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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by gbb, 30 Mar 2008.

  1. twentysix by twentyfive

    twentysix by twentyfive Clinging on tightly

    Over the Hill
    Mark L turned out today. First outing for him for quite some time. We rode to Upton where Steve E, John G and Margaret PR were assembling. Steve called the Apperley route to Tewkesbury so we dived through the school and aimed for Haw Bridge to round by Deerhurst and some traffic dodging through Tewkesbury.

    Our favoured cafe was very busy but we squeezed in OK. Mark's cleats were giving trouble so I wielded the allen key. He'd lost two bolts and the others were loose. I had to compromise the fix with two bolts per cleat instead of the designed three. Our return was by The White Rabbit as usual. Mark was tiring and begged a lift from Steve so I rode the last miles from Upton on my own. Not a bad outing despite the windy tail end of Storm Erik. 44 smiles
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  2. cosmicbike

    cosmicbike Perhaps This One..... Moderator

    Bloomin' windy today, and with lots of decorating still to do I opted to delay the imperial century to another day. 2 short utility rides was enough, having to pedal to get downhill is no fun, and the headwind spoilt all the fun.
    I think I'm on wet ride in the morning, but I shall go out, being stuck indoors with a paintbrush wears thin quite quickly.
  3. albal

    albal Veteran

    Pretty windy in North Dorset, tho the coffee + cake in the ugly duckling cafe Shaftesbury certainly made up for it.
  4. pjd57

    pjd57 Über Member

    strava4647797180665219725.jpg i didn't think I was getting out today due to very high winds.
    But it calmed down by 4 and I had an errand to run.
    Decided to use the canal path for most of it. IMG_20190209_175136856.jpg home along the canal after dark
  5. Heltor Chasca

    Heltor Chasca Out-Riding the Black Dog

    What a day for a pootle. Storm Erik was out with a vengeance. Lots of deep standing water. A lot to do so very few nice photos. Sorry.

    088CE3D0-57BD-4F63-A351-20C6FD943049.jpeg 3B7D4639-5193-4125-8605-85E72015A6A9.jpeg AA635ED8-11E1-4EA8-85F1-AC0CC004ADFD.jpeg 553CC56A-F3ED-49FA-9AE1-F30826DB2161.jpeg
  6. Jenkins

    Jenkins Guru

    Anti-clockwise loop today, roughly planned to minimise the amount of time spent battling the headwind and mainly sticking to the better roads due to recent weather and the amount of hedge cuttting/flailing that's been done around here over the past week or so.

    Just a simple zigzagging ride up to Martlesham via Newbourne & Wandringfield, then across to Westerfield via Rushmere and then home past the outskirts of Ipswich and Nacton. I got caught out a couple of times by side wind gusts through gaps in the hedges, and at one point found myself freewheeling at 30+mph when drafting a tow truck with a broken down artic and still having to feather the brakes based on the tow truck's engine note.

    Screenshot_2019-02-09 Fed up with the wind Ride Strava(1).png Screenshot_2019-02-09 Fed up with the wind Ride Strava.png
  7. cosmicbike

    cosmicbike Perhaps This One..... Moderator

    I was definitely going out this morning, so with light rain in the air I headed out towards Chertsey to do a few loops of St Anne's Hill. Not hugely long, but an annoying little 40m climb to warm the legs up and get some metres early on. After lap 3 it was raining proper, so on with the waterproof jacket. I'd not bothered about the bottom half so the legs got wet.
    Out through Lyne, the Chobham, over 'The Steep', then back through Wentworth before Callow Hill and home.
    Managed, just, to stay above 20m/mile, always a struggle around here unless you want to did hill reps.
    Veloviewer reckons I've done more than double the amount of climbing at this point this year than last, and maybe, just maybe I'm starting to not fear the hills.
    Black Mountains ride planned in March if I can get the day off work, I think that loop is 70 miles with 2500m or so of up-ness....
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  8. Donger

    Donger Convoi Exceptionnel

    Quedgeley, Glos.
    You'll love the Black Mountains, @cosmicbike . Not sure about doing them in March though!

