What Have You Fettled Today?


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USB lead arrived today so I got to try it out - pleased to say it's fully functional and I managed to increase the charge of my GPS unit by 2% in ~5 miles :laugh: I don't fancy trying to charge it from empty at that rate but its perfect for what I'll be using it for :okay:


I like Skol

Hold my beer and watch this....
Nipped up the pad clearance on the TRP Spyres fitted to my commuter bike a few days ago then carried on commuting as usual. The very next day I heard an annoying scraping, rubbing type sound when riding to work. 1st thought was that I had set the brake pads too close to the rotor, but a gentle squeeze of the brakes and the noise continued. The noise also stopped when I stopped pedalling. I was busy working 12hr nightshifts so just turned up the volume on my ipod and ignored the noise until today, my 1st day off.
Riding home this morning I popped off the headphones to listen and it was pretty bad.

I managed to open up the hub using no tools as the Kona hub assembly just pulled apart by hand. The only tools I would need are to drifts to knock out the replaceable sealed bearings when the time comes..

I think I found the problem.....

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Not particularly impressive on a wheel that has only done 1800 miles from new and not been washed. At least now I know it is clean and greased. Also a fair bit quieter which is no bad thing.
Just popped out on this bike to run a few errands. Freehub now working quietly, well still noisier than my Shimano hubs but better than it ever was before and the creaking/rubbing noise under load has stopped completely. I can turn the ipod volume down now......


Resistance is futile!
This was actually fettled yesterday.
Wall after someone hit it

Wall after an hour of determined leverage.

wall back up.jpg

I'm going to re-mortar it all sometime, or I could just inject a few tubes of No More Nails.
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