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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by gbb, 30 Mar 2008.

  1. Mike_P

    Mike_P Veteran

    Morning off work so ebiked to Halfords for a set of chain quick links. Did not know you now need a voucher off British Cyclings web site to get the 10% discount but they knocked it off anyway. Walked out of the store, took one look at the saddle and back in for a new seat clamp collar. That fixed the loose saddle issue and the new clamp is noticeably deeper than the original which I think was part of the problem. Then to a local farm shop only to discover the had sold out of what I was after so back home and then a successful return ebike trip to work -14.3 miles in total, 892ft of the upward variety
  2. The_Weekend_Report_Guy

    The_Weekend_Report_Guy Pablo's Cycling Tours

    Coín, Málaga

    Can you see Africa?


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  3. cosmicbike

    cosmicbike Perhaps This One..... Moderator

    No work commute tonight, couldn't work out how to strap a full sized fridge to the rack so bought the van.
    I managed 2.6 miles into town this morning, accompanied by some horrid noises and the inability to back-pedal. In fairness the commuter is long overdue a service given the recent weather it's been ridden in, so on the stand when I got home and a quick drivechain check and clean. Rear disc pads were as good as gone to the metal which explains the 'long' brake, I keep new spares so all done ready for tomorrow night. Turns out the chain is actually silver in colour, not brown:laugh:
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  4. Donger

    Donger Convoi Exceptionnel

    Quedgeley, Glos.
    Missed out on an audax on Sunday due to snow and ice. Where has it all gone? Nice mild day in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire today, so I snuck out to get my Metric-Century-a-Month Challenge ride in for February before the Winter returns. The plan was to head out towards Malmesbury via the straightest possible route and just turn the bike around and retrace my route as soon as I passed 31 miles. I hadn't counted on road closures. Got to Frocester, prepared to take on the beast that is Frocester Hill - only to find a sign saying "Road closed - find an alternative route". That meant turning left for Kings Stanley and climbing up to Selsley Common via Middleyard. This is quite a nice climb up onto the Cotswold escarpment, going up in steps with a chance to recover in between climbs, and affording nice views towards Randwick. (Selsley Church in the foreground):
    The last of the mini climbs on this route takes you up over a cattle grid with a punchy little steep bit that gets you gritting your teeth and counting to fifty to make it to the crest. More great views of Stroud to be had from there, while you get your breath back:
    By the time I'd crossed Selsley Common and got to the top of Frocester Hill, there was another dreaded "Road closed" sign forcing me to detour through Nympsfield before getting back on track at Cockadilly. Then quite a smooth passage through Kingscote, Tetbury and a little road I'd never previously ridden through Shipton Moyne before I arrived in Malmesbury (Wiltshire) on just over 31 miles. I stopped and rested my backside on a well worn stone seat in this little market stall (or whatever it is) in the middle of the town, and chatted to a cyclist from Chipping Sodbury for a bit while wolfing down some snacks:
    16 Malmesbury.JPG
    Did a straight re-trace on my way home, spotting this little fella looking a bit wobbly on his feet in Shipton Moyne on the way:
    Could Spring be on the way? Retraced my detour avoiding Frocester Hill, feeling more than a little weary by the time I reached Selsley Common:
    18 Selsley Common.JPG
    I think I overdressed today, and I had a few issues with my overshoes, one of which is really rather tatty now, and caused my foot to slip out of the straps a couple of times. Typically, this made me adjust my foot position a bit to avoid slipping, with the inevitable result that a few new aches, pains and cramps started to develop before I got home. Made it home on 62.3 miles (100.2km) 6 hours 25 mins after leaving home. A bit nackered and aching a bit, but glad to complete my 50th consecutive month of the Metric Century Challenge.
    I'm going to ache tomorrow.
    Cheers, Donger.
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  5. pjd57

    pjd57 Über Member

    strava2696834214240439582.jpg regular run through Glasgow and back for the football tonight.

    Slight detour to the Central station on the way to drop something off.
    Photo with the firefighter statue IMG_20190206_185142571.jpg

    Weather was good. Passed a sign showing 5°c. Last Wednesday night on the same run it was -2°
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  6. 13 rider

    13 rider Guru

    A day off work today :smile: but woke to rain and wind app had a window around 1300 only had a spare hour so decided to head for the hills . Out the door at 1245 through Newtown Linford up the first climb of Sharply hill left at Old John then next left straight onto the steep ramp of Priory lane a quick descent then the other half of the climb another steep one right at the crossroads and the climbing continued up Whitcroft lane . A bit of respite from the climbing into Woodhouse Eaves then church hill before the climb past Swithland woods then I had saved the worst till last . Warren hill a hill I don't like and not sure why . It has lots of changes of gradient changes and you just can't get any rhythm on it . Back through Newtown and home 15 miles with 1575 ft of upness over a 100ft a mile is hilly for me still managed to average over 15 mph which is helped by a few quick descents a proper workout if shorter than a normal ride for me
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  7. 8mph

    8mph Senior Member

    I left Pushkar at 9 on sandy tracks, then country roads for 4 hours before getting on the highway.
    The highway was smooth and not busy, the scenery wonderful but the journey from 11am onwards was heading straight into a 15mph wind.
    I didn't reach my destination and called it a day at 8pm having covered 81 miles. IMG_20190207_085818.jpg IMG_20190207_115412.jpg IMG_20190207_150407_1.jpg
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  8. Jenkins