    A tad under 40 miles for me today, as I tagged a little on to the end of a 33 mile club ride out to Hartpury, Highleadon, Huntley, Birdwood etc and back. I was wearing a collection of my very much last choice cyclewear and some very tatty overshoes that disintegrated as I rode. Half way round, I remembered where my best rain top was ..... we'd had guests turn up suddenly the other day, and Mrs Donger would have shovelled all my stray kit away in a last minute tidy up using her gravity-based filing system! Found it when I got home.

    Anyway, despite it raining for the first 10 miles, this turned out to be a great little social group ride with another decent little café discovered at the Birdwood Garden Centre. By the end, most of us looked like we'd ridden the Grand National. (Muddy and wet out there today).

    Cheers, Donger.
  9. Grant Fondo

    Grant Fondo 'Real Life, and Postcard Views, Europe Endless'

    Lovely part of the world!
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  10. Mike_P

    Mike_P Veteran

    Thoughts of going out on the road bike today were quashed by this mornings car borne shopping trips noticing the sheer amount of twigs and branches lying around and did not really fancy an afternoon of visits by the p fairy. So out on the ebiked hybrid again and a successful visit to the farm shop today as they had in stock what was sold out mid week. Took a long way round to get to it via Knaresborough and a less than frequent compared to mid summer game of dodge the bell deaf pedestrian along Waterside. Having refitted the main vertical motor fixing bolt yesterday with some threadlock the horizontal fixing nut, the sole bottom bracket fixing nut, decided to loosen instead so turned into a ride noted for the creaking noises - pedal and crank off when back home and the nut tightened up with a dab of threadlock. Was pretty windy in parts - the early clue being given whilst downhill on a parallel to road cycle track and seeing three members of the Otley Cycling Club slugging uphill north-westbound on the cycletrack rather than the road. 12.6 miles 848ft upwards.
    Strava Ebike Segments 0, Ride Segments 27 :angry:
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  11. Old jon

    Old jon Veteran

    Just for a change, I had given quite a bit of thought to the route for this morning’s ride. The weather forecast was encouraging, not warm but mostly dry and no howling gales. So there was no excuse at all to stay at home and wear out the sofa.

    Out with the geared bike today, there were hills and a low level of fitness to cope with. Around Holbeck, riding along Marshall Street approaching Water Lane some work had been done on the building that Haynes manuals used to be produced in. Been empty for years, and an eyesore. Anyway, on with the ride. Great Wilson Street to Crown Point Road and from the bridge of that name continue towards the Eastgate roundabout and the pedal up to Oakwood. A stretch of easier road then leads to the bottom of Boot Hill and the climb. After crossing the Ring Road turn left onto Whin Moor Lane, which transmogrifies into Gatehouse Lane before it reaches Shadwell. Once there, a left turn leads all the way to Slaid Hill and the right turn onto Wike Ridge Lane and that swoopy ride through Wike itself.

    There is another quick downhill on the way to East Keswick, grin factor multiplied by any number you like, and then the road begins an upward slant again. Becoming progressively steeper as the Potts clock is passed and even steeper around the bend. Which is where I changed to the little chainring and the chain fell off. Why? Thought I. Front and rear gear change is looked at regularly, and checked to be adjusted properly. It is a good piece of kit and if it does go out of adjustment it has always proved to be the cable fraying. Not this time, the bottom bracket had suddenly developed a large amount of play. The videos I post usually have an annoying creak to listen to, and I have looked and listened and so on to try to find this creak. Could not, so decided it was the saddle. The soul of the original owner of the leather haunting me maybe. You may guess that I now blame the bottom bracket.

    What to do now? All that thought about the route can now be ignored. Linton and its recently readjusted bridge will have to settle for my absence. Bramham and Thorner, not to mention Sandhills, can do without me entirely today. Home by an unexpectedly shortened route is the decision.

    Continue in the direction I was riding and turn right on the A 659 to ride through Collingham, with another right to ride on the A 58 all the way back to Leeds. Leaving the chain on the middle ring, reckoning if it falls off that there is one at either side to catch it. There’s nowt like hope. As the miles slowly passed under the wheels I was thinking. If I call in a bike shop, maybe one of the staff can identify the bottom bracket. OK, I was wishful thinking. But no! Evans on New Station Street was the one I chose and I was told ( and promptly forgot ) what it was. So I bought one. The joy of fitting this purchase will have to wait until tomorrow, but the anticipation is not boundless. We shall see how things work out.

