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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by gbb, 30 Mar 2008.

  1. Dave 123

    Dave 123 Guru

    When we were all on that hill outside Keyworth I heard him say 5,000.
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  2. dan_bo

    dan_bo How much does it cost to Oldham?

    Quick shakedown of the new rig in awful weather.

    It goes up and down very well- a climb I normally struggle on i did one handed ( the other hand was covering my ear to keep the horizontal hail out)

    20190310_132030.jpg 20190310_132302.jpg
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  3. Reiver

    Reiver Ribbit, Ribbit.

    A wild day down in Northumberland - 41 miles in the bag on a Sunday is always a good start to the week.

    The wonderful Ladykirk Church

    over the Union Bridge into Northumberland

    It was quite a brutal day to be out with that bitterly cold wind, but well worth it for Northumberland Skies
    mar0131.JPG mar0140.JPG mar0146.JPG
  4. colly

    colly Re member eR

    Cold, wet and blustery was the start of the day. :sad: 25mins later the wind had dropped and the sun was out. :smile: Mrs Colly walked into Oakwood to get the papers and came back 30mins later looking like a drowned rat. Dark skies, wind and rain again. :sad: Sitting eating breakfast the sun was out again. :smile: 20 mins later it was pi55ing down. :sad:
    I got out on the bike around 2pm during one of the sunny periods. I knew it wouldn't last so I had the full kit on, layers, warm tights, hat, gloves, neck warmer, even sun glasses.
    The intention was for about 20 miles no more. In the event it was about 17miles. Out via Moortown, up to Shadwell and Slaid Hill, along Wigton Lane and through Alwoodley to the top of Stairfoot Lane. By now I was battling a gale like westerly head wind which was laden with razor like hail stones. If not for the sun glasses I would have had to stop. I got to the far end of Blackhill Lane and decided enough was enough. So a quick turn round and I made my way back around the north side of Eccup Reservoir back to Slaid Hill, then home. Wet through and damn cold. Even so it was worth the effort.

    16 plus miles and about 1000ft of up. Fixed wheel.

  5. Aravis

    Aravis No Regret

    Great stuff yesterday @Heltor Chasca. I hadn't realised you were that close to the RRtY milestone. :notworthy:
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  6. tyred

    tyred Legendary Member

    A mostly off-road route to Glenveagh National park. The driver of the high speed Mitsubishi Colt which I met clearly didn't see the "No Motor Vehicles" on the entrance to the gravel road through the mountains :rolleyes::banghead:Some snow in evidence, some very heavy snow showers but it didn't lie.

    gv3.jpg gv2.jpg
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  7. Heltor Chasca

    Heltor Chasca Out-Riding the Black Dog

    Thank you. I am super chuffed and grateful for your part in that.
  8. Heltor Chasca

    Heltor Chasca Out-Riding the Black Dog

    Great photos and nice Carradice.
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  9. cosmicbike

    cosmicbike Perhaps This One..... Moderator

    Still rubbish, but did take the commute bike round the block tonight for the ride a day challenge thing.
    I may have started the thread, but....

    It is, like some other challenge things, all @13 rider fault. His 100 day thing got me thinking...

    Geared up for the commute tomorrow, so hoping the legs play ball, feeling a bit better today.
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  10. Old jon

    Old jon Veteran

    Had a drive along the road behind Decathlon yesterday. Both ends are good tarmac. The bit in the middle makes Mastiles Lane ( it is in Yorkshire, had you not known ) look like a racetrack. Not the sort of road I want to ride on. So a return to the mainland was in prospect this morning.

    From Friday onwards the weekend was decorated with rain, and there were a couple of light showers this morning, leaving puddles in plenty. The bike here is the only one I own without mudguards, I figured the rain would always be warm, see. I had forgotten just how wet you can be. Ah well. Away down the hill and around the almost hairpin to reach the bike track. The bend has a bit of grass to go around, in the middle of the green is an old stone crusher, the sort of thing once used in quarries. I have come across a few of these in England, all I have seen were made in Leeds. Better have a close look at this one some time.

    Ride along to the new bridge, and ride along that to the other side of the bay. Then start a proper look around for the road heading north. And I found it! Sort of obscured by the builder’s yard that services the restoration work on the old bridge, Pont Hercilio Luz is the Sunday name. Restoration looks more like rebuilding, there is a lot of new steel in there. Leave all that behind and there is a beach, with a bike track to ride along.

    All things end, the beach does not end yet but the residential area is reached and a lot of the houses have back gardens that reach the beach. Or, as in the photograph, the whole lot is on the beach.

    Balneario (2).jpg

    Matters little, I am exploring so ride on in roughly the same direction on a quiet road. This ends at a T junction, I turn right to head for the beach but there is no road along it so about turn and ride one junction past the T. A busy road, which goes past the Naval Apprentices School. Something hardly expected by me, never a thought of it. Ride further along, more big city, more looking at online maps to do. A couple of detours sideways to see if there was more of interest and then another turnaround to retrace my wheeltracks.

