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  1. 1st time out on the 'Dog' this year, and it was bloody freezing, so much so, that everything was 'countersunk' by the time I got home !!! :eek::eek:

    Only 26 miles, but good enough to blow the cobwebs away.

    Screenshot (97).png

  2. derrick

    derrick The Glue that binds us together.

    A little 24 mile loop, The legs felt really heavy, had a bit of a head wind in certain places made it feel hard. Was a bit nippier today, hopefully the temperature will go up a bit for the weekend.
  3. Rickshaw Phil

    Rickshaw Phil Overconfidentii Vulgaris Moderator

    Yesterday's ride: Start of a new year and time to get a qualifier in to kick off my Imperial Century challenge attempt for 2019.

    I've already missed one pretty much ideal day for the ride so grabbed the chance when it came to get out and rack up some miles. I'm afraid the route was rather unimaginative (clockwise round the north of the region) but it fitted in with the wind direction and isn't too hilly.

    It was forecast to be bright but cold so I put on extra layers (3 layers on legs 5 layers on top) which I hoped would keep me comfortable through the day and hopefully help avoid a repeat of the cramp that occurred on the last challenge ride. I got out on the road at 7am and headed out of the village to the sounds of vehicles idling to warm up on driveways and ice being scraped off windscreens. It was busier than I'd expected on the way to Condover but not too bad after crossing the A49 for Exford's Green. It was bin day in Plealey and I got held up briefly by the two bin lorries working there. At Pontesbury and Minsterley most of the traffic was headed the opposite way to me.

    On the way to Westbury it was getting into the rush hour so there was a bit of traffic here but all behaved pretty well. Something unexpected was having a rat drop out of a tree onto the road directly in front of me and then scarper pretty quickly off the the right and into a field.

    Westbury, through Melverley to Maesbrook was all pretty uneventful. Just before Maesbrook I took the lane marked Llwyn Y Groes and headed for Morton and Ball via the lanes for a change of scene (it also cuts out a little bit of main road riding). In Oswestry I'd missed the peak travelling time so the approach wasn't too bad and the town centre was very quiet. Beside the hill fort there was a chap locking up his car while his dog was on completely the opposite side of the road on an extending lead.:rolleyes: A ding of the bell got me a thankyou for warning him.

    After Gobowen I was onto lanes again. The NCN route signs have been vandalised to point the wrong way again at Iron Mills. I varied the route slightly to pass Dudleston Hall for another change of scene. My elevenses stop was taken by The Mere in Ellesmere which I had almost to myself apart from a couple of walkers and a cyclist who said he hated me when he found out I was riding about four times as far as he was planning to go today.:laugh: I mentioned CycleChat while we were talking so :hello: if you see this.

    The roads had been pretty clean so far and an exception was passing Stocks Farm on the way to Welshampton. A little bit of mud picked up on the bike here but overall it's the cleanest it's been at the finish of a ride for ages which I'm quite happy with.

    After Northwood I was onto the fairly flat section through Whixall to Prees. I'd not been pushing hard but the legs were starting to complain a bit by now which was a slight worry as I'd only just got over halfway. I got held up by a train at Prees station then found a large number of vehicles parked up the bank to the church and along the lane out of the village which forced me onto the rough side of the road.

    Through Ightfield and Calverhall was uneventful. I had my lunch stop at Longslow and here started to really feel the cold despite all the layers. It took a little while to warm up again when I got moving. I took a different way into Market Drayton than usual and got hooted at for daring to be on the road during the 100 yards I used of the A53. Since I don't usually come in from this direction I took a turn too early and rode close to the Palethorpes factory which smelled enticingly of pork pies cooking. With that little detour sorted I headed out onto road I haven't cycled before to Old Springs, Chipnall and Cheswardine. This turned out to be more hilly than I'd expected (not what I really wanted with tired legs) but the scenery was pleasant.

    After Cheswardine the hill climbing became worth it as there are some long gentle descents on my way to Child's Ercall (very nearly took the wrong road here) and Eaton Upon Tern where I rejoined the roads that I know well. En route I spotted a buzzard sat in the field to my right. This was the third of the trip I'd seen close to the road and I decided to try and get a photo but got spotted pointing the camera and it took off to the safety of a telegraph pole a bit further along the road.

