Urinating in public yes/no ?

They'd be even more disgusted to know what some of us who run occasionally have to do.......running does shake up your insides a bit and, erm....hasten the digestive track along! :laugh:
wonky memory this end, but isn't it you who lives on microwave meals mo?
I recommend more planning, lots of veg of an evening, get up early.

Chief Broom

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It’s perfectly acceptable to discretely have a pee anywhere and it’s disgusting that having to carry out a natural requirement is deemed illegal.
I’d go to jail before I payed a fine for it.

It seems dim witted to me that people find it unacceptable.
I can only assume that those people don’t pee or wear adult nappies

If a toilet is available then off course someone would use it , but if it’s not then what ?
Are people saying that you should piss yourself before peeing outside ?
Of course its OK i often have an al-fresco pee ^_^ but consideration is required. On the NC500 tourist route theres beauty hot spots which reek of urine...visitors have miles of open country to unload and could easily have gone behind a tree or jumped over a wall elsewhere, :okay:
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