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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by gbb, 30 Mar 2008.

  1. twentysix by twentyfive

    twentysix by twentyfive Clinging on tightly

    Over the Hill
    At last the wind and rain have ceased. Even better the sun was shining. It was time to grab some miles for the first time this week. The lanes were wet as I headed around the northern end of the Hills. The trees have lost all their leaves now after that weather. They stand stark and majestic waiting for Spring. After Munsley some hedge cutting was going on. I picked a thorn up in each tyre and foolishly removed the one in the front tyre. At Trumpet it was flat. With new tube installed I rode the southerly tack along the eastern flanks of The Marcles. Roadworks at Much Marcle brought me to a stop briefly and another stop was required at Bromsberrow Heath when a very smelly (exhaust fumes) truck was reversing out into the road. Now it was just the run back through the lanes with dry patches beginning to appear in places for home. I'd had enough so when CTC John B came the other way on Hook Bank I could only wave and say "Hi". Home meant a sarnie as I'd got quite hungry. 52 smiles. Now to fix that thorny rear tyre.
  2. pjd57

    pjd57 Über Member

    My Mrs asked the xcxx ...too far to pick something up.
    As always I said no, but didn't mention that it was 21 miles away.

    Had to use the hybrid , for the rack+bag.
    Mild morning, hint of rain but it never came to anything.

    Headed across Glasgow , going east. Through Uddingston and Bothwell, heading for Strathclyde park.
    New bridges for cycling over the M74/73 got me into the park without using the big roundabout.

    Bit of a wrong turning in the park took me out at the wrong end of Motherwell. Then on to Wishaw.

    Then home strava3785791949606552330.jpg

    P.S. the person wasn't in !
  3. twentysix by twentyfive

    twentysix by twentyfive Clinging on tightly

    Over the Hill
    Crumbs it was grey and damp first thing. Not at all inviting. Mrs 26 and I headed out anyway to meet Pete M and Steve E. John G should have been in Upton when we got there but wasn't. We waited a goodly while and he eventually showed up. he'd had to battle a very strong wind and was tired from a busy week. We nursed him out to Strensham and Defford where he decided to head homeward. No point in getting over tired. We took the Eckington and Combertons run for Pershore and refreshments.

    The weather had been improving all the while. Now we had blue in the sky and an orange globe shining down. We turned off Rebecca Road for Wadborough and Pete's loop by Stonehall Common. Steve was showing signs of tiredness and Pete was less frisky now. Mrs 26 was going well tho'. The wind had been causing some problems but we dodged into the shelter by Brotheridge Green. Mrs 26 stopped in Upton for a cuppa whilst I headed for some extra miles by Pixham Ferry. The others needed to get back but all agreed it had been a much better day than the forecast had indicated. 51 smiles
  4. Donger

    Donger Convoi Exceptionnel

    Quedgeley, Glos.
    Yesterday's ride: For me, December is never an easy month to get a Metric Century-a-Month Challenge ride done. Christmas shopping, party season, family get togethers, ever shortening days and weather. Most significantly, weather. As I loaded the car to head off to Tewkesbury it was absolutely belting it down. Truly horrible. I very nearly called Rich to suggest we didn't bother with this audax. So glad I didn't.
    By the time we lined up at the start of the "Once More Unto Agincourt" 113km audax outside the Royal Hop Pole ......
    333 Start line.JPG
    ..... the rain had given way to a light fret. After a few miles it never rained again, and we had a great ride in nice mild weather. My gamble of wearing shorts and gilet with only a fold-away light rain top paid off big time.
    As with most of Mark Rigby's audaxes from Tewkesbury, this was a great route with some quiet little lanes that I would never have found by myself and some stunning countryside as we picked our way past the Forest of Dean and out past Symonds Yat to Monmouth and back. Here is my mate Rich crossing the Wye (for the first of several times), near Goodrich:
    337 Crossing the Wye.JPG :
    The scenery just got better and better as we picked our way along a riverside path along the banks of the Wye from Symonds Yat to Monmouth (in this shot I was looking back towards Symonds Yat):
    338 Symonds Yatt.JPG
    At the audax control point at the Kings Head in Monmouth there was no card stamping facility, so this next (awful) selfie was to serve as our proof of passage, along with a receipt for our bar bill:
    340 Kings Head .... Proof of passage.JPG
    After a light meal and a bottomless coffee, it was time to make our way back along almost the same lanes as the outward route, which was great as it meant following the riverside path along the Wye again back to Symonds Yat, crossing the Wye again on the way:
    Only about 30 other brave souls had lined up at the start for this ride, and most had drifted ever so gradually out of view in front of us on the outward leg as we ground our way into a headwind for nearly 35 miles. There were plenty of unclaimed brevet cards at the start. That meant we had the road pretty much to ourselves (you can just see Rich in the distance in the picture above), but it turned out we weren't at the back at all. There were at least four people still in Monmouth when we set off on the return leg, and another lad just turning up as we left. Not to mention a couple of ladies who stopped on the outward leg to repair a puncture. I offered our assistance, but was rebuffed with a comment about not needing help and "girl power!". I would have offered to help anyone ... not just ladies. Anyway, never saw them again.
    Made it back, tired and weary but pleased to complete my fourth year of this challenge and glad I didn't bale on this one when I got soaked loading the car.
    A great day out in great company, and a 70 mile route that I would recommend to anybody.
    Cheers, Donger.
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  5. MikeG