    Just riding to Evans was quite a job, and finding a route home from there was even more of a challenge. I do not have the need to ride through the city centre, the last time was more than two years ago. Anyway, the puzzle eventually unravelled and twenty eight and a half miles after leaving it, I saw my front door again. The smile was better than ever.

    Two maps. The shorter than it should have been ride, followed by 'how not to traverse Leeds centre on a bike.'


    Leeds, huh!!

  12. NorthernDave

    NorthernDave Never used Über Member

    Forgive me CycleChatters, for it is just over two weeks since my last (outdoor) ride.

    After abandoning plans for a ride yesterday due to Storm Erik (and his 50mph winds), today was the first opportunity in what felt like far too long to get out on the bike.

    Out on the Giant just after 9 and with the weather looking fairly benign. It was grey, but felt mild enough for the time of year and only a light breeze forecast, so time to bag a qualifying ride for the Half Century Challenge too, as you never can tell when you'll next get a chance at this time of year.

    Almost inevitably this lead me to Coal Road, then Skeltons Lane and onto the descent of Sandhills, where we had numpty pass number one of the day, where someone overtook and gave me loads of room, but forced a car coming the other way to stop...:wacko:
    Anyhow, on down the hill and onto Main Street, through the village and out onto Milner Lane to attack the climb onto the ridge. Hard work as always, but rewarded by a bit of flat at the top along between the hedges.
    A last minute decision to turn onto Holme Farm Lane and a wend round to Rigton Green, then out of there on a typically filthy Bramham Lane which was enlivened today by passing a jogger about halfway along - quite often you won't see anyone on here. Onto Jewitt Lane and up the rise onto Thorner Lane before powering through (it's all relative...) the lesser Wothersome dip and onto Thorner Road for the slightly downhill run towards Bramham.
    Left just before the A1(M) bridge and onto West Woods Road for the ups and downs to Wattlesyke Roundabout, getting passed by a friendly club run from Bingley (? - I think) - not only did most of them say hello as they breezed past but they gave me plenty of room. That sort of behaviour will get club runs a good name! :laugh:
    Across the roundabout and down the hill towards Wetherby, then round the roundabout and into the town itself with a loop around the town centre before dropping into the Wilderness for a quick couple of pics:
    Back in the saddle and that sharp, narrow climb out of the car park, encouraged on my way from about half way up by a motorist revving their engine behind me. Unfortunately this additional distraction seemed to slow me down even more, oh dear.

    Past the fire station and onto Walton Road, across the A1(M) and out past the racecourse and because I had the breeze behind me, all the way along to Walton where I turned right for the mainly downhill run to Thorp Arch past the Leeds United training ground, as some gaps in the clouds started to appear and blue sky started showing through.
    From there it's a rapid drop down onto the bridge over the River Wharf and with the way in front of me cleared by a man in a van it was straight across and up the other side into Boston Spa, where a wiggle on Main Street saw me heading for Clifford.
    Into the village and onto Main Street by the Catholic Church for a bit of variety, up the hill and had a motorist pull out in front of me, then couldn't decided if they were going or not shortly further on, then stopped about 3 feet away from the kerb and put their left hand indicator on...:wacko:
    Anyway, up to the top of the village and the quick descent into Bramham, where a loop around saw me climb back out of the village and cross back over the A1(M) and start the long steady incline back up past Bramham Park.
    Retraced my outbound route through Wothersome and then took Jewitt Lane for the scenic route to Compton Lane and then looped back round to Rigton Green from there.
    Hole Farm Lane and then Milner Lane took me back to Thorner, where an all female club run was paused by the Mexborough Arms, then onto Carr Lane for the climb to the A58, a quick run along there and then the climb onto Coal Road getting the closest pass of the day from an idiot in an estate car with two empty bike carriers on the roof :cursing: - whoever they were they really have no excuse.
    Across the mini-roundabout and from there it's a simple run down to home on local roads.

    31.68 miles (50.99 km) in 2h 32m at an average of 12.5 mph with 1,548 ft climbed and an average temperature of 3.0°C

    Slightly surprised by that average temperature as it certainly didn't feel that cold. Don't get me wrong it wasn't warm, but it certainly didn't feel so close to zero. Maybe it's my new Altura thermal top?

