I'm a bit alarmed that this happened without me noticing!


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Those bolts look fairly standard, no?


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Same crank as I have on my Peugeot.

It's happened to me before. My bike developed a squeak that was driving me insane, I checked it all over and sure enough there was a missing chainring bolt that was causing it. Must have cycled a good few miles on it too before I found out. :blush:

Unfortunately the random spare chainring bolt I have in my toolbox is for a double, otherwise I'd offer it you.
All I can think is where you upside down when you took the picture ?
I'm not sure what the issue is here.

You kicked the tyres, right?

And nothing seemed wrong, right?

So... your problem is?

I'd glory in the added lightness of that new chainring-attachment method.

That'll be worth anything up to nearly a second the next time you commute with appropriate fury.

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