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Into day 6 of self-isolation but at least we can go into the garden. Our garden is very small but I planted some bird-friendly plants and we have some regular visitors such as these New Holland Honeyeaters on one of our Grevillea plants.



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Butterflies, bees, wren, cumnock, red kite, etc etc etc and a fine looking sparrowhawk I think, overtook me 10 ft away as I rode along a countryside single track road, it was low, hugging a ditch / hedge, inches from the hedge, flitting up and down perfectly to avoid branches . Dark brown uniform back (no dappling visible) scythe shaped wings and a grey nape of its neck seemed visible. At first it made me think Merlin, but realistically Sparrowhawk. Lovely sight for maybe 5 to10 seconds as it went past, hugging the ditch then flitted sideways through a gap into an adjacent field.


How are our bird lists looking today? Been looking wistfully at the bike and pondered a corona ride but decided to stay fully at home today and look out of the windows. So far I’ve seen pair of blackbirds, robins, dunnocks, great tits, magpies, wood pigeon and bluetits. A wren and goldfinch also dropped in. Further afield and using a scope I have shelduck, greylag, swans, oyster catchers and lapwing. We are fortunate in having a field and a river and woodland habitat not far away. Feel very privileged in these days of restricted movement.
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