1. Dogtrousers

    Article on The Fridays

    I was about to chuck the CTC magazine straight into the recycling, as I tend to do, when this caught my eye. An article on The Fridays. Cycling June/July 2024
  2. StuAff

    FNRttC FNRttC Windsor to Winchester 1 October 2021- ride report

    …And now, the end is near, we've reached the final curtain. Well, for night rides this year, at least. A bit of a whimper in terms of numbers, but a banging event. And handily placed for a ride home- the ride up turned out less so.... Windsor is a PITA for rail access from the south coast. If I...
  3. lazybloke

    England : London FNRttC Shoreham

    Assuming I've got the right date, is anyone going London to Shoreham tonight? I'll be the guy with one Day-Glo yellow pannier.
  4. LucretiaMyReflection

    FNRttC FNRttC London to Cambridge 20th August

    Hullo :hello: Registration is now open for the London to Cambridge ride. Not quite the coast but there is a DNA path. Northbound out of the capital, midpoint stop at the delightful Birchanger Services, then continuing to Cambridge for breakfast. About 100km, 600m climbing. See you at the...
  5. LucretiaMyReflection

    FNRttC FNRttC Cambridge to King's Lynn 23rd July 2021

    Hullo! Back for 2021, an away fixture for the Fridays :becool: Out into starry skies after winding out through the colleges from Cambridge and up river, led by yours truly (promoted from All Upping). Lanes to Ely and the cathedral, followed by the excellent cafe stop at Welney. You might see an...
  6. StuAff

    FNRttC FNRttC to Whitstable 25 June 2021- ride report

    That was a really dull evening, in the good ways. Perfect weather (after non-Maldon, I'm hoping the next wet one isn't for quite some time...), a near-total absence of mechanicals (one puncture in the first group), one retirement at the halfway…and a lot of happy smiling faces at the end. So...
  7. Dogtrousers

    Friday Night Ride from Reading to Oxford (and back) Ride Report

    It was great to get out on my first FNRttC* for a very long time. Meet up was outside the station in Reading, for a midnight departure as usual. There were 20-odd of us, five of us on Bromptons. Unlike the traditional London starts there was no two hour suburban slog to get out of the...
  8. LucretiaMyReflection

    FNRttC Friday Night Ride to the Coast (and back again) Fen Bridges 30th April Ride report

    The second night ride of 2021, and slightly different, as we ride to the coast at King's Lynn, then back again. My phone did not like the cold and flaked out after King's Lynn. This was very frustrating as we had a brilliant sunrise. Barry and other riders shared their photos, which I've...
  9. StuAff

    FNRttC Friday Night Ride to the Coast- Amble to Ashford, 23 April. Ride report

    Yes, we're back, the first night ride of the year. In legally-compliant fashion, two groups of a dozen hardy souls (those Garmins with temperature readings were reporting sub-zero) set out from the South Bank (surrounded by groups of those not exactly keeping their distance, it was very busy...
  10. Shadow

    FNRttC Brighton 18 september 2020 Report

    The Joy of Six Twenty-four riders leaving London for Brighton. Under current guidelines, protocol dictates groups are limited to no more than 6. So, The Fridays creates 4 groups of 6 - Adrian’s Accidental Acolytes, Ross’s Ragtag Rabble, Tim’s Trundling Troupe, Jenny’s Folding Faction* - 2...
  11. LucretiaMyReflection

    The Fridays Lockdown Rides Suffolk Lanes: castles and the cold war Sat 3rd October POSTPONED TO SPRING 2021

    Daytime ride alert! :hello: An undulating ride looping from Ipswich, via Framlingham to Orford on country lanes then heading back to Ipswich. Cafe stop in Orford at 80k, with coffee break in Framlingham at 48k. About 118km total, 800m climbing. Meet 09.30am for roll out by 10am from Ipswich...
  12. LucretiaMyReflection

    Friday Lockdown Ride: The Gravelly Swan 25th September

    An afternoon / evening 55km ride out from Ely to explore some gentle off road (bridleway, gravel, grass) offset with the Fens finest tarmac. We’ll come to a pub stop for refreshments in Littleport where we’ll watch the sunset and then head back along the river to Ely in the twilight. Lights will...
  13. LucretiaMyReflection

    FNRttC Lockdown Daytime Ride 12 Sept 2020 Fen Bridges

    After the amazing success :laugh: of the inaugural overnight ride, it's back but in the daytime. So you can see the magnificent Fens in all its glory. Yes, there are lots of bridges. Lots. And lots. A daytime excursion of about 80 flattish miles across the Fen Bridges, taking in the weird...
  14. Dogtrousers

    FNRttC: The Tonbridge Trundle, Ride Report

    Not a ride to the coast. Not on Friday. Not at night. As per the current rules we were limited to 6 for this ride, starting from Tonbridge. I chose to ride there, over the Downs and via Toy's Hill. That part of the ride was scotch mist mizzly weather so I was damp on arrival. The six of us...
  15. StuAff

    FNRttC Friday Night Ride- A Windsor Wander, 10 July 2020. Ride report.

