What Have You Fettled Today?


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Rear puncture Friday. Tube rubbing rim at the valve as rim tape a tiny bit off. Patched ok but consigned to spares duty. Was flat when I got home in the van (part commute) so I wasn't caught short and fixed it at home.
Front puncture yesterday. Was almost flat leaving work. Quick tube change and when home found a snake bite at the valve. On the reinforced area of the valve so not really fixable and consigned to the bin. Not bad for 6 months of commuting I suppose.


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Picked up my new addition to the fleet a nice Spa steel tourer late last week of eBay boy it needed a good clean so got to work on it once home.
It must have been bad Mrs 73 was not having it in the house till I had. :smooch:
The guy had covered it in frame protecters then look's to have left it how can you do that to a poor old bike. :wacko:
Once the mudguards came off I got to work. They can wait they are covered too so over night dunk in the outside troff I think.
Then off with the wheels off they got a clean then the cassette oh boy it was a mess it fact every part of the drive chain needed a good going over. The grime on the jockey wheels I could pull off in bits at a time. If you left your gran is that mess the social be round pretty quick lucky under all the crap all was good.

So after a good top to toe clean I left everything to dry in the sunny weather.

Yesterday on went the wheels and swopped out the spindles for a new set of quick release. A check of the chain showed it was just ok but did not look it. Turned out the grime was worse than thought and was stopping checker dropping though the chain cleanly. After I'd had cleaned a section up had to use gunk to shift it :laugh: It was as thought in need of replacement. Last job to do was remove the toe clips (some like them I know but not for me)

Today was the day new chain fitted , tyres checked and pumped up then a nice polish :becool:
Been a few day's coming but just back from a nice test ride in the sun round the block. oh ok a few laps of the block. :laugh:
A little gear adjustment needed and good to go.

Now for some bling (can't decide red, green, purple or orange) new peddles and lastly new bottle cagers Mrs 73 think's they look cheep. :smile:



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Fed up of not being able to use my knobbly landcruisers, I dug out 2 of my last 3 rear 700 X 50mm mudguards and fitted them in place of the 45mm longboards.
I miss the nice 'latte' colour of them but I'd rather the bike usable than pretty.


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A bit of tinkering this evening. After getting the dynamo charger sorted on the commuter it was time to sort power for the other bikes so I ordered a powerbank complete with "bike bracket". I decided quite quickly that the bracket was pants, but had a cunning plan...

Heres the powerbank and bracket in question... It was quite cheap on Amazon, only a 5000mAh jobby but the GPS computer is only 3200 so should extend my range to about 250-300 miles, which is enough I think :laugh:


There is a rivet holding the two central plastic parts together that allow them to rotate. I drilled the rivet out to seperate the bracket in to two parts...


Then I fettled the part that holds the powerbank with a stanley knife until it fit on to the GPS bracket like so...


If my calculations were correct the power bank would nestle nicely between the stem bolts...


Result :laugh: And with the computer fitted...


Quite tidy, job done. Except one minor point, I haven't got a USB lead with a small enough connector to plug in to the computer as it's so close to the bars :laugh: D'oh! I'll scour the internet until I either find a suitable cable or give up and make some spacers to move the bracket out slightly :laugh: Next step is to try and turn the other half of the original bracket in to another similar mount for road bike #2 ^_^


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A bit of tinkering this evening.

View attachment 473907

Quite tidy, job done. Except one minor point
You need a screw and washer in Hope Orange :laugh:


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Got a bottom bracket three quarters out :cursing: Drive side cup won't shift with 150ft.lbs which is the limit of my tool. So tomorrow that'll go off to some workshop to shift and cost us money while its owner rides a spare.
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