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Have i lost my habit of having a pint every other night in my local? I can't even remember when i was last in the place,or any pub for that matter. I think it might've been last October. I certainly don't miss the hit and miss 'real ale' that sometimes tastes like it's a home brew experiment and i definitely don't miss paying 3 quid a pint for it.
Have to agree with you there Accy.
We tried our local a few weeks ago and had a lovely pint of Ruddles .
Tried it again and it was OKish.


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We're away this week in Norfolk, own cottage on our own, we've been into 3 pubs for meals, tables appear to be further apart, partitions up, all staff wearing masks, apart strangely for one landlord, we've not booked at any of them, but we've eaten at quiet times, 2pmish, when it's starting to thin out. TBH the first pub felt a bit weird, as though we were doing something we shouldn't but we got over it. Not sure we will visit any though once we are home, it's just whilst away we always eat out.

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I've just driven to my local to find the door shut. I then decided to drive to my second choice local,but their door was also shut. I then drove to my third choice local to see the place was open,but on looking through the window i saw only 4 customers in,so decided not to bother. Pubs are definitely suffering! :unsure:
I went on a 20 mile trip to a nearby town today, for the first time since Covid started. Surprised to see that three, previously popular, pubs were closed and shuttered.

I went to my club tonight for a few pints with friends. At an estimate there were less than half the customers there than before the pandemic. This is not sustainable if our club is to survive.

I think I have under-estimated the changes in public perception/confidence after the stresses of the past year wrt to mixing with other people, and believe people have become accustomed / indoctrinated to not going out.

Understandable, but very sad.

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Have you not heard of that old concept of local social and sports clubs?
Do they have Chesterfield lounge chairs and waiters who serve the finest port and cigars on a silver salver? 🤔 If not i'm not interested!🧐
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