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Got a few more squares today tidying up edges of current max square. Next outing should mean a jump in max square.


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I rode the Stonton to Noseley track on my 'summer bike' on 25mm slicks two year ago. A certain amount of caution was required as there were some areas where there were large cracks in the ground.

NB a mate tried it from the Nosely end a week ago and turned back as there were 'Bull in 'Field' signs.



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Indeed some are much more amenable and sensible to do as part of a walk.


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Dorset / Oxford
Solocle, that looks like a great goal...did you plan the route to ensure a string of blue?
Yep, I also have one planned that pushes the cluster up to Sheffield, which is rather striking - but I don't have many existing rides to work with, there!

600 km of goodness...

Back to reality, I've got several approaches for the Oxford connection - I could chip away at it from either end (to Devizes), which is feasible as a 150 km round trip. But, chances are that at some point there's going to be a drive up to Banbury to pick up my gumph from storage, so a long one way ride is very feasible...

Those are the tiles that would be part of the max cluster on completion.
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Having got my cluster from Lufbra to London, I'd recommend a series of shorter rides without too many out and back detours. I say this mainly because it can start to get a bit tiring and slow if you're forever turning round. It may have taken me a few more rides to do it this way but was pleasant (apart from the gap in the middle of the country).
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