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Started young, and still going.

Not what it looks like at first glance, but frogspawn. It is on the grass in the back garden. Laid overnight, but possibly not fertilised.
It is now in the pond.
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My son rang me up yesterday evening to report a sighting....a dead otter (90% sure, they saw it in passing, didnt stop, too much traffic) at the side of the road very near to the river Nene, close to the Orton Staunch, locks and fast moving water there.
Good day for birds in the garden, came back from a ride to find a sparrow hawk on the fence. That went and the great tits blue tits long tailed tits, robins blackbirds and dunnocks came in. Three cups of tea later and a great spotted woodpecker arrived. When riding saw lapwings displaying, curlew and buzzards. I’ve taken to carrying a small pair of binoculars in my saddle bag.
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