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PS, is that a gif you have posted?
Yes, created my own GIF from two screenshots of VeloViewer - one before and one after the ride.

As for your comment about checking tiles while you’re still riding, unfortunately my GPS device can’t install the apps required, so I just have to plan my route very carefully on VV and Strava in advance to take care of every eventuality. If yesterday I’d have had the info “live” as it were, I’d have known I didn’t need to take the first spur as it turns out I’d managed to cross into that tile already just by being on the main road.

What works for me though, is when plotting my route, for any spurs I want to do, I put the marker in Strava Route Planner just literally over the border (like by maybe a few pixels). When it comes time to ride, I then go down that spur and wait until my Garmin beeps that I am off course and need to turn around. I’ve found that usually happens about 50-100 metres after my plotted point - certainly have never failed to cross off a tile yet!
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I rode out to colour in some missed tiles between Newbury and Reading.
73 km ride to add 12 new tiles
Max cluster increased by 34 (to 604)
Max square increased by 1 to 20x20

I think I need to finish joining up the big cluster to those around Wokingham/Bracknell but that involves riding closer to Reading and folk really can't drive there!


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just looking at two screen shots that show my progress over the last month and in the second added my ambition for the year with a green box - a square that encompasses the M25...perhaps too much but something to set the agenda for rides. I've done about a 1000km last month but everything is getting much longer now so progress likely to slow..apologies for scale difference:wacko:
Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 19.42.06.png

Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 19.16.30.png

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I'm amazed you can do all that from Hunstanton :laugh:
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