What Have You Fettled Today?

Took the Dawes Eclipse to the basement today, to get it out of the way of the bicycles I'm using now. It was bought for a winter bike, and needs some mods for that.


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Used a bike I hadn't ridden for a while, needed to get flat pedals fitted as a knee flare is preventing clipping in. Rode about 10 miles ok on Thursday. Started off for a ride yesterday, about half a mile up the road, rear tyre was feeling strange and making odd noises...uh oh, PF visit I thought...so had a look... see pics...

Turned round, made it home, got another bike, rode to and from lunch assignation clipped in on one foot.

Fortunately, had a new tyre in shed so all fixed



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I took the opportunity to strip and clean the Bianchi this afternoon after a club ride this morning. I've got a 60 mile charity ride in the morning so no doubt itll get dirty again but at least it'll start clean :laugh:


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South of England
This was actually fettled yesterday.
Wall after someone hit it
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Wall after an hour of determined leverage.

View attachment 473533

I'm going to re-mortar it all sometime, or I could just inject a few tubes of No More Nails.
I think now that the bricks are put back in place, expanding foam would fill and permanently glue that together. I don't know if you have ever used it but the main thing is not to try and remove the excess until it is set, then just cut it off with a knife.


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Another quick fettle this evening. I'm off to bike park Wales at the end of August and have booked a days uplift pass. The uplift racks fit a maximum tyre width of 2.6" which, you would think, is plenty. Unless you have 3" tyres that is :laugh: So off with the standard specialized tyres and on with the new 2.5" Maxxis Aggressor's :okay:


Also time to pop the flat pedals back on :okay:



Changed the brake blocks on the van nic for the first time since owning it.....5 years of ownership conservatively 2k miles poss 3k, the front were shot. Replaced with R55 dura ace jobbies. They're miles better but at £10 a pair I was shocked....if they last as well as the Sram standard ones not bad value I suppose.
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