Longest ride.


Yes, I was hoping to do PBP this year (1200) but I probably won't get there.

Longest this year, 300km. Signed up for 400km in a couple of weeks.
What do you mean by longest ride?
Do you mean:
A) continuous ride over X hours
B) A tour over several days or weeks
If it's (A) I did 112 miles in 14 hours last year.
If it's (B) I did 1,436 miles in 28 days in 2011
I feel like I have been accused of cheating, but I think mine counts - it was definitely not a tour - 723 miles in 100 hours. There were some naps. 66hours on the bike. Longest without sleep, 600km 496km (> 370 308 miles). Longest without putting my foot on the ground? No idea. Longest without a cake break? Probably 100km (~65 miles)



Edit: no, I had a nap at a Motorway services on the 600km (when I realised I was out of time), so the longest without sleep would be the first 496km.
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I mean in one ride, but yearly totals are grateful to.
^_^ @jefmcg

No idea what my longest distance is* but I rode to London from Feltham when I lived there, did a night ride to Brighton, rode back to Feltham, then to London Fields, did the Dynamo and then got a choo choo back from Diss, then rode back to Feltham.
Couple of times I have bimbled from London to Cardiff during the day, for a night ride to Swansea etc - all 200+ milers. Oh, and popped down to Stonehenge and up and around with a few on here, to raise some bobs for H for H.
Longest non-stop would probably be either NW London to Swindon or Stonehenge...+/- 80m to either. One Cardiff ride, it pelted down, from start of play until 23:15. It felt like a thousand miles with no hiding place. Same for cold rides - brrr!
For true grit and distance gobbling, look no further than CycleChat's very own @zigzag - Rimas Grigenas, who can knock out the odd Marathon in 3:27 and a few seconds, and also do this. And he didn't even win it! ^_^

There's no doubt about it - the bicycle is a wonderful instrument upon which to play a tune of any length.

*270 or so miles.
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