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  1. cosmicbike

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    With only 2 possible days available this month to get the 12th and final imperial century challenge ride in, and the Met Office suggesting nothing too bad today, I duly forced myself out of bed at 0520hrs this morning. The Van Nic was suitably prepared last night, and given the mild weather it was shorts and arm/knee warmers with the windproof gilet (wet weather coat tucked in the back just in case...). So much for no rain, I headed out at 0559hrs into that horrible fine rain, enough to get damp, not enough for wet gear:rolleyes: A quick lap around Egham and Staines to find out that it was indeed very windy before heading up to Windsor Great Park, arriving whilst still dark, but the gate was open so I ignored the 'No Cyclists or pedestrians between dusk and dawn' sign and had a very nice, though blustery, ride through a very empty park. Out the other side and off through Winkfield, Shurlock Row and Hurst along familiar and nice roads, tacking to avoid going directly into the wind. A new lane for me just to the West of Hurst, and warnings of a ford in 900 yards, which I thought I'd gone past, until I found the real one. Oh dear, it was fast flowing and 2.5ft deep with no bridge next to it, so backtracked following the diversion signs and eventually got to the other side. Looking back to where I'd come from, the ford across Old River
    2 Dec 2018 Old River Ford.jpg
    Quick bit of fruit malt loaf, then onwards through Woodley, Sonning, Emmer Green and Caversham, before heading South through Reading. Far too much residential riding but it does gather the squares. After more housing estates around Whitley and Lower Early it was off towards familiar roads, and the Lockey Farm coffee shop at Aborfield. Serious let down today, only 1 cake, too many screaming kids to sit inside with, so a cup of coffee and rather dry coffee and walnut cake outside. With 61 miles done I was feeling cold, so got a shufty on through Sindlesham before Northwards to Drift Road. Rather thought I'd have a tailwind along this one today but instead a cross wind, no fun really. Found myself at the Dukes Lane gate of WGP with 80 miles done and feeling really quite sick, I reckon I over did the pace a bit. Emergency Snickers and a couple of park loops before home.
    101.1 miles at 15.3mph, the fastest I've done it by quite a margin. Couple of hours kip on the sofa and feeling more human again.

    That's one challenge done for 2018, maybe roll on 2019 for this one???

    Edit:- I forgot. Nabbed 25 new squares. And the Garmin stopped recording any for of height gain after about 600m, very annoying.
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  2. The_Weekend_Report_Guy

    The_Weekend_Report_Guy Pablo's Cycling Tours

    Coín, Málaga
    Sometimes training gets on the way of taking pictures

    Today was not the case.

    We headed out early (8:30) as usual there is this guy that is always late, do you have one of this guys in your group? told him next time I will leave his arse behind. Anyhow.. We decided to head to place that we had not been to in a little while, Carratraca.

    This is a route that has a little of everything… We start going slightly down the hill from Coin with a few bumps along the way.. 13 km at an average of like 40 km/h if the group works well and or are able to hold someones wheel.

    After this is a 25 km or so of flat terrain where we decided to hold a reasonable slower then usual pace because one of the guys was constantly dropping of the back.

    Finally we got to the town of Alora, here is where the first climb of the day starts, I was off the back to see if that motivated the slower guys and not to go over what the coach told me to do (virtual couch program) Didn’t work and I caught up with him before the top..

    Finally we got to Carratraca’s back road and our main climb for the day… Pictures time..! History time..!

    Half way up the climb it got warm/hot and was time to pee and take the wind breaker off… Nice spot to do it as well.


    You can see this tiny roads everywhere here in Andalusia, they all were built during the time of Franco…


    The quality of this road is totally messed up, but is totally worth it! In 12 km we saw 3 cars.


    I think this is one of the few parts that hits double digits gradient


    Climbing a steady road and having the sun on your back must be one of the best feelings during Winter mornings


    This was the last pic of the day since after that we hit a loong messy downhill.. Can you see the windmill up at the top? And if you squint a bit you can see the cyclists over the bridge…


    So we started the downhill and there is no pictures from me at that speed we were going (70 at some point) was a nice climb before we got home and a few short ones as well, the route looked like this in strava: there is also a few more pictures there to look at.

    Big week here with 315 km.. I am going to have a beer and go to sleep 1f609.png
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  3. NorthernDave

    NorthernDave Never used Über Member

    With other stuff to do yesterday, today was the first chance I had to get in a half century this month and complete the challenge for this year. I wanted to get the ride in as you never know how the weather will go this time of year.

