Nickyboy's 2020 LEJOG for Down's Syndrome Association



Norven Mankey
Unashamed bump to maybe help with the fundraising as we have 15 weeks to go. Regular cycling ticking over nicely as winter has been mild, even in the Peak District. Plan is to ramp it up a bit with about 8 weeks to go. We are also going to do a fully packed back-to-back imperial century weekend to see how the body actually reacts to consecutive long days in the saddle. Much discussion about how many inner tubes to take between us to shave those grams off the LEJOG packing

The virgin giving site link is updated as my three fellow participants have decided to raise money for the Down's Syndrome Association too

I like Skol

I'm Jay-walking, and I love it...
Weather is a bit pants at the moment so we are having to dig deep into the motivation barrel to get out on the bikes and keep our fitness levels up. Hopefully we will get some better conditions for training before the departure date (fingers crossed)?

Fundraising efforts now going into overdrive as the big day gets rapidly closer.... Any donations large or small are appreciated.
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