Veggie/vegetarian/full on meat eater/which are you and why ?

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I could easily be a vegetarian if meat was banned, but as I can't eat cheese or dairy, the protein in meat fills me up. I do love fresh food but often go through phases of eating processed stuff because it's often cheaper and more convenient. You can't beat a nice beef stew with all the root veg though

And you -had- to mention beef stew :-) Aaaargh! Where‘s my wallet?


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I eat most things. I'm quite fond of children but I couldn't eat a whole one. Boom! Boom!
I eat what I want. I'm more about the texture of food as I don't have that good sense of taste/smell. If I eat a sausage with a bit of gristle in I will gag and have to spitm it out, I will then leave all sausages on my plate. I cannot eat fat for similar reasons. At a uni halls of residence formal we had pork or lamb chops, quite big pieces. Mine was all fat and bone except for a 10p sized piece of meat. I was nearly sick into my plate. The sauce hid this fact so I had a nice big piece in my mouth before I realised!

I struggle with vegans hypocrisy. I've met a few nice ones who admitted that they weren't technically vegan because they couldn't be sure what used animal products. Plus they were nice potheads who never did harm to anyone but themselves. Plus wore vegan leather hiking boots! Lol!

I do wonder if one day we will find out than vegetables and plants are part of a network that feels pain or has sentience in a way we don't yet understand. I mean once religion taught us exceptionalism in that humans are the only animals with a soul with intelligence or sentience. Indeed it's recognised in law now. In the UK they've found ancient woodland that got a disease on one side that killed trees, but by the time the disease spread to the other side it had found a way to beat it. Communication had happened. They've come up with their how. Perhaps meat and veg is murder?

As for diet I do think it's personal choice within the law and bearing in mind environmental issues. No more avocados or Argentinian beef. Local as possible and less of certain foods not just beef due to environmental impact. I don't think anyone from one type of diet has any right to claim the ethical high ground or force others into their diet. Plus we have one of the best farming industry for animal welfare anywhere. Even EU regulations are less strict than the UK ones.


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I'm a complete omnivore - nothing is off the potential menu

Day to day diet is Plant Led Mediterranian

Desert Island diet - Indian Vegetarian


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Pescatarian and sausage rolls! Actually I eat a low meat diet, probably only a couple of meals a week. Mrs G is veggie so we cook veggie and fish at home. Just cooked a nice paella with squid and mussels, gorgeous!

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It varies day by day. One day I'm a full on vegan, the next day I could eat summat like this!! 🧐




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I eat most things quite happily, but usually have meat at least once a day.

Unlike some others here, I do like offal, but don't get it very often, as the only offal my wife likes is liver or black pudding. Kidney and heart are two of my favourite things. And I do like a haggis.

I like almost all seafood and fish, with the exception of plaice and some other flatfish.

Sprouts is something both of us like a lot, but cooked very differently. She is not quite of the "Time to put them on now for Christmas" persuasion, but definitely likes them soft all through, while I like a fair amount of crunch. So when I cook sprouts, hers go in the pan, and boil for 10-12 minutes before mine go in the steamer on top.
I'll eat just about anything, and I'll cook according to what I've got in / needs using up without consciously thinking. So one day it could be a chicken & bacon casserole, and the next it could be a vegan curry, then it could be something like Turkish eggs or tuna & sweetcorn pasta bake. All that matters is that it's a tasty and satisfying plate of food, and that I'm not hungry.

I definitely don't eat nearly as much meat as I used to - I'd much rather have quality over quantity, and I tend to put meat *into* things rather than have it as a centrepiece. I'll also do things stretch out mince with lentils, but that's because I adore lentils in all shapes and forms, swap half the meat in a curry for chickpeas or use up cooked chicken to add to enchiladas and the like.

I don't think I'd find it difficult to drop meat altogether and go veggie / pescatarian, although I'd miss some things fiercely - like bacon and black pudding and really good charcuterie. But vegan? No. Absolutely not. While I do like scratch-cooked vegan food (especially Indian), it's the look-a-likey stuff that *really* does my head in. I've tried things on yellow sticker because I'm the sort of person who will always try something once before forming an opinion, but they've largely been misses as opposed to hits. Some things I've tried have been genuinely unpleasant.

Oddly, when I do eat out, I tend to go for the veggie options.


I'll also do things stretch out mince with lentils
I used to make chilli con carne & spaghetti Bolognese with half mince and half soya until Tesco stopped selling soya mince. Better healthier & cheaper really, but hey ho.
If I eat a sausage with a bit of gristle in I will gag and have to spitm it out, I will then leave all sausages on my plate. I cannot eat fat for similar reasons. At a uni halls of residence formal we had pork or lamb chops, quite big pieces. Mine was all fat and bone except for a 10p sized piece of meat. I was nearly sick into my plate. The sauce hid this fact so I had a nice big piece in my mouth before I realised!
I used to be emetophobic as a kid, so being as fat and gristle made me gag that meant I was phobic of those too.
When I was a kid if you didn’t eat everything on your plate you sat there till you did.
Although I was a picky eater, my parents never forced me to eat anything I didn't want. We used to stay with relatives quite a lot though, and they were of the 'sit there until you eat it' school, so there used to be a very frosty atmosphere at the dinner table if I left anything my cousin had cooked. It didn't help that she was a cordon bleu chef, either.

I grew out of it though, so I think my parents were right, if I'd been forced to eat stuff I could see me having grown up with a life-long phobia. My cousin's husband grew up in poverty and was made to eat everything put in front of him, so his kids had to do the same. My father also knew what it was to go hungry, and I never saw him leave food uneaten until he was terminally ill, but it seems it didn't feel the need to make me do the same.

These days I take a pride in not wasting food, so I don't buy or cook what I can't eat.


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I'm not a fan of veg, I don't mind peas and carrots, and I'll force broccoli down as I know it's good for me, so I'd struggle to go veggie.

Luckily I love the taste of meat. Beef, chicken, fish, lamb, I'll eat them all, rump steak and chips for tea tonight. Weiner schnitzel's a regular as well.

I'm also a bit too partial to sausages, I get mine from our local farm where the farmer's wife makes them from their own stock, I'll have them for breakfast around four days a week even though I know that I probably shouldn't.

My eggs come fresh from the farm as well, and although two a day might sound a bit excessive my cholesterol always comes back normal when it's tested every year.


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I eat meat, but it seems it's considerably less than average. Mostly chicken, beef mince, liver, stewing steak.

Jeez, who said that, your parents or a children's home?

It's in the pan cooking now.

My adoptive parents. Once they had a ‘proper’ daughter when I was 6 1/2 or so, I was surplus to requirements so largely ignored/palmed off on other rellies/under fed.
I left home the day after my last O level. Never went back. It’s all good.

I did have a horse and used to eat the Lucas beans from his food. The horse and the family dog kept me out of the house so a win for the adopters. I had school dinners and dinner lady kept a look out. Holidays were a bit interesting. I would eat the dog’s bonios. They never noticed.


I do eat meat but it's mostly chicken breast. Can't stand fat meat (childhood trauma, thanks grandma, f*** you).
Vegetables :thumbsup: Always liked them, can't think of any of them that I don't like.
Mushrooms :hyper: Probably would be able to fully replace meat if mushrooms were as widely available as they are in my country.
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