    MikeG Guru

    First club run for 4 years this morning, as I build gently back into this cycling mallarcky. Forty four miles with the slow group. Too much waiting at the top of each hill, so I'll go with the middle group next time. Just glad I remembered enough about riding in a bunch that I didn't bring anyone off their bike. Good cake.
  6. colly

    colly Re member eR

    What a grim day to be out. :sad:
    I knew I wasn't all that enthusiastic when I found myself indulging in all sorts activities other than getting out on the bike. Dressed in longs and shorts but compelled to do other things.
    Another cup of tea.... Oh look... magazines all over the coffee table...I'll tidy them up....Hmm I'd better make sure the bird feeders are sorted... I'll just empty the dishwasher..... you know the kind of thing.
    So it was out into the cold drizzle I went after running out of avoidance activities. It wasn't so bad, Sunday morning traffic was mercifully very light and despite being sliced up at the Moortown corner and again at Shadwell I applied myself to the task of enjoying the ride.
    It went ok until King Lane around 8 miles from home, when, on narrow lanes, an over taker nearly hit me head on. I think he actually didn't see me. Front lights on, dressed like a sodding clown and I must still not have registered. :cursing:
    I got to the end of the lane turned round and made my way back via Eccup. Glad I went out but it was one to forget. Oh and to cap it all it looks like I need a new battery for the chest strap thingy and the bike has developed a regular crunching/grinding noise.

    All in all about 17 miles with 850 ft of up.

  7. Dave 123

    Dave 123 Guru

    A December treat on the tandem, both sets of knees exposed! No pics luckily...
    Blue skies as far as the eye could see until I turned down Long Road toward Comberton. A huge blank of dark clouds. I changed my route, heading west instead of east.
    A headwind all the way to Gamlingay. There were kestrels and fieldfare about and a few blue tits flitting in the hedges. Mrs Dave saw a great spotted woodpecker, I missed it!

    Our now usual stop at Waresley GC to get the rail wind home. We were there just before noon and we seemed to be the only people not tucking into a roast. Jo had a cheese scone, I had a stale sticky bun. No custard tarts again!

    Christmas tree season is upon us. £80 for an 8 footer!
    A1D28D7E-F1AF-4BAB-AC95-F6F9A7AAE488.jpeg 6262EED4-53D9-494A-8DF4-3AE7AE47376F.jpeg

    27 blowy, sunny, cloudy warmish miles
  8. I like Skol

    I like Skol Hold my beer and watch this....

    Hard man's MTB ride today for @dan_bo & me. We took on the Pennines in winter and won! It was cold, wet, lumpy and, as Dan would put it, 'Double Mucky' but we loved it and I clocked up over 25 miles which was great considering the last time I rode my MTB was a 20 miler at Sherwood Pines in July :eek:

    No pictures unfortunately as it was far too damp to be getting electronic devices out of their safe storage pockets but our route took us out of Manchester via Daisy Nook and Hartshead Pike before dropping through Mossley and then skirting the very edge of the boundary of the moorland fires as we headed along Moor Egde Road and around to Dovestones reservoir.
    No ride would truly be complete without a café stop so we sat dripping outside the Limekiln Café at Uppermill while I demolished a fantastic sausage and egg butty made with two thick doorstep slices of fresh white bread and a hot choc and Dan nibbled two slices of flapjack and washed them down with a triple shot coffee. This gave us just the push we needed to climb the hills one more time and rise up above Oldham at Scouthead.
    Here we parted company, but I wasn't quite finished yet and headed straight for a gnarly old descent I know down Wood Brook Lane and across the stream before turning onto Stonebreaks Road. Final climb of the ride was back up to the summit of Hartshead pike where the clouds parted just as I arrived and I was rewarded with a clear sunlit view across Manchester and out towards the power station at Fiddlers Ferry. Perfect end to the ride.

