RideLondon-Surrey 100 (2018) Anyone?

Discussion in 'Sportives' started by Markymark, 8 Feb 2017.

  1. L Q

    L Q Senior Member

    Woodhall Spa
    Well I finally got the magazine yesterday do it was the sod off email.

    However i found out Wednesday I didn’t get in as I had 5 emails from charities asking if I want to ride for them.
  2. toffee

    toffee Über Member

    Mmm I haven't even had one:sad::sad:
  3. devon wheels

    devon wheels Regular

    Hi PaulSB
    Yes I live in devon and there isn't much in the way of flat riding, i even live at the top of a long 12% road, my plan is to ride safe and if thats slow then so be it, its the last of three large rides I've got booked for this year, I've got the eden classic in cornwall followed by the dartmoor classic and then the london 100, i'm relatively new to distance riding other than commuting but i did do the dartmoor classic last year and loved it, really looking forward to the events
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  4. PaulSB

    PaulSB Guru

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  5. beermonster

    beermonster Senior Member

    Ride London is so easy compared to the Dartmoor classic, don’t forget to look up and enjoy the sights of the capital
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  6. Kefrider

    Kefrider Regular

    I received the commiseration magazine so I joined through a charity. There's 20 of us riding together. I'm a first timer to the PRL. I hope I enjoy it after reading all the naysayers here about bottlenecks and crashes etc...
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  7. PaulSB

    PaulSB Guru

    You will enjoy it and yes there will be bottlenecks and crashes. The bottlenecks are unavoidable in 2-3 places as the roads narrow considerably. The crashes are generally the result of riders descending too fast at speeds beyond their ability.

    Last year was my only successful entry. I had a fantastic weekend and a great ride. It’s a very, very good course with brilliant organisation. I’m disappointed not to be going this year though still have two possibilities which might come up trumps.

    I felt the same about the naysayers before riding, ignore them I don’t understand their attitude at all.
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  8. sleaver

    sleaver Über Member

    A much better suggestion would be to stay as left as possible and only go to the right as and when needed and even then, only as far right as needed.
  9. devon wheels

    devon wheels Regular

    Did any of you ride for charity with a ballot place? Im torn between a number of charities but having just paid for my place it seems a bit early to set up my virgin donation pages as they suggest. Just wondering if anyone else jumped straight in
  10. Buck

    Buck Veteran

    I’d got my charity ride sorted before the ballot result and would have ridden on the ballot for the charity if I’d been successful.

    I’ve already started the fund raising ! Going well but more to go at. Good luck with yours!
  11. steverob

    steverob Über Member

    When I rode for charity with a ballot place a few years ago, I signed up with the charity themselves within a week or so of getting in, just so I could get that task out of the way and see what on-line support they could offer me. I didn't actually set up my fundraising page until middle of March and didn't really actively promote it beyond family members until probably mid-April.
  12. PaulSB

    PaulSB Guru

    My experience was the left hand side of the road was completely full. It would have been impossible to stay on the left and pull out when necessary to pass a slower rider.

    Purely on the basis of one ride in PRL I don’t see an alternative for someone who can climb other than to stay right. Last year the left was rammed with people falling off, stopping or walking!! It’s a nightmare bottleneck. I heard it was closed last year to let people go up in waves.
  13. Kefrider

    Kefrider Regular

    Well, over the last few years I've ridden a few sportives to raise money and raised over £30,000 for various charities so i think I'll go straight to the charities in the future rather than the ballot and the disappointment that comes with the rejection.
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  14. Does anyone know what time registration is open until on saturday night? I am out of the country and won't get into london until about 8pm
  15. mjr

    mjr Wanting to Keep My EU Citizenship

    99% sure it was 5pm the last two years. You will need to get someone to collect your pack - I'd make arrangements as soon as they confirm how.

    Edit: it's already on https://www.prudentialridelondon.co.uk/about/faqs/ with 2018 times (still 5pm) and instructions "you can nominate someone to collect your rider documents for you. The person you nominate must have the following:
    A letter written and signed by you, authorising that person – by name – to collect your rider documents
    You must also sign your registration form before handing it to them.
    Provide them with a clear photocopy of your driving licence or passport showing your name and signature
    The person collecting your rider documents should have suitable identification with them. Failure to comply with these instructions may lead to your rider documents not being issued.

    Please note: an individual can only pick up one set of rider documents in addition to their own."
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