FNRttC London to BOGNOR REGIS (okay, Felpham) - 1st September 2017


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Whee! I was first! (and I (think) I got the email spelt correctly this time.)


Sorry, another one I'm going to miss.
Not like.


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Will there be any astronomical phenomena of note?
No ISS passes, and Iridium flares are hard to predict for a constantly moving location. There is one that should show up shortly after 5am at Faygate but we will probably be well away before then. Moon will be waxing gibbous as it drift s through northern Sagittarius. The Andromeda Galaxy will be directly overhead as we approach the half way stop. Cloud cover will be thick, I expect, remembering my last Felpham ride (where I met Cpt Defect's inner tube).

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Excited to have signed up for my first FNRttC of the year. Living out in Oxfordshire makes this slightly more complicated than when in SE London but it should be fairly straightforward.
It is!
Ride down to London Friday evening for the start. Leaving Oxford by 5 gives plenty of time.
Train back to London, Coach home.
Simples :-)
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