    It might have been a grim day, and Dan took a little arm twisting to go through with it, but in the end it was a rewarding epic ride and I'm certainly glad we did.
  9. TigerT

    TigerT Über Member

    My ride yesterday was a spur of the moment decision. The whole day ended up being bike related activities despite none being planned.

    It started off by heading to the local Christmas Market on foot and noticing that the new bike shop just around the corner from my apartment was opening that day. So after a quick scan of the market I headed in - Pretty impressive. Lots of shiny things for future purchases. It was 10% off for opening day so it would have been rude not to buy anything! I kept to things on my list and added a tool for pushing back calliper pistons and a bleed block to my toolkit + a new set of Overshoes. Even better, on my way out of the door I got handed a Bratwurst, so that was lunch sorted!

    Outside the new very local bike shop just 1 minute from where I live.

    I then decided to head into Zürich for a wander around. I wasn't impressed by the Zürich Christmas market (too many people, too commercial) so I headed to my favourite bike shop for a coffee and a chat. About an hour later and having bought a very nice Merino Top and neck warmer, I decided my day would be better spent rinding my bike rather than spending money on new bits for it.

    At 6 degrees it was toasty warm compared with my last few rides, so at about 3pm I headed out to Baden. I've been preparing my old Roubaix as a winter bike so as it was still going to be wet and muddy on route, I decided to take that one. It's a lot better over gravel than my newer Trek. So I just took the most direct route down the gravel lanes on the way out.

    It was while I was enjoying a hot chocolate and a slice of carrot cake, that I realised that I wasn't sure if I'd charged my lights. It was already getting dark, so I decided to head back. The gravel route on the way out was far muddier than anticipated so I decided to take the longer road route back - It was better lit, so I could leave the lights in flashing mode to save battery, and then switch them to solid beam on the bits where there was no street lighting. As it turned out, there was plenty of battery left, but I was a bit concerned most of the way home. I love riding in the dark, but not if I can't see!

    The journey back went quite smoothly and I enjoyed it more than the way out, even though it got a lot colder as soon as it got dark. Back home in time to cook dinner and settle down for Strictly on TV.

    Tried out all my new kit and along with my bike, it is now caked in mud. Think I'll let it dry before I attempt any cleaning.

    Today it's raining really hard, so I'm glad I got out yesterday. Staying in the warm and building Lego - I'm just a big kid at heart :-)

    Enjoying a reward.
    Getting the bike in the Christmas mood.
    Watching out for dangerous golfers
    And the map.
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  10. Old jon

    Old jon Veteran

    It did seem like a long time since my last ride, and it was. The rest of life intrudes now and again . . .

    Fairly early out of the door rather than my usual slow amble through a morning, and today I decided to ride the fixed. I even had a route in mind, which was modified by the weather and also me being a wimp. Holbeck again, and there is such a lot to do there before it can be called an urban village. Most of it is desolate and derelict when you look, but we will leave that alone. Cross the beck to reach Office Lock and ride in the direction of Liverpool but only as far as Viaduct Road. Cross the river and climb Cardigan Road, which was easier than I thought it would be without gears. Headingley to the Ring Road and the drizzle was becoming more like rain, but it is warm according to the garmin, a whole 8.9 degrees. Approximately. Keep on the A 660 passing by the side of Adel and Golden Acre Park, just the straight line ride to Otley really.

    Through Bramhope and up that rise after the church and glimpses of the Wharfe valley begin to appear. The valley is being rained upon, which is not an unusual occurrence and I thought little of it until the left hand bend by the old bar house. The wind and the rain it was driving into my face hurt quite a bit, and it is quite a way down the hill into Otley. No, turn around and sort another route out. Back past the bend the rain stopped and the wind was breezelike again. This I will cope with happily. Back through Bramhope and turn left at the roundabout. More up to Arthington Road and turn right to ride along the other side of Golden Acre Park.

