothes in the onsite laundrettes :smile:
  12. SportMonkey

    SportMonkey Guest

    Today I purchased a new suit, it will be ready for collection at 10am on Monday morning, so no need to take a suit in to work Monday (after having a few too many ales on Thursday and travelling home in my suit). I'm fortunate Spinningfields seems to cater to people who forget their clothing.
  13. musa

    musa Über Member


    Although i need to carry underwear as i cycle in. My other chef job os slightly different wash my own clothes and leave in the locker
  14. Diggs

    Diggs Veteran

    Billericay, Essex
    Not since those nights when I didn't get home..... but that now seems like a lifetime away
  15. fossala

    fossala Veteran

    Just go comando. It gets hot in the kitchen anyway.
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