    Moving on again I was flagging a bit - a bite to eat helped but I was getting quite slow. The main road section after High Ercall is downhill which helped, but the driver of a van who overtook in a silly place and almost took out the car coming the other way made me relieved to get back onto some quieter lanes again.

    Having passed through Withington and Upton Magna, the sun was starting to set. I got a nice photo from Atcham bridge then had some great colours to look at as I rode through Cross Houses on my way to Condover. I knew the roads would be getting busy with the evening rush so opted to drag myself over Lyth Hill which was a good move as the A49 was very busy this evening.

    I was really glad to get out of the cold and into a warm shower at the end. It apparently stayed above freezing through the day but that northerly wind felt absolutely bitter.

    104 miles at 12.3 mph moving average. 10 hours 10 minutes including all the stops.

    Pre dawn somewhere near Hunger Hill.

    The Breiddens have a glow about them as the sun comes up.

    Oswestry. I don't recall seeing the artwork above the gallery last time I was here.

    Jumping on a bit - between Market Drayton and Chipnall there are some big plantations of elephant grass which make quite a spectacle. I'm led to understand that the farmer who owns this lot planted it as a biofuel for a power station some time back. After 3 years he lost the contract to supply them and now can't get rid of the stuff as it just keeps growing back.


    Crossing the Shropshire Union Canal.

    The camera-shy buzzard.

    Child's Ercall. Good job I stopped to take this pic as I thought I'd have a quick look at the map while stopped and found I was on the wrong road, which would have taken me about 5 miles out of my way.

    Sunset from Atcham Bridge.

    The afterglow across the Stretton Hills as seen from near Betton Abbots.
  4. cosmicbike

    cosmicbike Perhaps This One..... Moderator

    After spending the morning getting high on solvent cement (more bathroom work), I figured an afternoon rode would clear the head. Not enough time for a big ride, but enough for the January Half Century ride. A wee bit nippy at 2C, but for once I got the clothing spot on and didn't get too hot or cold, though the downhills were cold:cold:
    Nowhere fancy, a usual route through Chobham, Sunningdale and then back home through Windsor Great Park where I had to slow down and allow a muntjac deer to cross the road. Not seen one of them in the park before.
    A rather lumpy 34.9 miles with 2,300ft of climbing, nice to back home in the warm.
  5. CarlP

    CarlP There’s no need to live in a pit of doom

    Blimey! I’m exhausted after reading that lot!
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  6. Reynard

    Reynard Veteran

    Cambridgeshire, UK
    Back on the bike for the second time after my erm... unscheduled dismount. Nothing special, just the flat 8 miles to Littleport and back via Downham Common. :blush:

    One week on and my right knee definitely felt a lot better. Getting going from a standing start is definitely less precarious, and I found that I could ride a bigger gear and press on a bit more. So that was a good thing. Not so great was that the roads were slimed with mud and hence were pretty slippery in places - my back wheel stepped out a couple of times, which certainly didn't do my heart rate any favours...

    Straightening the brifter has much improved the gear shift on the bike. Shifting to a lower gear is almost back to where it should be, up - there's still a bit of a delay, so will re-tension the cable. And there's still an annoying ticking sound when I'm on the big chain ring...

    Not much in the way of wildlife or traffic today, and just one other cyclist. And some doofus has fly-tipped a fridge-freezer in one of the fields down Black Bank. :thumbsdown:

    Was well-wrapped up (remembered the winter gloves and roubaix beanie this time) and really enjoyed being out. :smile:
  7. C R

    C R Über Member

    Ten mile loop again at lunchtime. Anticlockwise this time. Quite cold, about 2C, I should have worn the overshoes, my feet were frozen by the time I got home.

    Nice ride, though. 10.8 miles at 14.5 mph.
  8. The_Weekend_Report_Guy

    The_Weekend_Report_Guy Pablo's Cycling Tours

    Coín, Málaga
    Fun under the sun here...

    Not great distance or elevation but everything counts to reach "the little targets"

    40 km, 700 meters of climbing and who knows what speed!

