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Well i watched the vid.
I assume the next part of the range "total solution" will be an onboard battery powered pump to top up the tyres/Release air automatically as you ride for optimum pressure according to terrain (figured out by linked gps).
Then the whole lot will be in a remainder bin before christmas. Maybe this one.

Wasn't there a thread somewhere for pointless cycling stuff?


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Easy solution to this, depress centre of the tyre with your thumb, if it feels soft inflate it, if not ride your bike, I think that monstrosity will only throw the balance of the wheels out.


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Why? A dilligent rider checks prior to leaving the house, and if you get a puncture you'll know about it soon enough anyway. Another answer looking for a problem, with which cycling seems to be riddled in recent years.


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TPMS for vehicles are a really useful safety feature informing you of a failing tyre that could give way at any second or of an over heating brake. For a bike though i don't see either being a benefit so i can only assume that this device is positioned as something for convenience so it's selling point will be lost on most riders, it really is a niche of a niche product. And then it's form is way too big for a cycling application, as said earlier much bigger than vehicle TPMS sensors, not sure why although it's perhaps as there's no head unit in this kit.
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