    It feel really good to get out there again - I've been hitting the turbo while the weather has kept me off the roads but it's just not the same. That's this month sorted for the Half Century Challenge too.
    Loads of cyclists out too, no doubt making the most of the weather.

    And to end, the map:
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  13. Dave 123

    Dave 123 Guru

    Out at 3pm on my Spa. It was still quite blustery and chilly, luckily I’d put my Buff and arm warmers on at the last minute!

    Just a 20 mile loop around the Gransdens. The highlight was a Red Kite in A1 condition.
    ^^^ clearly, it’s quite far away by this point......

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  14. cosmicbike

    cosmicbike Perhaps This One..... Moderator

    I think my attendance will be weather permitting, though I need to book a hotel room the night before, I don't fancy a 3 hour drive before the ride. The chap who's asked me along does this route every year as a season opener and closer, so March & September.
  15. 13 rider

    13 rider Guru

    Last weeks Imperial ton ride was postponed due to ice and the promise of better weather this week the forecast slowly changed to :rain:. @Supersuperleeds had plotted a route to enable 4 people starting in different locations with different targets to get them done . First @Lilliburlero dropped out due to family commitments shall we replan . Took the easier option of sticking to plan A. Up this morning checked weather app 100% chance of rain at 0700 I will get wet then . The route was a few miles short for me so an extended route to the meeting point at Market Bosworth ,Anstey ,Groby ,Ratby ,Kirby Muxloe ,Newbold Vernon and a loop round the town and I have enough miles in . @Supersuperleeds was waiting after a quick fettle of my front guard were on our way . The rain was light but persistent. Working our way to Tamworth we went through the strangely named Norta-juxta Twycross a good Scrabble score . On to Polesworth where @Supersuperleeds Strava planned route had us heading down a canal towpath , not today so sticking to roads we navigated through Tamworth somehow . A long up and down rolling road got us to a furthest point from home . Turned for home hoping for a bit of tailwind . A call of nature break at 50 miles had me and @Supersuperleeds changed into are perfect planned spare glooves absolute bliss :rolleyes:. The rain had stopped now heading back on to familiar roads . We very slowly reeled in a bunch of 4 club riders hoping to draft them up a long drag the rearmost rider waved us past and as we hit the climb they slowed so we dropped them:laugh: surprising easily . Another Strava navigation wobble sending down a bridle path :crazy:
    Luckily we knew where we were and plotted round it all adding extra miles. At 65 miles we had a climb into Ibstock and my legs sort of exploded as I dragged myself up .It's going to be a struggle now then . Stopped at the Ibstock sign for a photo for the ABC challenge to see a text from @tallliman who was do to meet in a few miles but couldn't make hed been called into work . So now we could miss the tangent part of the ride to Nice Pie but that would leave both of us short . So after a few miles contemplating different routes . We decided to stick to the original plan . Everytime the road went up I struggled despite me supposedly being the climber of the group . The climb through Stanton under Barden was a slow grind . At bit of respite with the descent down Beacon hill. Into Barrow and the climb of Paudy lane a steep start the a gentle climb of 4 miles in total not what you want on empty legs @Supersuperleeds doing his best to pace me up . Just about had enough miles in and thought about sacking of the cake stop . But stubborn me decide to carry on and we were soon there thankfully :smile:. My normal order of beans on toast was off the menu :sad: so cheese sandwiches it was. A very welcome break . Soon back out into what we knew would be a headwind . @Supersuperleeds in full domestique mode sitting in the front . Into Seagrave, Sileby, Cossington and Rothley were we parted company leaving me 5 miles on my own having already past the ton all the diversions had added a few miles on. A slow drag up out of Rothley and one more climb just before home 107 miles in the bag and just the 5351ft of upness in just over 7 hours . I think we had 3 hours of rain and a troublesome wind for all 7 hours. @Supersuperleeds putting in 112 miles despite me looking like I would do the most but thats @Supersuperleeds for you . Thanks to him for today he did more than his fair share of work and getting me round if I been on my own I would have bailed apologies if me not being that chatty but as I put in the ride I was proper f*_"+£d .
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