Things You've Learnt From Fettling


Needed to fit a new lower headset bearing, so decided to finally cut down the steerer after riding with the stem a lot lower than when I first got the bike. The obvious thing was that the compression bung was in the way. After a short while scratching my head, it became clear how it all worked. I had put this job off for ages as though there would be a lot more to it.

What have you learnt from a spot of DIY fettling, the easy way or the hard way?

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Don't mess with things I am not prepared/can't afford to ruin!

Hugh Manatee

Campagnolo rear hubs are very different to Shimano. I have serviced many, many Shimano hubs. Removing the cassette body and replacing bearings seems very logical and strait forward.

I assumed the big C would be similar. Wrong! Springs, pawls and bearings went everywhere. Managed eventually to get it all back together complete with new bearings.

The trick is to use a length of cotton to keep pawls in place as you reassemble. Luckily, Campagnolo hubs seem long lived and I haven't had to do them since.


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My golden rules are:-
1. To only fettle when I don't need the bike urgently anytime soon.
2. Leave things that are working perfectly well alone!
3. Only start a job for which I already have the tools.
4. Use time spent lubricating, cleaning or tyre pumping to cast a glance over all of the components to spot trouble before it develops into a breakdown. A prime example would be spotting an accessory coming loose, or a fraying cable!


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Don't pull on a fraying cable with your bare hands, unless you like the idea of a sensation akin to needles going in your fingers.


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I seemed to have learnt that you should buy everything required for a job at least 6 months before I actually perform the work. I think subconsciously I believe that allowing the parts and tools to mature will make everything easier. Either that or I like shopping more than fixing.
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