1. Velochris


    **Read carefully** Two sets. One set used and one new, so one set of stays are cut, the other set not. One set of new fixtures and fittings. Note the front mudguards. One has a bodged hanger, the other has been cut very short. Both front guards have mudflaps. Each rear has a hanger, one...
  2. Velochris


    Attempting to fit my old p35 guards to a new bike. They fit, but I would prefer a bit more clearance, particularly between the edge of the guard and tyre. I don't need a full guard, but if anybody has a broken one I could do with a cut off piece around 20cm or so long. Will help me work out...
  3. Kernow_T

    SOLD: SKS Raceblade Long Mudguard Set

    Used plenty and a few marks but perfect working order Around £40 new typically £19 posted
  4. Lozi

    SKS Mudguard Fitting Question

    This may be a stupid question but I bought some SKS chromeplastic mudguards for my bike and I can’t work out if they will fit, everything I can find instructions or photos wise show the rears mounting to the side of the seat stay/hanger area but my bike seems to have the mounts on the rear of...
  5. vickster

    SKS Chromoplastic P35 35mm silver mudguards £9.99 collected

    Bought these earlier in the week when Planet X were flogging off for £9.99 and they aren’t going to work for any of my bikes They fit up to a 28mm tyre. Back up to £24.99 plus postage I can send them back but thought I’d...
  6. A

    SKS Bluemels 42 Black 28", as new unused in original packaging.

    Bought these but never used them, so as brand new, never fitted with all parts present and correct. In Black. Will take 25-35mm 700c according to SKS. £20 collected from SE London or £24 posted to mainland UK.
  7. M

    SKS Chromoplastic for marathon plus

    Ive recently upgraded my tyres on my Careera subway 2 to Schwalbe Marathon Plus HS440 Tyre - 27.5 x 1.50 Inch 40-584 and am lookingfull lenght mudguards but am struggling to judge. Can any one advise please? Im looking at these ones- SKS Mudguards - Bluemels Mudguard Set - BLACK - 45MM 28" Link...
  8. Distorted Vision

    SKS Airspy AV

    I was watching Juliet Elliot talking about Quartq TyreWiz but they are ridiculously expensive at £200 and the reviews I've come across weren't great. I came across SKS Airspy AV as a viable alternative at £80: View...
  9. M

    SORTED: SKS mudguard fittings

    I'm looking for this piece. Need two. From Bluemel U Stay mudguards. Circled in red on pic.
  10. G

    Sold- SKS Raceblade Pro XL

    Set of SKS Raceblades XL brand new in box and completely unused, these will fit tyres 25-32mm. £28 Collection from Glasgow only or possible meet locally. Sorry not posting.
  11. straas

    SKS secuclips

    I've noticed recently that my front mudguard is moving around more than usual and I'm concerned it will only take so much before it disintegrates. All bolts seem well tightened, so in thinking of a culprit I'm currently looking toward the sacrificial clips at the fork. Do these loosen over...
  12. Distorted Vision

    Problem installing SKS Full Length Chromoplastic Mudguards

    I've been able to successfully install the front mudguard. But I've encountered a problem with the rear. The mounting part of the bridge / bracket is too short for the mounting hole: Does anyone have any suggestions to solve this problem? Many thanks!
  13. Twizit

    FREE - two sets of full SKS mudguards

    As above and pictured - free to anyone who can collect from KT10, Esher, Surrey. Used but in good order. One set has lost the rear reflector but neither are broken or split. From memory the black set will fit up to around a 28mm tyre and the silver set maybe 35mm. I'll even clean the mud off...
  14. martintoomany bikes

    SKS Velo

    Hi guys..looking at buying a set of SKS velo mudguards,the tyres are 47c Wtb,should i go for the 47 mudguard or the 55 version,has anyone any experience with these?i basically want a quick on/off type of guard really..cheers
  15. straas

    SKS Chromoplastic rear loose

    My rear guard has become loose, causing tyre rub. It seems to be loose a the plastic holder attached to the rear brake, I assume this should be tight? Had a quick look and it looks like the plastic holder has slightly worn the part of the guard it holds, resulting in the looseness. Is this...
  16. EasyPeez

    SKS Chromoplastics - fitting issues

    Hi, Just wondered if anyone else has fitted these and found it a royal pain in the posterior? After spending an hour last night trying to decipher the rather vague instructions I finally felt confident I mostly understood what I was supposed to do, and set about trying to fit a set to my...
  17. Arjimlad

    SKS Raceblade longs on a Giant TCR ?