    I was heartened by a forecast promising a dry spell from 10 until 4pm (this would prove to be lies...:laugh:) and the sight of patches of blue sky and even a glimpse of the sun when I was having my breakfast. It had greyed over a bit by the time I got out and within a mile the first spits and spots of rain had started.

    Still, turning for home wouldn't do so on I pushed, Coal Road, Skeltons Lane and the A58, then Whin Moor Lane through the countryside all the way to Shadwell, then the dip through the village and climb up to Slaid Hill lights, where a right saw me onto Wike Ridge Lane and then Tarn Lane for the wind assisted whizz across the ridge to Scarcroft. Down Ling Lane and the rain started to pick up a bit and by the time I started descending the A58 into the village it was persistently pouring down. In fact it got so bad I had to stop and put my waterproof jacket on. :rain:

    Anyhow, I pushed on, through Bardsey and into Collingham, noticing how all the drivers had been playing nicely earlier when I'd had my mainly black cycling jersey on, but now I'd put my dayglo orange jacket on I was getting a few close passes...:dry:
    Over the river into Linton for the expected lumpiness but on reaching the former church, the road was closed with a diversion on Northgate Lane, which climbs all the way up to Sicklinghall Road before descending into Wetherby and hitting a pothole and very nearly getting unseated, before temporary traffic lights (at red) and eventually into the town.
    A wend through the streets saw me into the Wilderness down by the very full river, where I stopped for an energy bar under the shelter of the trees.
    IMG_20181202_104654116_HDR.jpg IMG_20181202_104719735_HDR.jpg
    Back on the bike and up the climb back into town, before taking a right onto the Walton Road out across the A1(M) and back into the countryside past the racecourse. Right again for the lane down to Thorp Arch, with a loop along Dowkell Lane for a little extra mileage, then down onto the singeltrack bridge over the river, where I was nearly half way across and in primary when a driver heading in the opposite direction decided that they didn't have to give way and just drove straight on, meaning I had to go onto the hatched area to avoid a collision. I don't think they're in any doubt whatsoever what my thoughts on the subject were though. :cursing:
    Up the climb into Boston Spa and after a bit of Main Street another right towards Clifford, dicing with another motorised idiot who didn't understand about giving way to established traffic, and on into the village where a climb up to and along Main Street leads to the long drop into Bramham.
    The only way out of Bramham is up and the surface on Wetherby Road is shocking - it was 'surface dressed' during the summer and is still covered in loose chippings.
    Anyway, the sun had finally put in an appearance and I was starting to get a bit warm, so I stopped just before the A1(M) bridge to take my jacket off.
    Onwards on Thorner Road alongside Bramham Park, enetually taking the right fork onto Thorner Lane and through the little Wothersome Dip, before the steady incline to Jewitt Lane where another right saw me head north between the fields, steadily climbing before the drop and tight left onto Compton Lane to the fringes of Rigton Green, where I doubled back on Bramham Road for more miles on this deserted road.
    The lanes here were absolutely filthy though, mainly mud dragged out of fields, but the local farmer appears to have some sort of unofficial exemption from the Highways dept.
    Anyhow, up the hill back onto Holme Farm Lane, where the heavens opened again and it was back on with the jacket.
    Milner Lane took me into Thorner, the out again on Carr Lane for the steady climb in what were now becoming grim conditions - the cyclists favourite trio of cold, wet and windy. The drop through the S-bends was much steadier than usual and as the incline started again it was just a matter of grinding out the few miles.
    Onto the A58, then the stiff little climb up Coal Road. Along there and down onto local roads to home, with a final loop around the block to push the mileage up.

    32.09 miles (51.64km) in 2h 34m at an average of 12.4mph with 1,591ft climbed and an average temperature of 7.0°C

    More importantly though, that completes the Half Century Challenge for another year, making it 3 on the bounce :okay: and I'm now less than a hundred miles from my 2018 mileage target of 2,500 miles so should hopefully be able to achieve that if the weather is kind.

    The weather really meant that today was just a matter of getting the ride done - it was easily the least pleasant half century I've done and if it wasn't for the challenge I'd have almost certainly bailed out earlier.

    And to end, the map:
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  4. pjd57

    pjd57 Über Member

    Only a short but enjoyable trip across Glasgow to Hampden.
    Scottish League cup final today.
    7:5 miles there with a hint of drizzle but thankfully arrived dry.