    A left turn onto King Lane and then another onto, hmm, is it Alwoodley Lane? Anyway, that way to Harrogate Road and turn right, following this towards town until Street Lane is reached. Roundhay Park next and the Oakwood Clock to follow. Roundhay Road, and the rest of the way into Leeds centre is very quiet, it had not occurred to me that today is Sunday. Back over the river and the usual zigging and zagging to return home just as the sun appeared and raised a rueful smile on my face. Twenty five miles, a bit less than intended, but pretty good for a December day.

    A map, what else fits at the end of a ride report?

  11. Elybazza61

    Elybazza61 Veteran

    Just a commute home to report from yesterday.

    Nice tail wind and mild weather made for a pleasant pootle home and a stress free one with no close passes.

    Probably helped being lit up (almost) like a Christmas tree;

    New Rapha gilet;


    With flash;


    No flash;


    Added rear helmet light not shown

    Did find a nice slit with debris in today after doing the weekly inspection which had sealed; let air out ,removed debris and filled cut with flexi super glue and topped up the sealant and all ok again.

    Second 'puncture' in a week probably caused by the crap covered cycle path between Cottenham and Histon and Impington;still didn't have to stop on either ride so could have been worse.Rear tyre is getting pretty worn and cut-up now but will hopefully last the winter,front looks good for a fair while yet.
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  12. 13 rider

    13 rider Guru

    Yesterdays ride . With the first of the month falling on a Saturday plans had been made with @Supersuperleeds and @Lilliburlero to get the imperial century challenge completed weather forecast was awful :rain:and I had been struggling all week commuting going to be a tough one . Out the door at 06.30 which gave me an hour to get to the meeting point at Market Bosworth .Wasn't raining at the start within a mile it started to drizzle . A gentle spin to the meeting at 13.8mph found @Supersuperleeds waiting soon @Lilliburlero rolled in and we're off into a steady drizzle .From Bosworth it's out on familiar lanes to Harlaston then Elford a dead end village for a velo veiwer square .Past Catton hall and over the Trent at Walton onto Barton under Needwood a quick detour up a bridle path for another velo viewer square past Fradley Junction and on to a new cafe at Curborogh which was very nice and a chance to get out of some wet clothes . We'd had a couple of heavier downpours but mainly constant drizzle but we were wet . Refuelled on bacon and coffee were back out and it's a bit clearer but now we're cold a few miles to warm up to Yoxall and back to Barton under Needwood and on to Burton . At this point @Lilliburlero turned for home with enough miles in despite a Strava hiccup due to a mobile phone playing up .A quick blast down the A38 cyclepath on to familiar road past Willington back over the Trent at Swarkstone and onto the cafe at Breedon on the hill were @tallliman had driven out to meet us . A relaxed stop catching up . @Supersuperleeds had already past the ton I'm on 97 miles . Decision time direct route home or follow the plan and go for 200km. Decide on the 200km which would mean lights required at the end . On to Normanton on soar and the 1 big climb . Struggled up that and really feeling it now thankfully @Supersuperleeds is willing to drag me along . A quick detour in Barrow due to Xmas market on to Cossington were we parted company lights on and a slightly extended route home and job done 124.5 miles done so challenge completed .The ride was made so much easier with great company keeping each other going the weather was better than forecast and after the first cafe stop mainly dry . I managed to still average 15.2 mph which I was surprised at as I expected to really struggle but I was fine until about 90 miles were it got a bit lumpy and ever up I struggled . Roll on next year challenge
  13. 13 rider

    13 rider Guru

    Today's ride another day another challenge half century this time . Out the door at 0900 legs feeling quite good despite yesterdays ride . Had rain jacket on to start as it was just spitting with rain ,Anstey ,Cropston ,Rothley and Cossington were I had to stop to take the rain jacket off as I was sweltering . Sileby ,Seagrave up the climb if Berrycott lane legs felt that . Onto Wymeswold ,Hoton ,Barrow ,Mountsorrel ,Rothley and home 32.5 miles another challenge done managed to get 50km in just under 2hrs which considering yesterdays effort was a pleasant surprise . Weather was lovely for December . Spent the afternoon washing the bike it was filthy .Now feet up planning next week attempt at the metric century ride then I can relax
  14. I like Skol

    I like Skol Hold my beer and watch this....

    I spent two minutes with a hose on mine. Good enough for me :laugh:

    EDIT: Spent longer hosing my legs, shoes and jacket than cleaning the bike....
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