The bakers' thread

I've been baking bread for a friend who couldn't get any in the shops. And will be doing a loaf for me tomorrow.

Am just sticking to basic "bread-in-a-hurry" for now as it's idiot proof. No fiddling around with unnecessary ingredients and steps etc, as I really don't want any booboos. Or frisbees...


Since I cannot get oatmeal and have limited porridge oats which I like to use in my bread I fancy trying something different. I have some Allbran which I use in a recipe I got on this thread so I will crush some of it and see how that goes. I also found some weetabix type things in the cupboard. Clearing out stuff not likely to be used anyway so it could start a trend.


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Made what is now my usual idiot-proof "bread-in-a-hurry" yesterday. Turned out very nicely, I must say. Can't recommend atta flour highly enough.

Admittedly it's not got as much flavour as a loaf that takes a day and a half longer to prepare and bake, but right now, with flour on the shelves as rare as unicorn farts, I really don't want to be making any mistakes...
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