What have you bought for the bike today ?


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Some 8nm Carbon blades for my Look Keo Pedals as I was struggling to get my right foot out of the right side with the standard ones. Also some small lights for commuting, just to make me a bit more visible.


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East Sussex
Thule 943 tow bar carrier.

Old dumb plum here hacksawed part of the rear bumper to get access to the 7 pin plug, to then realise it’s on a pivot and rotates down.

Smokin Joe

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£9 on a pair of mitts in Halfords.

The pair I put somewhere safe at the end of last summer will probably turn up now.
Would you friggin' believe it?

Got a pair of socks out of the cycle gear cupboard today and stuck to one of them by the Velcro straps were the mitts I'd turned the house upside down trying to find :banghead:


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For me, but to use on the bike, my first set of padded shorts. I needed new shorts, so decided to try getting some mtb shorts with padded underpants. Judging by what I read here, I have been extremely lucky, as I haven't had any problems with my undercarriage despite never having used any padded shorts, however, having tried the padding for the first time today I can understand why they are so popular, it is like sitting on a cloud. :blush:


Someone mention cake??
Ordered some Crank Brothers Stamp 1 flat pedals in very unadventurous black, ready for the new bike - which is a lovely burnt orange. I like grey pedals but no one makes decent grey composite pedals now.

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