What will the long term effects of the virus? Will something never be the same?


Sorry, haven't a clue. It was just a regular red cabbage from Sainsburys. I was just starting to cut it up and was suddenly struck by the beauty of all those whorls, and the lovely colours.

Much as I like cabbages... :whistle:
I had a feeling that might be the case..

They are beautiful though aren't they.

Here's another one I grew earlier..


Maybe a change that will come is people appreciating craft skills such as growing good food / cleaning well / manufacturing essential quality items closer to home, so as we are not so dependant on imports .

The variant version of CJD was from people eating cows which had themselves been fed mashed up cow bits (as @mudsticks pointed out above).

CJD itself was historically caused by people eating the bodies of their dead family members! :eek:
Yes, I remember a friend who was involved in CJD research spending time in Borneo, for precisely that reason :eek:


We as a family don't have an "extravagant debt fueled lifestyle" but are at real risk of losing our house if either job goes to the wall.

Sobering times..


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