    …and we're back. This wasn't the first of the rebooted, regulation-compliant rides (they started at the beginning of the month), but the first overnight one. As @rb58 has posted elsewhere, rides are being posted on the Fridays FB page at the moment- these few rides are a trial to see what works...
  16. rb58

    FNRttC CANCELLED: The Fridays' London to Southend on Sea night ride: Friday 27th March

    A new route for 2020 - see all the details and the registration form on the website.
  17. Dogtrousers

    Fridays calendar 2020

    Details of 2020 Fridays rides are here https://www.fnrttc.org.uk/2020-rides Apols if posted elsewhere
  18. Sunrise, Brighton ride 2019

    Sunrise, Brighton ride 2019

    Scaynes Hill from Slugwash Lane on the way to Ditchling Beacon
  19. Nick Saddlesore

    FNRttC FNRttC Cambridge to Kings Lynn August 30th

    Another new destination; Almost Dutch. From the Greens of Cambridge across Fenland, a vast watery landscape of rivers, peat beds and marshes. A short stretch of bridleway, followed by the only climb to The Ship of The Fens, Ely Cathedral at all of 26 metres above sea level. Onwards along...
  20. rb58

    FNRttC Friday Night Ride: London to Whitstable - 9th August

    Starting at midnight from under Waterloo Bridge on the Southbank we escape The Smoke on some quieter roads, and follow the river via Greenwich and the Cutty Sark, before climbing for a view of the estuary then diving under the Dartford Bridge and making our way to Gravesend. Quiet lanes take...
  21. Flying Dodo

    FNRttC FNRttC London to Cambridge - 14th June 2019

    After slumbering like a drunken student for a few years, 14th June sees the re-emergence of London to Cambridge. Setting off as usual at midnight from the Southbank, just by the BFI, this ride promises just under 70 miles of rolling road, with no gradient above 5%, and mainly downhill for the...
  22. Nick Saddlesore

    FNRttC FNRttC Maldon May 24th

    Registration for the Friday Night Ride to the Coast, Maldon edition on Friday night 24th May is now open. A gentle trip out on quiet cyclewàys to Cheshunt (luxe comfort stop) then soon into the dark lanes up past The Henry Moore Foundation at Perry Green, before we turn on to an exposed ridge...
  23. rb58

    FNRttC: Whitstable - 12 April

    Starting at midnight from under Waterloo Bridge on the Southbank (between the National Theatre cafe and the BFI), we escape The Smoke on some quieter roads, and follow the river via the magnificence of Greenwich and the Cutty Sark, before climbing for a view of the estuary then diving under the...
  24. StuAff

    FNRttC FNRttC Southend 15 March 2019

    As there isn't an official thread yet, here's an unofficial one. @AKA Bob will be leading, here's his blurb from the email. "After the quiet winter months the first Friday Night Ride to the Coast of 2019 is almost upon us. On Friday 15th March 2019, as is traditional, we’ll kick off our 2019...
  25. Domus

    Bristol- Barry

    Anyone from oop north done this Friday night ride? If so what trains did you use? At first glance it looks like a round trip is coming out at around £100 Have I missed a trick?
  26. Flying Dodo

    FNRttC FNRttC - All aboard for Shoreham on 12th October

    And so with autumn mists now appearing, we now arrive at the final night ride of the year - Shoreham. A few new roads from last time, but still 60 miles of tarmac, some hills which aren't hills, but no castles. And not forgetting the magnificent breakfast at the end in the stunning art deco...
  27. Nick Saddlesore

    FNRttC FNRttC Oxford 21st September 2018

    We have a new event - The Friday Night Ride through the Chilterns. It's on the night of Friday 21 September, arriving in Oxford for breakfast on Saturday 22 September. Escaping London into Metroland "When melancholy autumn comes to Wembley / And electric trains are lighted after tea". A church...
  28. rb58

    FNRttC FNRttC: Whitstable - 17 August 2018

    The Queen of Rides. We escape The Smoke on some quieter roads, and follow the river before diving under the Dartford Bridge and making our way to Gravesend. From that point on, the ride becomes ever more dream-like with quiet lanes and great views. Refreshments are taken in Strood; wonderful...
  29. mmmmartin

    FNRttC FNRttC York-Hull 27 July 2018

    Time to get excited. And get train tickets. Ride open. One of the best we do. Want to know how it went last year? Look here. There's a reason so many come back to this ride. Want something flatter than a pancake? Want to cross a massive suspension bridge in the early light of dawn? Want to...
  30. Andrew Br

    FNRttC Manchester-Blackpool 1st June 2018.

    This year, the most Northerly FNRttC is going to Blackpool but fear not, the most popular parts of the previous route are still in there. That means that we'll be using the quiet moorland roads between Haslingden and Blackburn and we'll ride along the lovely lanes from Ribchester to Garstang...
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