  9. DCBassman

    DCBassman Veteran

    A 3.5 mile quickie to test the modified Trek 800. It all worked first time, and the new gearing kept it in my range, didn't feel more than slightly harder than the much lighter Scott. Busy day, so no time to stop for pics. Soooooo comfy on 50mm City Jets.
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  10. Jon George

    Jon George Mamil and couldn't care less

    Suffolk an' Good
    After achieving a few writing goals this morning, I took the plunge and went out to Felixstowe to try to claim my first 50 k challenge point of the year after suffering a horrible Christmas cold.

    Job done! :smile:

    This overlooking Bawdsey Manor.

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  11. cosmicbike

    cosmicbike Perhaps This One..... Moderator

    More utility riding today, and since I needed the air I extended what should have been about 10 miles all told into 20 miles:smile: Home to Egham via Virginia Water, then drop off a full bikeload + rucksack before heading to Chertsey for another lot. Mild out today.
  12. Old jon

    Old jon Veteran

    Blue sky and a bit chilly this morning, but I had this strange enthusiasm. So I wheeled out the fixed and went for a ride.

    This bike can be difficult at times. A quick check over often reveals something not quite the way I would like it to be. This morning the unused back brake had the blocks well high, almost on the tyre. Easy to correct, but why have they moved? Conundrum. The back brake is demonstrably unused ‘cos the back wheel rim is still black all over, unlike the front. Anyroadup, on with the ride.

    Wend around Holbeck, and cross the beck on the way to Office Lock and the ride along the towpath in the direction of Liverpool. That is one hundred and twenty some miles away, says a milepost, and I have no desire to find out how accurate that is. So I left the canal at Viaduct Road, lost a bit of height to Kirkstall Road and then began to regain that and add more ascent all the way to Lawnswood. I was passed twice in the last half mile of all this upness ( I know its not a real word . . .) but I could not ride any faster anyway so they rode on and away. The vague intention for today’s ride had been direct to Otley and then back by more or less the same roads in the opposite direction. But enthusiasm took a hand. Crossing the roundabout at Bramhope I could see a queue of traffic up ahead. Single lane for roadworks and the red light was just by the end of Creskeld Lane. Well, an invitation to ride down that into the Wharfe valley was irresistible.

    Turn left at the bottom onto the A 659, heading for Pool first and then Otley, where a stop by the maypole was made. I wanted to eat and drink, and call myself names. Except for going up the valley, there is no easy way out of Otley. And with only one gear on the bike. Better start. Leeds Road is a long drag, although this time of year the views can be wonderful, as they were today. Back to Bramhope, and I remembered the roadworks so turned left onto Breary Lane East and then turn back onto Creskeld Lane, but riding towards Leeds, and around the roadworks as well. Approaching the roundabout at the end of the village I decided to turn left, some daft impulse for more climbing I suppose. Kings Road has at least one false horizon but that’s the fun of bike riding around here. Turn right onto Arthington Road and ride past Golden Acre Park, wheee!! downhill. Adel dam, single lane for roadworks. Up and out and past the church and take the eventual right turn to revisit the A 660 and ride all the way to Headingley. Down the hill, back onto the towpath at Kirkstall and play dodge the jogger all the ride back to Office Lock. They don’t ever smile, the joggers, do they? Wander through a corner of Hunslet and the last haul of the morning to home. Thirty miles and the legs were feeling it, but happy was this rider.

    The map, thanks to garmin

  13. Supersuperleeds

    Supersuperleeds Guru

    I'm still recovering from the cold I caught last week, but had the day off of work today and didn't want to waste it. So I had three routes planned, all with the intention of grabbing 9 long looked at explorer squares, 7 of which needed bridleway or footpaths traversing.

    All three routes had 69 miles to Corby Glen to visit the March Hare cafe, which in my opinion is the best cafe ever. After the cafe the option was to either do 10 miles to Grantham and get the train home; 32 mile loop round to Oakham and get the train home, or do 61 miles all the way back home.

    Last night when I gave our lass the good news, that I was playing hokey, she went "Good, don't be out all day, youngest is coming home, you can pick him up from the station" :sad: 130 miler out of the window then.

