tightening bath mixer tap

looks like you are about to become a contortionist...good luck


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Mine was the same. I found it worthwhile to use a mirror to get a view, but ultimately you’ll have to get up close and personal and shove your arm in as far as you can. Pretend you’re a vet delivering a difficult calf. Good luck.

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You just need a long arm, or a small child. Watch out or the spiders will get you. good luck. I hate stuff like that - triumph of form over function - why couldn't the tap be in the normal place ffs.


Everything nice seems to have a potential flaw doesn't it.. I saw one recently with the mixer tap halfway along the bath on the wall side. How on earth that would be tightened I have no idea.. Perhaps a 1off payment to a 'reputable' plumber would save you a lot of stress on this occasion. I never like to admit defeat or get others to do my DIY but, I still have a recurring neck injury 'that limits my time on a bike' after it going into a spasm whilst I was contorting myself into the tight space between my bath and toilet 10yrs ago.

Good luck 👍


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Having recently spent an agonising morning changing our taps ( normal end of bath configuration) you have my sympathies, a mirror will be required to check out the fittings, then its work by feel, it has been connected, but the tap could have been tightened before it was connected at an easy access point, take the panel of and go from there, good luck.
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Most of those taps tighten with nut onto a fixing stud (not back nuts) so need a tubular box spanner, however if you have a socket set with a long suitable sized socket you should be able to manage from floor level with an extension, gauntlet gloves are a must as has been mentioned.
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