Jumpy legs

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I've been riding a fair bit of late. Some long rides and some short fast, some hills.

Bit of everything really.

I ride between 140 and 200 miles a week.

Recently I've developed Jumpy legs. They start late at night and can happily keep me up all night. Its as if my legs wont rest, I can feel a discomfort building up in them over 10 minutes or so and then I have to tighten my muscles (or they twitch themselves) to dispel the discomfort.

Only happens a few nights a month, but is a real hassle.

any solutions?


My dad suffered from something similar: sitting there fighting an irresistible twitching within his legs. He went to the doc who told him it was Restless Legs Syndrome. Turns out it was actually a symptom of renal failure, so I hope yours has another cause!

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I have the same thing when I'm doing some heavy riding or running. Luckily, it wasn't restless leg syndrome and it was temporary. I just incorporated more rest days and made sure I was consuming more foods with electrolytes in them and it went away pretty fast. I hope it's the same thing for you.


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My stepdad it was an early sign of heart problems. You're probably fine, but this can be a harbinger of several serious illnesses so I'd visit the quack to be sure.


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I have had "restless leg symptom" since primary school, it ****es other people off more that it ****es me off!
Same here. Drives the wife nuts, never mind me. Try to settle in bed, then the nerves fire. Can't say what causes it or makes it better. We've got a couple of chairs with a built in massager that can help.

I am worse when it's hot, so find putting my feet in a bowl of cold water for fifteen minutes before bed helps as it numbs the nerves.
jonny jeez

jonny jeez

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thanks guys (and gals).

it only seems to happen a few days after a big ride...or a long week on continuous riding. It goes away with rest and only lasts one night. I suspect it is ride related so wont jump to any nasty conclusions. But I shall keep an eye on it.

I also kind of suspected de-hydration or elctro-imbalace so shall watch that too

just in case.


About 70-80% of the time, eating a banana can get rid of the twitching. Works when you get a twitchy eye too (either from tiredness or stress).

Works for me - and ensures I'm not kicked out of bed by the wife!
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