    Home run was a bit different. Crowd and coaches to deal with for the first mile or two , with heavy cold sleet and rain thrown in.
    Home safely and happy, my team won.
    Just 15 miles, but quite a few challenges.
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  5. C R

    C R Über Member

    Things conspired over the last few days, and hadn't been out on the bike for ten days or so, which was making my legs itchy.

    Finally today I managed to go out and got a decent ride in. I had two possible routes in mind, Droitwich and back via Pinvin, or Witley. Both meant going through town, so I thought I would decide once I was on the way.

    Out at quarter to seven, still dark, but a hint of daylight towards the east. Down Bath Road towards town. When I reached the traffic lights, the turn for City Walls road was red, but straight for the cathedral wad green, so that made the decision for me. Rode on past the cathedral, over the bridge, past the cricket ground and around the park towards Hallow.

    The last time I came this way there was thick fog, and the visibility was poor. Today though, visibility was great, and with very little traffic it was a very pleasant ride through town.

    Once past the park I headed for Hallow on the main road, along the river, past the university, and climbing gradually as the road moves away from the river.

    Hallow was next, and then a left for Sinton Green and Ockeridge. After Sinton Green I was getting some trouble from the headwind, which made the climb to Ockeridge harder than usual. Once I got to the top of the climb there was enough daylight to catch this view of the Malverns


    Then it was a right for Little Witley, which came quickly, and then a left at the main road heading towards Great Witley, but with a detour past Witley Court. The back road is quite slippery and pot holed, so it was a slow ride to the Court, but the views made it worth it.
    After a drink I carried on towards Great Witley. This bit of the road is even worse, with big puddles, and at some point two enormous puddles taking the whole width of the road. I thought I would be able to cycle through, but my wheels got stuck in the mud, as the puddles were at least 15 cm deep. I managed to put my foot down in time, and thanks to the overshoes I didn't get particularly wet, but had to walk the bike along the verge.

    I finally reached the main road, and it was a left for Great Witley, and a left opposite the school for Martley, going up Woodbury Hill. By now the sun was coming out from behind the trees, and the views towards Witley Court was beautiful.
    The headwind made the climb quite hard, and the descent on the other side was also hard work. I can normally freewheel at 25 mph down the hill, but today I had to work against the wind to keep the speed.

    I turned left again towards Ockeridge, and then a right for Wichenford. There is a bit of up and down this way, and the wind wasn't helping. At Wichenford took a right to head towards Elgar's birthplace and Crown East, still fighting the wind.

    I was hoping to take some photos of Elgar's birthplace, but it was still closed, and the hedges are too tall, so I just had a drink and a cereal bar before setting off for the last stretch of the ride.

    I checked the route and noticed that I was going to be short of the 50 km if I headed straight for home, so turned for Bransford at the A44 roundabout. Here again I had to fight the wind down the hill, so decided to turn for Powick by the pub, instead of going up to Station Lane. Then King's End Road, down to the A449, and up the Carrington bridge for home.

    33.5 miles at 12.7 mph. Lovely ride, but could have done without the wind.
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  6. Jenkins

    Jenkins Guru

    A late afternoon ride for me, nothing special, just a variation of one of my usual routes around Levington, Nacton, Ipswich, Westerfield, Rushmere, Bucklesham & Falkenham to get in the 50km ride for the month in as early as possible. Yet more grey skies and spots of drizzle being blown on a fairly stiff breeze, but at least the roads were (mostly) dry.
    This from Falkenham...
    Falkenham.jpg Screenshot_2018-12-02 December's 50km Ride Strava.png Screenshot_2018-12-02 December's 50km Ride Strava(1).png
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  7. 8mph

    8mph Senior Member

    I wanted to cover 25 miles in 2.15hrs or under. I know that I can do that on a light bike with light tyres but my plan is to ride my heavy old tourer throughout the winter and increase speed and stamina if I can make enough gains I may treat myself to something lighter once the weather improves.
    I was pleased to see that I'd covered 28.6 miles in 1hr 55 - 415m elevation in the rain.
    I've got a 160-mile ride planned soon and I'm pretty fed up with pushing 4 panniers into a headwind in order to get there. My plan is to go faster, longer, lighter.
    I don't know how to share the Strava map, basically, I went from Wroughton to Avebury to Marlborough to Wroughton.
  8. Reiver

    Reiver Ribbit, Ribbit.

