What have you bought for the bike today ?


Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
Front track wheel for my son via eBay. It's a cheap one but given he'll do only a few track sprints a year it'll be fine:


Seller also had a track disc which went cheaply at £156


I've seen things you people wouldn't believe
A set of single chainring bolts. I'm too spinny a rider to ever need the 50T ring.
It's obviously not that I'm too unfit to ride at over 20mph. Obviously...
Also looking at getting my 531ST powdercoated, probably in RAL6027. :becool:
Had to go into Wakefield this morning, to the Bank

As one of my front lights was playing up, & turning itself off at times, I decided to get another
(10 year old Smart 'Egg'??)

I was tempted by the 1000lumen Halfords own brand, but it seems that it's now discontinued, so ended up buying their 500


The only issue with it, is the silicone strap, due to the weight/balance of the light - it might rotate?

There is a separate mount available, which was enclosed with the '1000', but I'll have to buy separately now

British Cycling discount used
Nipped to Halfords at dinnertime & bought the mount
It's very.... flexible


Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
Bits and pieces:

My Avanti Circa has 'interesting' brakes in that the front basically doesn't work and the back barely does despite setting them up OK and putting decent pads on. They're Avid Shorty 6 cantilever so I've bought a replacement Shimano CX50 to try on the front.

Bought a pair of Tubolito S-Tubo tubes for my son's new race wheels for him to test. Given the price they'd better be really good: it was these or latex ones.

Also some cleaner for the ultrasonic parts cleaner my son got me as a Christmas present.


But of a haul arrived today.

Lomo Gillet for when it gets a bit warmer and I don't want to wear a full jacket. It's nice and thin so I think it will fit in the saddleback. Some overshoes which I hope will help the really cold feet I have been getting and the kickfix attachment so I can fit my Carradice handlebar bag on the road bike. I picked the bag up for a few quid on Facebook market place before Christmas but needed the bits to fit it. If I get on with the mounting / style I'll probably treat myself to the superc one. I just need to retro fit the light bar to the base of it as these did not have the fitting for one.




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