When you see another cyclist, do you try and catch up to him or her?


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I’ve noticed quite a few guys be quite a bit behind me and then a short time later pass me quickly. From my observations, they have always been younger guys.

Has anyone else experienced this situation?

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The older you get the more this happens. Wait till you hit 20!:wacko:


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Yes. Its the law.

Unlike most cyclists, I work to remain situationally aware so i know when one is behind me, even when they're a distance off. I know they'll be trying to haul me in so I let them knacker themselves a bit closing the distance, then I start to match them for a spell, then when I sense they are weakening I put the hammer down and clear off.

My other hobby is scalping ebike riders. Keep it above 15.5MPH and their disadvantage disappears and the bike becomes a liability. Indeed, anyone who reckons they roam the streets on a legal ebike looking for cyclists to scalp is either targeting geriatrics or talking out their arriss.

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I like to think I don't, but only as recently as yesterday I was just rolling along adjusting my helmet strap when some boy racer on his flashy Canyon overtook me. Once sorted I set out after him and was soon on his wheel. He was surprised to see the old git behind him on his hybrid commuter and try as he might he couldn't shake me off. As I was about to pass him he turned off, embarrassed, no doubt, about his lack of speed! 😄😉

Hopefully the competitive spirit will ease soon as I've only got four more weeks of commuting before I finish work for the season.
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