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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by gbb, 30 Mar 2008.

  1. Mike_P

    Mike_P Veteran

    Must confess I've always wheeled the bike back up the in slope - suspect its quicker overall unless you are heading east.
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  2. Funny that. It has that effect on me as well...
  3. Hugh Manatee

    Hugh Manatee Veteran

    The second 2019 ride! The usual route in very strong wind. It felt like the only bit of tail wind I had was from the entrance to Cosford Museum (highly recommended) back to the A41. I suppose there must have been other bits with a favourable wind, but I didn't notice them!

    2 minutes slower than last time but as usual, every ride I do is the first ride in ages. I was passed by one other rider going up the 'hill' from White Ladies. Anyone on here? It looked like he was on a nice steel bike. I tried to speed up but it wasn't happening!

    That might have been the last ride on the faithful mountain bike. I think I just found some forks that will fit the Weigh that was damaged when that Mercedes pulled out on my all that time back. The Saracen will return to being my shopping and touring bike. Hell, I might even treat it to a wash.
  4. C R

    C R Über Member

    The weather over the last three weekends wasn't very good, and the forecast for today wasn't great, but more promising, rain early, but starting to clear around eight, and no wind. I decided I would have a go at the February metric half, as I may not get another chance.

    Out at quarter to seven in the rain, thinking that I will dry up as the rain clears, ha!

    Out up Hatfield Bank, heading for Kinnersley, then Earl's Croome and Baughton, heading for Tewkesbury via Upper Strensham and Twyning. Daylight by quarter past seven, but no sign of the rain easing, and it was colder than expected.

    Upon reaching Tewkesbury it was a left for Bredon, and then headed for Pershore via Eckington. From Pershore the usual Wadborough, Littleworth and Norton for home.

    It finally stopped raining at half past nine, when I got home. 33.48 wet miles at 13.1 mph. February challenge ride in the bag, but can't say I enjoyed it.

  5. Katherine

    Katherine Guru Moderator Photo Winner

    I dressed for the forecast of showers and light breeze. Actual weather was dry and horrible, strong, gusty winds.
    Last Autumn, I'd mentioned to some of the club members, who go out during the week, that we needed some new cafe stops out towards Lymm. And so today all 3 groups, via various routes went to the new destination of Grappenhall Walked Garden which was delightful and my slice of lemon cake was awesome. - I've really missed the cake stops whilst I have been off the bike.
    I struggled today, my legs just don't have the miles in them at the moment, though I did do 40 miles and I'd not been on the bike for 3 weeks.
  6. PatrickPending

    PatrickPending Guru

    My ride Saturday - so a bit late to post here but first chance I've had. Very windy - I'd normally skip cycling on days like this but its probably the only weekend in Feb I'd have time for a longer ride.

    102Km - Blaby - Willoughby Waterlys - Ashby Magna - Dunton Bassett -Frolesworth - Claybrooke Parva -Mnks Kirby -Withybrook - Shilton -Brinklow - Easenhall - Pailton - Monks Kirby - Brinklow - Shilton - Pailton - Monks Kirby -Claybrooke Parva - Ullesthorpe - Gilmorton - Ashby Magna - Countersthorpe - Blaby

    Most of the first 40K was into a headwind (~40mph) - including the joy of having to put a fair bit of effort into cycling downhill, of course it calmed down a lot for the way home but it was a bit easier with a 18mph tailwind.

    Then back home to finish changing the drivetrain on my hybrid (new shifters, brake levers, chain, cassette, cleaned and serviced other bits - works fine! :smile: ) - though I did need to change the cable on the front shifter as I messed up the one that came with the shifters. A first for me - and note to self - there are good youtube videos on how it should be done - easily - of course I took the difficult route and took off the top cover - which meant I had to reassemble the optical indicator too....I have never had to change cables on these sort of shifters so that was new to me (there's a single screw you need to undo if you want to do it properly- albeit a bit hidden) - so now the gears work well on the hybrid. Managed a wet 11km run on Sunday too so not bad...
  7. Spiderweb

    Spiderweb Not So Special One

    North Yorkshire
    91A08A02-DD6F-4BE0-8048-D6577A2B1126.jpeg DFC4C083-D28B-425A-AD7F-5DC6083610AB.jpeg

    A day off today so out on the Tricross just before lunch. A little nippy but a beautiful day. Still feeling sluggish and short of energy so a steady 20.5 miles with an average of 14.7 mph. Lovely ride.
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  8. CarlP

