Strange Road Signs


I saw that sign on my Cheshire forum ride in June AND on nickyboy's Llandudno ride!
It's on a National Cycle Route!


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Strange everywhere else but Melbourne:
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Disclaimer: I linked to an image from this site, which contains many more amusing examples of Australian road signs:
London examples of that sign are discussed in

I understand it used to be common practice in NZ for all traffic but I can't remember if their latest highway code equivalent phased it out.


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If you're ever stuck for somewhere to go, or uncertain which way to go, ones like this are handy.
Irish Sign Post.jpg


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is that Ballyvaughan ? I don’t recall the sign but the distances seem consistent. fantastic part of the world but you don’t have to spend a long time there to realise Father Ted isn’t a sitcom but a fly-on-the-wall documentary
Cafe to the right of the sign.

Nice place for cycling though.
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