Wheelie cyclist in incident with car.


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Cyclist was a plonker.


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Kids on bikes are being silly and dangerous certainly - but look at the wheel/position of that car when it comes to a stop.

The driver didn't hold his line but chose to shut the kid down by using his car to swerve closer to the truck. He could have eased off a little to accommodate the young idiot without risking life & limb. The imbalance of power is JV's point here. The kid might have scratched the car bodywork but the driver could have easily killed the kid.

I 100% believe these idiots need to be stopped somehow - but surely it is not proportionate to deliberately risk killing or seriously injuring them?

What if the truck had carried on rolling as the kid was knocked off underneath it ?

I thought the driver was brave getting out of the car, as it showed the kids he wasn't scared - but this can lead to a knife in the guts as a 52 yr old father in Newcastle who appears to have stood up to some youngsters in a shopping centre.

Should society encourage drivers to run over other road users as punishment for reckless acts ?

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Hold my beer and watch this....
Watched the full vid(?) for this and cyclist is clearly an adolescent nob! Kids will be kids etc, but the kid clearly got it wrong in this instance. Trouble is, these kids don't have driving/road skills, and many of them go on to get scooters/mopeds and apply the same attitude to road discipline. Just last week I watched a similar (white?) kid behave with the same disregard for personal safety by riding across a five way junction on his moped, weaving between cars while he had a red light. He got away with it, this time!


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The problem is how do you stop these kids doing dangerous and stupid stunts on the road? I'll bet that kid is 'King of the hill' in his hood after posting that on YouTube and getting into the national press which is what it's all about these days. You can't counter that.

All you can do is make allowances, if I was driving I would give them as much room as possible which tut tutting at the same time. There's no sense in injuring a kid even if he is a plonker.
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