    After a muddy bum this morning because I took the best bike out on the wet roads but sunny commute, I am resolved to get some clip-on guards. The bike has no mounting points but has brake bridges. Some of the riding is in company. SKS Raceblade longs appear to fit the bill but has anyone got...
  18. rrarider

    SKS track pump EVA head

    I've been quite happily using an SKS rennkompressor track pump for over 30 years. The only slight drawback I've experienced is that the washers in the push-on brass Presta head wear down over time when used on the threaded valve stems that I like. I've been advised that the EVA head can be...
  19. slowmotion

    SKS Chromatic mudguard spacers/adaptors

    I've got a Dawes 501 hybrid that hasn't been used for a while, the first new bike I ever bought. About seven years ago, I tried to put some SKS mudguards on it, with limited success. The problem was that the frame fixing holes (not the stay fixings) put the guards far too far away from the...
  20. Tom B

    Wanted. Black 35MM SKS chromoplastic rear mudguard only.

    Before I go out and buy a new full set does anyone have the rear guard only going begging? I have all the fittings, but mine hs cracked after years of abuse.
  21. Heisenberg71

    SKS Raceblade Mudguards (up to 25mm width tyre) £10!

    I recently swapped bikes and now run a 28mm tyre so these no longer fit as they only do up to 25mm. However these are great easy clip-on / clip-off mudguards. They will fit any frame and keep your ass dry. They are so good I just bought the XL version. Loads of life left in these ones and just...
  22. AckaDappa

    SKS Chromoplastics 700 x 50mm (black)

    For sale as they don't fit my bike. So unused on the road. I'm 99% sure they are 50mm but cannot seem to login to tredz website to check the order. And bought too long ago to return. £21 posted or £16 collected from Bedford. Any questions just ask.
  23. straas

    Broken SKS mudguards

    Noticed a bit of rattling up front, turned out the front portion of the mudguard (ahead of the brake caliper) has sheared off near the fixing point. The guards seem to have a layer of metal running though so possibly fatigue from vibration loading? How much does this part of the mudguard stop mud?
  24. J

    SKS Bluemels Reflective Mudguard Set

    I bought these mudguards (black 45mm width) without checking that I had the right attachments on my bike. I have fitted the rear guard, but it has been taken off without being used and without any shortening of the stays. The front guard has not been fitted. I have all the fittings that came...
  25. biggs682

    sks p50 chromoplastic Guards

    Before i buy a set on line i thought i would just check if anybody has a set of lightly used either black or silver finish they want to sell ? For 700c
  26. GuyBoden

    SKS Bluemels Road Bike Mudguard Set £12 Decathlon

    I was looking to replace some Crud mudguards and found these bargains: SKS Bluemels Road Bike Mudguard Set - 42mm
  27. afl2

    sks raceblade 18-23 mud flap spares

    Hi al Does anyone know where to get the above spares??? Thanks
  28. mustang1

    SKS Raceblades on disk bikes

    Can you install these fenders on Giant Defy disc or do the brakes get in the way? If you can fit them, do you have to customize them? One reason I considered a Giant Defy Disk isthat I was under the impression since there is no rim brake to get in the way, the Raceblades are easier to install...
  29. TheSalisburyTeacher

    Attaching SKS Mudguards to my Croix de Fer - Quality Control

    Evening all! Tonight I got the bike in the living room and spent an hour installing mudguards to my new bike. The back wasn't too bad, there wasn't much to figure out. At the front though I had to bend the struts around the disc brake calipers; I'm not proud of the quality of this, but it seems...
  30. Dec66

    SKS Raceblade Experiences?

    Just ordered a pair of these to go on my B'Twin Triban 500SE, as the clearances on that bike are tight for regular guards. I also like the idea of being able to swap them onto the Cube quickly if it's lashing down. But, with quick release comes compromise, apparently; I've read that they can...
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