Light hybrid / flat bar road bike. Budget £500


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As per the title.

Due to an accident my partner is moving from a road bike to a hybrid/flat bar road bike.

Shes likes the lightness of the road bike. The hybrids we’ve tried are a lot heavier.

She doesn’t mind a men’s bike. She’s 5” 2 - 5” 3 so the bike needs to come in a small enough size.

Any recommendations for a good light hybrid or flat bar road bike appreciated.

Budget is £500.


The triban 520 flat bar (xs, s, ...)
comes in a bit under budget as well.


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Whyte R7 range? Something from Merida? Pinnacle?

Second hand acceptable?

I’d think most men’s frames would be on the large size for a petite woman even in smallest guise


Most hybrid bikes use 700c wheels and are bigger and heavier than required for small riders.
You could use a lightweight MTB on 26" wheels as a starting point, or put a flatbar on a 650c road bike.
These days, 650c is being used for children's road bikes rather than for women.


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Prefer new.
Bikes seem to have got more costly, in days gone by a £500 women's fast flatbar had a decent groupset and carbon fork, doesn't seem to be so nowadays. I'd suggest her to go to a few shops to try some out


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I'm sure Decathlon would be amenable to getting a small size in for you to try. Its quite light at 9.7kg and quick on 28c tyres. Plus its a great price and you get a lifetime frame warranty and two years on the carbon fork and ancillaries. Triple for a good range of gears.
I don't think you'll do better for value.


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Depending on where you are Chainreaction are selling off Vitus Mach hybrids. Various prices around your budget and come with hydraulic discs.

10% off if you are a British Cycling member.
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