What Have You Fettled Today?

Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by threebikesmcginty, 29 Sep 2011.

  1. I realised on the test ride that one of the shifters was about a couple of mm higher than the other one ( which wasn’t easy to spot on the stand ). This made for an uncomfortable ride towards the end, so I unwrapped the bar ( that’ll teach me not to test it before wrapping the bars up ) and pushed the offending shifter down to level with the other one. Now I’ve got a new issue, the callipers have a maximum drop of 51mm. The issue is that with the pads that were supplied, even when pitched and toed correctly, it looks like I need about another mm to be comfortably on the braking track. At the moment the top of the pads are just making contact with the tyre at the rim interface. I’m going to try some different pads, and if that doesn’t work, go for some long drop callipers.
  2. SkipdiverJohn

    SkipdiverJohn Über Member

    You're going to be sorry you even started all this at the rate things are going. Personally, unless something is causing me a problem on a bike, I tend to leave things well alone all the time they are working satisfactorily.
  3. Had a Roodog Bliss in today. It had been for an RTB service on the motor but was due a good service on the "regular bike" stuff

    After a good fettling and cable/pads channges took it out for a 10-mile hilly test ride to confirm that the noises and glitches reported on the drive were resolved and I was well impressed. Impressed by the quick and good dealer backup from Roodog but mainly impressed that a reasonably priced folding e-bike pulled so well, especially a 20" wheel folder "pootler"

    It's used by the customer as daily transport so gets heavy use instead of the usual folding bike "sunny weekends and holidays" and is holding up well

    Wouldn't be my choice as it runs out of gears too quickly - hard to beat the max 15mph as cadence gets too high. But that aside was actually not bad at all
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  4. I’ve sorted the issue with the callipers now. A curved file to the groove in which the pad holders sit sorted the slight lack of drop out a treat. It’s now working perfectly. That R7000 groupset really is superb. If anyone is thinking of a mechanical group set upgrade, that really is great VFM, and quality, this would be a very good shout IMO.
  5. palinurus

    palinurus Legendary Member

    Been fixing a puncture on my sister-in-laws ratty old Universal folder, front wheel. Tyre was really perished- hence the front wheel puncture- so got a new one on order. Wheel sounded really rough so I thought maybe a new hub- but just cleaned it up, bit of grease, adjusted the cones nice and it runs pretty good. Wheel could do with a rebuild though.

    Be all sorted when the tyre arrives, couldn't find a shop with a 20 x 1.75 in stock.
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    Manchester (Sale)
    Further to my earlier posts re wheel/freehub bearings. The bearings arrived in the week and I was itching to put them in but resisted so I had the full daylight (and due to working some odd hours this week). So now all done with the aid of the patent Leaway2 bearing press.
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  8. I suffered a sidewall cut in my tubeless road tyres yesterday. The Mavic sealant didn’t do the job, and the anchovies didn’t work either, which left me stranded, as I didn’t bring my tyre levers with me. However, when I did get home, I changed the sealant, for Stans Race sealant, and that did seal the hole adequately to hold 50-60 psi, which would have got me home yesterday. I also had a barrel adjuster jam solid, on the rear brake cable, ( Ultegra direct mount, chain stay mounted callipers) I think the problem was the super stiff brake cable I used, so I fitted a new barrel adjuster, and a slightly less stiff brake cable, all is well again.
  9. bruce1530

    bruce1530 Über Member

    I fettled a dishwasher. Does that count?
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  10. DCBassman

    DCBassman Veteran

    Condenser tumble dryer for me...with more yet to do. Maybe there should be a "What white goods have you fettled today" thread somewhere?
  11. biggs682

    biggs682 Smile a mile bike provider

    Just a couple of chains cleaned last night
  12. si_c

    si_c Veteran

    My main road bike has been off the road for a couple of months for a few reasons - partly because I'm no longer commuting the same distance, partly because it had a flat rear tyre, partly because the brake pads needed replacing at the front, partly because I was waiting to get around to putting new tyres on. I've been riding my other bikes since changing jobs as the distance is significantly shorter so this bike has largely languished on the turbo.

    I've more or less completed an overhaul this last week doing no more than one thing a night, sometimes half a thing, but I've replace the BB with a completely new unit - the old one was OK, but I'd had to repack it a couple of times over winter.

    Completely re-cabled the bike - Jagwire Road pro inners and outers although I had to get an extra length of compressionless outer for the rear brake and a longer front cable as it's aimed at rim brakes rather than the discs I'm using. I hadn't done a full recable since I got the bike 2 years ago, and whilst it shifted, it shifted badly - much much better now. Also replaced the rear-derailleur with a short-cage unit so it could fit on the turbo properly - the long cage is fine, but it does need to be cleaned properly.

    Also replaced the tyres and inner tubes with Bontrager AW2 HCLs.

    I just need to tidy up the cable runs for the dynamo lights a little and tweak the position of the front brake caliper and all is good.
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    I gave the Stumpjumper a clean last night to remove the Welsh mountainside I'd accidentally brought home with me.

    20190415_175605.jpg 20190415_180108.jpg

    I need to do something with the dropper post thumb lever, it's at maximum adjustment but still in the way. I'm tempted to cut the end off but will try and come up with a more subtle solution first :laugh:
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  14. rogerzilla

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    New chain, bar tape and a general clean of the Boardman Team Carbon. It's hard to love a modern plastic bike but it looks fairly purposeful. Flexy as hell uphill, the rear mech rubs the spokes in the 28T sprocket despite being miles away from them when parked, and I can only use the 25T. Might be the DT 1550 wheelset.

    33744374788_75cce8b8dd_z.jpg 20190416_133311 by rogerzilla, on Flickr
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  15. si_c

    si_c Veteran

    Is there any lateral movement in the wheel? It's worth checking that both the hub axle doesn't have any play - if not then it's probably worth checking the tension of the spokes. Also worth checking is that the rear QR is done up tightly enough and that there is no movement there either.
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