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Dave 123

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Out at 7am into murky, dark, Devon mizzle.
Down to Elburton and into Saltram via Stag Lodge, plenty of dog walkers about.
Along the river Plym and over the old railway bridge



Then into Cattedown and the Barbican




Then up to the Hoe. I was going to go up to Smeatons Tower

But as it was a bit dull I didn’t bother.

Back to Wembury via the direct route.

16 pea soup miles.

Happy Christmas one and all!

Hugh Manatee

It happened. I did it. I had got to the point where I just couldn't see myself getting changed, getting the bike out and going out on it. My riding tailed off in August and I have barely been out since then.

Apathy and more recently, a badly FUBAR spine has meant my thoughts were not bike shaped.

My back was bad yesterday but felt easier this morning. I got up and had a monster root vegetable peeling session which meant with a very late dinner, I could get out if I wanted.

I did get changed and I did dig Spare Bike#2 from the garage. Choosing a very heavy converted mountain bike was an excuse for going so slowly! That, and a back that seems to have opted out of the task of carrying me around on my hind legs!

I didn't do my usual route. Only just over half of it. There was a surprising number of cars on the road. Way back when, when I was competing, I used to go out on Christmas Day because I figured no one else would. That went for cars as well. In 2018, car numbers seemed about the same for a Tuesday.

I saw one other cyclist! If that was you heading towards Brewood, happy Christmas to you.

Happy Christmas to everyone else as well.


There was a heavy frost overnight and it was still -3°C at 08:30 with completely clear skies when I finally got out of bed and made a mug of coffee so I delayed going out until gone 10am. There was still a thin ice layer on a some of the puddles, but this soon cleared as a thin layer of cloud rolled in and the temperature lifted and I had time to complete a variation of my usual 50km loop through Levington and Nacton to Ipswich, then Westerfield and back home via Rushmere St. Andrew & Bucklesham. One of my favourrite views from Levington to the River Orwell...
Levington Gate.jpg
Screenshot_2018-12-25 Festive 50k Ride Strava.png
Screenshot_2018-12-25 Festive 50k Ride Strava(1).png

That left just enough time for a shower, then another quick mug of coffee before getting one of the other bikes out and round to mum's for Christmas dinner.
With any luck, something similar will be done tomorrow when my sister and her family will also be in attendance for the afternoon.

Dave 123

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Just a tiddler for me today to pick up the car from Mrs Dave’s sisters house.
I decided to go the exciting way, over to Staddon Heights past sheep and cows, and wind sculpted trees


Then it was down the winding road to Jennycliff

I’d assumed that picture was in focus.... as bleary as my eyes!

Then through by Radford Park and into Oreston



6.5 miles


Re member eR
A jolly Boxing Day jaunt. Early-ish. Dark-ish. Cycle-ish.

8 Deg so not overly cold but mucky, dirty roads which is what we expect I suppose at this time of year.
The route was a mix of familiar roads taking in Moortown, Alwoodley, SlaidHill, Shadwell, Thorner, Bramham, Aberford, Barwick-in-Elmete, and Killingbeck.
Nice and quiet with few cars. As you might expect.

24 miles and 1300ft of upwards. Fixed.


Maybe I should start using metric ...hmm?
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The one that got away today: the plan was for a 20k ride with the Tinybug on the back, but when we passed the chemist and the thermometer was displaying -1°c, I realised it wasn't going to happen, and then the Xtracycle gears decided it was too cold and started playing up. So we cycled around the local villages and followed the tram line for a bit then coasted back over the fields.


Convoi Exceptionnel
Quedgeley, Glos.
A nice Boxing Day morning ride with a couple of club mates this morning. Just a bimble out to Frocester for me, then said my goodbyes to Gordon and George and headed back home on my own via Frampton on Severn, intending not to be out for too long. When I got to the waterfront at Epney there were enough people hanging around to suggest there was a Severn Bore due any time soon, so I pulled up and leaned my bike against the flood wall and waited. It was only forecast to be a 1 star bore today, but it turned out to be small but perfectly formed .... with a decent wave all the way across the river, sufficient for a couple of surfers to ride it all the way around the bend from Framilode Church to Longney Sands.

Just before the bore arrived at Epney, a car screeched to a halt in front of the Anchor Inn and another surfer raced across the beer garden and down into the river, paddling frantically and he just got out to the middle in time to catch the wave. I hung around for a while watching the river flowing upstream faster and faster and watching the surfers disappear into the distance, then rode off to Stonebench to watch it all again. While I was waiting on the riverbank, another cyclist from Slimbridge who had also been at Epney joined me, and I admired his e-bike while we waited for the tide. Turned out to be a damp squib ... just a big swell and the river suddenly looked much fuller, but no real wave. Still, that was enough to remind me of my plan to chase the bore next year. I'm going to see if I can follow one all the way from Arlingham to Maisemore and catch it five times along the way. Must start studying the tide tables again. That's another 23.3 miles done towards my target of 3,000 miles for the year. Just another 13 to go now before I start on next year's target.
Cheers, Donger.
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