    Jenkins Guru

    I decided to treat myself to lunch out this afternoon - just 10 miles each way once the wind had finally dropped to a comfortable level. As the pub is in the middle of a Strava segment, I won't be troubling the leaderboard with today's time...
    Screenshot_2019-02-07 Afternoon Ride Ride Strava.png
    Screenshot_2019-02-07 Another Liquid Lunch Ride Strava.png
  9. cosmicbike

    cosmicbike Perhaps This One..... Moderator

    Looks like you're having a fantastic adventure, there's a big bit of me that's a little jealous...
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  10. 8mph

    8mph Senior Member

    The benefits of being a batchelor my friend, and the best part of two years spent building while living in a 14ft caravan!
    I had my panniers stolen in Delhi
    when I arrived and had to buy
    second hand clothes and Indian
    I've yet to have a tour without any
    mishaps, having my Icebreaker top, Montane jacket, lights, tools, headtoech,Specialized shorts, other merino wool items knicked along with my Garmin was
    quite a loss.
    Obstacles aside it's been great. I'd urge anyone who is flying abroad to take an old bike with them, it's free with some airlines.

    No major roads today, a day of pootling..
    When my chain started to come
    apart, the bike mechanic fixed it with a hammer and other rudimentary tools and wouldn't accept payment.
    40 odd miles covered.

    IMG_20190208_135653.jpg IMG_20190208_135653.jpg
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  11. pjd57

    pjd57 Über Member

    art lovers house in Bellahouston.
    It was too awkward to get wet gloves off and on for any more pics

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  12. I like Skol

    I like Skol Hold my beer and watch this....

    In South Wales at the moment so read this in your best Welsh valleys accent..... :laugh:

    I went for a ride up the Valley see, all the way to Blaenavon. I didn't stop at the big pit but went right over the hill to Abergavenny. It was quite late now so I had to pedal on along the Usk valley to get home in time for tea. There's lovely then..... :whistle:


    It was a late start as I watched the rain being battered against the windows by the winds all morning and much of the afternoon until it finally eased off after 2pm. I didn't set off until just after 2.30 and headed along NCN492 to Blaenavon. This is a lovely traffic free tarmac path that climbs gradually for almost the entire 10 miles. I had set off wearing over-trousers and hat but the long steady climb into a headwind soon had me puling over to remove these because I was over heating badly. Climbing up The Tumble from this side meant an easier ascent as a lot of the height gain had already been done on the cycle path. Once at the top I stopped to have a drink and an apple I had brought along just for this point. As I was getting ready to leave I looked at the sky and thought how lucky I had been with the weather. Patches of clear blue sky were showing between the dark clouds that were quickly blowing over in the strong winds, just then it started to rain!
    Luckily it was just a brief shower and normal, windy, service was soon resumed as I picked up speed down the long fast drop into Abergavenny. I have only cycled this road once before, during the 2018 Velothon, and that was in the opposite direction so I can't claim to have any expert familiarity with the road. With the speed, wind and bumpy turns on the descent there was a need for just a little caution, so when the road started to get a bit twisty I backed off the land speed record attempt after hitting just over 45mph. It was a good job I did as the tight hairpin bends near the bottom were quite tricky due to the rain, debris and fallen branches littering the road.
    From Abergavenny I followed the swollen River Usk back towards home. The level was very high and the river was full of branches and trees being washed downstream by the angry currents. I saw the only two other cyclists of the ride during this stretch. A hardy soul near Chainbridge, we acknowledged each others hardy awesomeness, said hi and raised a hand to each other as we passed in opposite directions (Paging @ianrauk :rolleyes:). I saw the other guy riding through Usk while I stood on the bridge watching the angry river flow by.
    The last few miles took me down some mucky old farm lanes and I arrived at back just as it finally went dark. About 10 minutes after getting back the heavens opened in a big way, hail stones, rain, wind, torrential horribleness! Perfect timing, the sun always shines on the righteous :angel:
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  13. 8mph

    8mph Senior Member

    Deogar to Udaipur city center, 83 miles, 6hrs 12 minutes over the hills or Rajashan. I don't know if they count as mountains but there were long climbs. With 3 short breaks, this must be a personal best with an average speed of 13 mph. Motivated by participating on this site. IMG_20190209_131508.jpg IMG_20190209_132538.jpg IMG_20190209_101054.jpg
  14. Dave 123

    Dave 123 Guru

    Some time back in the early summer I was pootling around on my bike waiting for Mrs Dave to catch me up. I wasn’t looking where I was going and I hit a very shallow pot hole. My saddle snapped on one side. I was in no rush to replace it.


    Today we went to Grafham water to the Rutland Cycles shop. I bought a new saddle!


    How do they scientifically test it?

    So I fitted it and went for a short ride. After a mile I stopped and readjusted it slightly. As I was thinking about the saddle while riding I didn’t really notice the 40mph gusty wind!

    Back home after 10 miles. I’ve sat on more unforgiving saddles!

  15. Presumably they ask it questions, that's how they know it's an expert.
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