    Anyway, left the house just after 06:30 and quickly realised that the route planned through Leicester wasn't how I would normally go, so promptly ignored it and had a nice flat leisurely first 10 miles along the cycle paths and canal to get to Syston, this resulted in the average speed being pretty low and it didn't really recover all day.

    After those ten miles it was due east (tailwind :smile:) and the what feels like constant climbing up and over Burrough on the Hill, through Cold Overton and to the A606 at Langham. The T junction was solid, traffic going both ways and it looked like I would be there all day, until an artic stopped and blocked all the traffic to let me out^_^ Big thumbs up to the driver.

    More climbing as I stayed north of Oakham and to the first bridleway at Exton. It was very wide and tarmac but pot holed and loose stones in places, but a couple of squares bagged with no trouble.

    Quick detour up a side road parallel to the A1 to get square three. Into Pickworth for another two squares, one was normal road, the other a very muddy bridleway. Then a massive loop which included part of The Drift which was very sandy :ohmy:

    At this point I caught three cyclists but decided to stay behind them as I could see a huge climb ahead, they turned off just before it, and luckily my route went the same way. They slowed right down, I assumed they had gone wrong and were turning around so I went by, a mile or so later I shoulder check and see two of them a bit further back but they never caught me.

    Then I had the most cheerful good morning ever from a bunch of cyclists. There must have been a dozen or so milling around at a junction. I said morning and it was like a chorus of a choir as they all cheerfully and loudly said morning back ^_^

    Across to Clipsham and down even more bridleways to bag the remaining squares. A mile or so of which was through planted fields, though the bridleways were nice and wide and fairly compacted mud.

    59 miles done and the remainder of the ride would be normal roads. the average speed was 14mph at this point (normally I would be well over 15 mph)

    At the crossroads to get into Corby Glen (having to go straight over and crossing a main road) a huge wagon was turning right from my left, he had a massive Leeds flag in his cab, so he got the secret Leeds signal from me, huge grin from him as he returned it:laugh:)

    Got to the cafe and I was a little bit muddy and it wasn't that cold so decided to sit outside. Looked at the train times for Oakham (I'd decided I was doing a ton :whistle:) and realised if I could up the speed to about 15mph average I could just about make the 14:19 train. Only problem was I was turning into the headwind and climbing a bit.

    Anyway long story shot, I got to the station just after 14:00 :becool: bloody knackered, ticket office was shut, so straight onto the platform. and the train was late (but only five minutes) scoffed two kit kat chunkies whilst waiting and that was pretty much that

    101 miles done at an average of 14.2mph, my slowest imperial for a while, though I did do over 4,000 feet of cliimbing (which is a lot for me!)

    Another four miles home from the station and the lovely white Allez needs a serious clean, it can wait until tomorrow :rolleyes:
  14. PatrickPending

    PatrickPending Guru

    First long ride of the year - 100.3 Km.....the 0.3 makes a difference! Blaby - Willoughby Waterlys - Ashby Parva - Gilmorton - South Kilworth - Stanford - Cold Ashby = Naseby - Cottersbrooke - Creaton - Brixworth (almost) - Cottesbrooke - Hasslebech (loved that climb!) - Naseby - Clipston - Marston Trussel - Thedingworth - Saddington - Fleckney - Arnesby - Ashby Parva - Countesthorpe - Blaby

    More 12% climbs than I remember and I found the cottesbroketo Hasslebech climb quite hard...made it tough...guess I'm out of practice....
  15. Pat "5mph"

    Pat "5mph" A kilogrammicaly challenged woman Moderator

    It's almost tomorrow, I forgot about my ride today!
    I'm still off work :biggrin: (weird catering working patterns here), so today I went on the Freewheel North longer Friday ride.
    Another mild day in Glasgow, we went to a local park in a roundabout way: what could have been a 8 mile return trip the leaders made it in a 20 mile ride, great for discovering new lanes.
    In fact, I'm copying some of the route on Sunday, for a Belles ride.
    No mechanicals for a change, no crashes, 25 miles for me with a bit of :heat: because the leaders upped the pace a good bit on the return.
    The group at the coffee stop
    A view of the Clyde near home.
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