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We spent two and a half hours today watching the seals at Horsey Gap and it was fantastic .





We will be going again but earlier is November as they reckon to have over 2000 then .


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On today's ride, nice and bright day, Peterborough to Stilton, round a few villages, 90% of it through quiet farmland, Red Kite and Buzzard are plenty, you will often see them on the ground and today I saw what appeared to be a buzzard at the verge of a field / ditch...but it had a very distinctive white rump, get my camera out for a photo...and off it went before I had chance to even get a poor shot at distance. So, possibly a hen harrier.
Ironically, less than a mile later, a buzzard in similar circumstances, took off as I approached, as said earlier, a modestly regular thing to see.


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It's about this time of year that the birds coming to the feeder start to become a bit more interesting

Through the autumn and first part of the winter it's blue tits, great tits, coal tits, goldfinches, dunnocks, robins, the odd bullfinch

But as winter drags on, what seems to happen is the natural food in the woodlands nearby gets eaten and it forces other species into the garden from Feb until about May

This has started. Lesser Redpolls have been turning up. Two or three of them. There was a stonking male greenfinch this morning, haven't seen one in the garden for ages. Redpoll numbers will increase to May, then they disappear. Should be some siskins in March, not yet

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Saw a badger happily ambling along the side of the road a mile or so from home when returning from London at 2 AM a couple of days ago.
Spring is sprunging,
Beautiful daughter got quite upset the other day because someone was walking through a grove of trees and stepping on the snowdrops.

Speaking of Beautiful daughter, when I went to pick her up today there was a Red Kite riding the wind, very low over the kindergarten. fifty-odd parents and kids right below and I was the only one who happened to be facing the right direction to see it. (because I was late. Shhh....)
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