    Forecast said as the day went on the drizzle would clear - got to 2pm and it just seemed to be getting heavier and darker. So in the words of John Wayne 'there's some things a man just can't run away from' I headed on out, as usual its no where near as bad as it seems once the first couple of mile are in the bag, hands and feet stayed dry for nearly 2 hours, which is pretty good, not sure if its possible to keep these bits dry. Roads were extra quiet, very nearly managed a clean round, 31½ miles before the first car passed me and I only did 32. Very close, but no cigar
    didn't bother taking my camera so here are a few screenshots from the dashcam.
    I did well on the cattle grid, managed to stay on the flat bar all the way across, wish all grids had these cycling friendy bars.
    I did well on the cattle grid, managed to stay on the flat bar all the way across, wish all grids had these cycling friendy bars (could be a bit wider though).

  9. Pat "5mph"

    Pat "5mph" A kilogrammicaly challenged woman Moderator

    At the same time you were leaving Hampden to go back to the west end, I was leaving Rutherglen headed into town.
    For the non locals: @pjd57 and I were headed in the same direction on parallel roads, he got the live football crowds, I got the rowdy ones spilling out from the numerous pubs en route.
    The motorized traffic I avoided by using the cycle path, but I think the drunks can be worse than the cars!
    Anyhow, yes, it was freezing, raining heavily, really dark and a bit misty too at around 5pm on Sunday.
    I was heading into town to meet friends, toyed with the idea of taking a bus, immediately discarded it, donned my waterproof trousers and my new waterproof socks (review coming soon!), then needlessly rode up and down a hill in town because I couldn't find the meeting place :laugh:
    This ride is memorable because two unusual things happened:
    my waterproof trousers were stolen from my panniers - I had taken out everything else, but did not want to bring the soaked kit into the pub, then,
    on the return trip I finally managed to be number one cyclist passing through the cyclist counter in the Green after midnight.
    I wanted to be that number for ages, always someone beat me to it, be it late at night or early in the morning.
    Shame it was to dark for a picture!
  10. Spiderweb

    Spiderweb Not So Special One

    North Yorkshire

    A day off today so the first ride for 2 weeks. It was raining this morning so out a lunchtime, lots of standing water but a lovely bright December day. A steady pootle out to Cawood on the old winter steed, 20.5 miles in total with an average of 15.1 mph, lovely spin out.
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  11. Katherine

    Katherine Guru Moderator

    What is the cyclist counter? Do you always get counted? What's the highest number you've achieved?
  12. Pat "5mph"

    Pat "5mph" A kilogrammicaly challenged woman Moderator

    It's (well, we have several, in key cycling routes), a large sign that tells the time and the number of cyclists that have crossed the sensor in a 24 hour period.
    It also shows hoe many cyclists have passed the point since the beginning of the year.
    The sensor crosses the path, if you pass the sensor twice a day, like I could do if I take the same route home from work, you are counted twice.
    The highest number in a day is probably the 5,000 odds that passes the Meadows in Edinburgh on the annual day of Pedal on Parliament.
    The sensor resets at midnight, my aim was always to be number one, now I have achieved this ^_^
    I want to try if I can be number one for 2019, then immediately turn and be number two :biggrin:
  13. colly

    colly Re member eR

    After a miserable ride yesterday......tonights was good. Enjoyable.

    It was cold but dry so setting off just before 7 I took a route just going round and about. Mostly out in the sticks. Out via Moortown Corner along Shadwell Lane then Wigton Lane and Alwoodley Lane, down to the ring road along and back up to Slaid Hill, through Shadwell across the A58 to Thorner. Out past bramham Park and back round by Hetchel Woods, through Thorner again and back home via Bramley Grange and Red Hall.
    A lovely cold fresh evening with lots of visible stars in a black, black sky.

    Just over 25 miles with 1350ft of up. Fixed.

  14. Katherine

    Katherine Guru Moderator

    Brilliant! Good Luck!
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  15. Reiver

    Reiver Ribbit, Ribbit.

    normal service resumed after the misery of yesterdays rain - just a beautiful day to be on the road, warm sun and no wind - it was -3 though when I got back to the van - bit of black ice too :eek:

    dec0266.JPG Just great roads

    dec0271.JPG Bit of terrorism

    dec0274.JPG Big Skies

    dec0283.JPG Still ploughing - that must be light land after yesterdays rain - seagulls never miss the plough

    Flock of Swans

    dec0287.JPG Into England

    dec0293.JPG Sun Down

    End of Twighlight
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