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Praise for chain reaction cycles

Discussion in 'Bikes and Buying Advice - What Bike?' started by Part time cyclist, 7 Jun 2012.

  1. Part time cyclist

    Part time cyclist Über Member

    Yesterday lunchtime i ordered a new Toppeak mountain morph pump from chain reaction cycles and it arrived first thing this morning, how's that for service, and it was the cheapest place I could find online....
  2. MrJamie

    MrJamie Oaf on a Bike

    Thats the thing with CRC though, their delivery times are so erratic. I ordered a cassette on saturday, dispatched 7am Tuesday (because of bank hols i guess), but still not here. There was a thread a little while back where some people were getting things next day and others taking several days, notably the free delivery was often faster.
  3. wealthysoup

    wealthysoup Active Member

    Went to their Belfast store at the weekend to get clipless pedals and shoes, staff were very helpful at finding and suggesting alternative shoes when I found the shimano shoes uncomfortable around the ankle. Ended up with a pair of mavic avenirs and when picking up a set I shimano 105 pedals it was suggested that it made more sense to buy the cheaper version of the pedals as they are only very slightly different, unfortunately though the cheaper pedals were only available to order online
  4. okeydokey79

    okeydokey79 Senior Member

    so far i have ordered a few bits and bobs off crc and always been next day and a few free samples in the box as well so as long as the prices are good ill keep goin back:thumbsup:
  5. seashaker

    seashaker Active Member

    Never had a problem with them, good friendly service. Had to send back a faulty Roller a while ago, they pay return postage, can either get this done free from one of the local shop courier services but the roller was too big, £15 to send back, refunded no problems within a few days.
  6. From my perspective of being down-under I have found Chain Reaction Cycles good but on the expensive side by UK standards but then they have a good MTB range to compensate.

  7. Blue Hills

    Blue Hills Guru

    Very good - good prices, pretty fast free delivery, far more transparent in thier order picking than Wiggle, answer emails well and quickly.
  8. thojj

    thojj Regular

    Herne Bay
    I placed my order with Wiggle yesterday morning and have come home to find the order has been delivered this morning.I also placed an order yesterday with a company that state,orders confirmed before 15:00 would be delivered the next day.Confirmed 14:28,no delivery this morning!
    I guess some you win and some you loose.
  9. I place an order with Chain Reaction Cycles today to fix a very stupid error on my part. Had to fork out the £ for DHL express postage due to a looming deadline, my Dreaming Tour. Fingers crossed they land here Friday otherwise early next week will still be okay.

  10. compo

    compo Veteran

  11. Gary E

    Gary E Perfection on wheels

    I ordered some tubes on their website last night at about 10pm and they're still not here :cursing:
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  12. About a year ago I order something from them on the basis of their same day dispatch, I'd have it for a bike maintenance night. They didn't dispatch it for several days, so I tried to cancel the order. I got a reply saying that when the order was cancelled, I'd get my money back. So I was stuck, couldn't order elsewhere. Eventually the parts arrived, I decided to do the job myself, hit Halfords for a tool kit and you tube for instructions, and taught myself to change a cassette.
    A month later CRC sent me a refund! Their accounting is a mess. Decided to keep on the basis of the inconvenience, and have ordered from the subsequently and successfully, so don't feel too guilty
  13. Sale Madrid

    Sale Madrid New Member

    I ordered a de marchi jersey from wiggle tomorrow morning and it arrived the day before yesterday with a bag of sweets !! brilliant or what? I'm kidding of course, i hate wiggle, they annoy me. rant over
  14. Gary E

    Gary E Perfection on wheels

    Turned up this morning :smile:
  15. MrJamie

    MrJamie Oaf on a Bike

    Thief! ;)

    I like CRC and their prices are usually great, but their delivery times just vary so much. Ive had some items turn up inside of 24hrs, sometimes 5 days. Sometimes the free delivery turns up next day and the next day delivery can take a few days. They also went through a phase of sending tiny things out in enormous boxes, i got a tiny spare chain link in what looked like a large shoebox and a friend got the same with i think a seatpost collar thingy.