    CarlP There’s no need to live in a pit of doom

    The other day when I was cleaning my Trek road bike, I noticed that the steering felt a bit notchy. Today a took the headset out and cleaned it all up, greased and generally fettled until it as lovely and smooth again. I then went for a ride around the village to make sure everything was as it should be. Just the two mile test ride, nothing fell off and I didn't crash...which is always a bonus.
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  9. twentysix by twentyfive

    twentysix by twentyfive Clinging on tightly

    Over the Hill
    Lovely bright morning out there so off I went. Fairly standard run today which I haven't ridden for a wee while. I had the light drift of wind behind on the way south which helped keep things easily brisk. Some superb banks of snowdrops greeted my as I rode through the lanes. Occasionally there were a few crocus. Today's hills didn't seem too tough and up on Woolridge I was pleased to see that the Severn valley wasn't badly flooded despite the flooded and closed lane at Upton. The start of the run north along the Hams was populated by a nice flock of Lapwing. Riding north into the slight wind gradually took a bit of a toll. By the time I had jinked around the flood at Upton I was flagging a bit. Nevertheless I rode on steadily over the last few miles. Very enjoyable ride today to get the week's miles started. 47 smiles
  10. cosmicbike

    cosmicbike Perhaps This One..... Moderator

    A day off from decorating, and with a decent forecast I decided to go do the metric century for the month. Known roads out through Cobham and Effingham all the way up to Ranmore Common, the down Whitedown Lane (white knuckle ride...)before up and down an awful lot around the Surrey Hills. Leith Hill seemed easy, but the Ranmore Road climb out of Dorking was proper hard work, makes Box Hill look easy.
    I paused a Anstie Farm for a Double Decker, off in the distance is Gatwick Airport
    11 Feb 2019 Anstie Lane.jpg
    Home with 66 miles done, and with 1468m of up-hilling managed to stay above the 20m/mile target. Poor bike is filthy now having seen some of the worst roads/lanes all in the name of Explorer square gathering (which was quite successful).
  11. gavgav

    gavgav Guru

    A rare Winter outing for the Carbon, after work, necessitated by the Hybrid currently being off the road. @Rickshaw Phil examined it, last week, following the grinding noise from the rear disc brakes, to find the pad worn down to the metal, on one side and a seized calliper! New one is on order.

    A slightly shorter than intended ride tonight, following the cycle paths to Heathgates and then alongside the River Severn, which has burst its banks again, onto the Towpath, meaning the flood gates are shut. This meant heading through Belvidere, down London Rd and back through the estate, instead of my normal intended route.

    8.5 miles
  12. Rickshaw Phil

    Rickshaw Phil Overconfidentii Vulgaris Moderator

    Two rides for me on what has been a busy and slightly mixed up day. After a bit of a lay-up over the last week due to a flu-like bug I was scheduled to do the finishing bit of work on a driveway project for a friend of a friend. We were all organised to start early then got told that the gravel wouldn't be delivered until late afternoon which brought things to a halt so after a conflab I headed out for a ride instead.

    I headed over Lyth Hill, as I often do, over to Condover and in the direction of Ryton but turned off 1 junction earlier and headed for Wheathall and up to Berriewood instead before returning to Condover and taking the road to Cross Houses and Atcham. A brief detour through Attingham Park before heading for Upton Magna, Uffington and into Shrewsbury along Sundorne Road, Sydney Avenue and through town via Smithfield Road to the Welsh Bridge where I stopped to see how my brother is getting on with his new job. Then it was through the Quarry and out over the English Bridge heading through Belle Vue for home.

    Considering that I haven't been out for a while I got on pretty well. The detour through Wheathall is one I haven't done in ages and made a nice change. I saw a recumbent trike near the turn for Boreton (an ICE Sprint I think) then barely saw a soul until Cross Houses. Attingham Park was surprisingly busy for the time of year.

    I wasn't sure about using Sundorne Road but it was fine today and saved me from the mud on the old canal path. After Sydney Avenue the towpath was impassable due to flooding, hence ending up riding Smithfield road where I witnessed a real div of a driver dart round the back of a van that was trying to reverse into a awkward driveway.:wacko:

    The rest of the trip back was much less eventful and I felt great at the end. I really needed that!:thumbsup:

    26.3 miles at 13 mph average and a 27.1 max (think that was the descent from Berriewood to Condover)

    Early in the ride - approaching Wheat Hall in the hamlet of Wheathall.

    The river is quite high at the Atcham bridges.

    Later on, by the weir in Shrewsbury.

    Not a chance of using the towpath today.

    Shrewsbury School and the school boathouse.

    2nd ride: I'd not been back long and was having a bite of lunch when I got the call to say the gravel delivery had been brought forward to early afternoon and would I be up for trying to finish the job today after all?:eek: I said yes but could I have 20 minutes to finish my lunch and get the bike out again, so 20 minutes later C and I were headed the short distance to where the work was to take place and racing the delivery lorry to get there. We won.^_^

    We got on better than expected and managed to finish the work in daylight but after shovelling two and a half tonnes of gravel I shall ache in the morning.

    3.1 miles at 9.5 mph for the round trip.

    As a bonus, the new caliper for @gavgav's bike came today so I'll be able to get that sorted later this week.
  13. I'll admit to a slight feeling of nostalgia for the Motherland when I saw that.
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  14. Rickshaw Phil

    Rickshaw Phil Overconfidentii Vulgaris Moderator

    Glad you like.:thanks:
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  15. Very much.

    Don't miss the punctures from hedge trimming though...
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