Veggie/vegetarian/full on meat eater/which are you and why ?

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It's not dull if cooked properly. It is actually a great vehicle for flvours
Cook in nice stock with herbs and spices.

Plain boiled rice and potatoes are dull as ditchwater!

1st time I had even heard of it was in France early 90s. I was impressed. Tried it several times myself but never managed to get that flavour etc


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Had a nice meal last night which my partner found on Tesco website I think. SPaghettie cooked in chicken stock with garlic, lemon, kale and bacon. It would have been ok with veg stock and ...... I don't know what I'd replace the bacon with. Maybe mounges tout or Aubergine, or Tofu


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Mrs B and both our daughters are vegetarian and after >40 years, I don't miss it from my diet.
If meat or fish is available I may eat some, but red meat in particular can make me feel uncomfortably bloated.
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Boiling chooks make a banging chicken soup... :hungry: Not many places sell them anymore which is a shame, though I've seen them on occasion in Halal butcher shops.

To a certain extent, food history gives us a clue - particularly WW2 and post-war rationing, when even the pig's oink went into the meat allowance. Once stuff came off ration, people wanted the desirable cuts of meat rather than the offal and pot luck pieces that they'd had since 1940. Rabbit suffered much the same fate, the "we don't want that as we can buy better." And so it kind of develops that "squick factor" for a lot of people.

Then of course, the advent of intensive farming methods, particularly for poultry. It made what was an expensive meat much more affordable, but of course at the expense of welfare and quality.

You don't see the cheaper / more interesting cuts of meat on a supermarket shelf, whereas I can get things like ox cheek and pigs' trotters, lamb hearts and locally sourced rabbits in the local butcher.
I'd say the myxomatosis outbreak in the mid fifties didn't help matters for rabbit meat either. Or rabbits as whole for that matter.
Kale makes fabby colcannon and bubble & squeak :hungry:

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Still quite a few rabbits here in the highlands [Brora] on one of my regular rides loads of them go zooming across the road every which way :laugh: Mixy does hit but think resistance is developing.
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