    The first bit was into a bit of a wind but as the bridges came closer the wind died away. Over the underslung bike track to ride back to the island, and a tail wind. Beira Mar was as it ever is but maybe fewer cyclists around. About half way along the tarmac is wet for a few hundred yards, then dry again. The main road is similarly wet. I guess a very localised shower might have done this, has anyone a better idea? No matter, I can see the apartment from here, up there on the hillside. The hillside I have yet to ride a bike up. And there is a thought. Looked at the garthing details and it tells me I climbed 358 metres, over eleven hundred feet. In eighteen miles. Seems a lot to me, but it gave me an extra grin.

    The map. Must try harder . . .

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  11. Denis99

    Denis99 Well-Known Member

    South Wales
    Another nice day, ride down to Mumbles Pier.

    Just as I got home, the heavens opened. Good timing today.

    GR013095.jpg GR013096.jpg
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  12. Rickshaw Phil

    Rickshaw Phil Overconfidentii Vulgaris Moderator

    Couldn't find my mojo to get out riding in the wind and rain over the weeekend (apart from a very short trip to sort out a puncture for a friend on Saturday), so dragged myself out this morning on what looks like being the best day of the week to get some scenic miles in.

    The route today was out to Exfords Green then Plealey, Pontesbury, Minsterley and Plox Green where I took a route I've never ridden before up the hills to Hopesgate, Bentlawnt and Hemford. From here I was back onto roads I know to Shelve and The Bog before climbing over the edge of the Stipertones and dropping down to The Bridges ready to climb up onto the Long Mynd. I rode to the summit at Pole Bank then dropped down the Burway and a bridleway into Carding Mill Valley before finally heading home via All Stretton, Longnor, Condover and Lyth Hill.

    The wind might have died down a bit but it's still pretty breezy out there and much of the first 10 miles was with it against me. The view of the Long Mynd was good today as there was a bit of snow up there. This made me think that my original plan of tackling Asterton Bank might not be the best so I'll save that for another day.

    While struggling against the wind en route to Plealey a guy on Genesis (with matching kit) sailed past me and disappeared into the distance as though I was stood still. The wind was a little easier on the way to Minsterley and I was able to overtake another couple of cyclists on the way.

    At Plox Green I took my right turn instead of the usual left and was straight onto smooth, fresh tarmac which was very nice. Please Shropshire Council, can we have some more? From here the road went mostly upwards to Bentlawnt and gave some nice views which haven't all come out well on camera. On the way I kept passing and repassing the local postie as he delivered his way up the hill. During this section a house called "Dunmilking" caught my eye.

    With the extra altitude it was quite chilly so I'd hoped the visitor centre at The Bog might be open for hot drinks. No signs of life there today though so I didn't hesitate and carried on to the main car park for the Stiperstones where I had the snack I'd packed to keep me going.

    The wind was behind me by this point and I got some good speed up on the flowing descent with 36.1 mph recorded as a maximum. I could go quicker if the surface was a bit better.

    The Horseshoe at The Bridges was open but I resisted a stop here (too tempting to have a beer) and headed for the long drag up onto the Long Mynd. There were more cars coming down than I'd have expected and I got overtaken by a 50cc scooter which isn't something you'd usually expect to see up here - it wasn't going quick, but quicker than me. The snow had mostly melted by the time I got up onto the hill. It was too chilly to stop for long at the top though so I pressed on down the Burway, getting a few surprised looks from those coming up in their cars.

    As often happens, the airflow round the hills meant the westerly wind becomes a localised south-south westerly so I had a good tailwind again for a few miles and made fairly good time on the way back.

    40.6 miles this time at 10.8 mph average.

    From Hunger Hill near the start, looking to the snow capped Long Mynd.

    Signs of spring and fresh tarmac. Both pleasing sights.

    Looking back over Bentlawnt and the Shropshire Plain.

    Old mine workings near Shelve.

    On the way to The Bog with a bit of snow around.

    Down at The Bridges and resisting temptation.

    On my way up the Long Mynd........

    ...... and on the way down the other side. The Burway, looking towards Church Stretton.

    The Pavilion in Carding Mill Valley.
  13. colly

    colly Re member eR

    No2 of 100

    Out tonight after dinner. Mrs Colly is off 'Yoga-ing so picking up an idea garnered from these very pages, this very thread in fact (100 rides in 100 days) I thought I would see just how many I can string together.
    100 in 100 seems a tall order given the amount of things that can crop up to put a spanner in the works, but unless you actually make a start you will never get achieve anything.

    So out the door about 7.30. A chilly, windy evening but dry. I didn't have a plan when I set off so made it up as I went along. I didn't want to do too much, just enough to break sweat and get me breathing heavy ( but back to the ride) .
    I turned left at Oakwood lights towards the city and 600m later on impulse swung a right up Gledhow Wood Road. I'm not sure why because its a steep hill and with less than a mile of mostly down hill in my legs it was maybe too much, too soon. It's about .7 miles long and climbs something over 160ft with the maximum gradient of 10.9% according to Garmin. Almost, almost, came to a standstill but managed to just about keep moving.
    So it was up to the top, down and up through Gledhow Valley and then a series of local roads and lanes until I got back in almost an hour later.

    13 miles with about 800ft of up. Fixed wheel.

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  14. gavgav

    gavgav Guru

    Spent the day working from home, looking at the nice sunshine outside, wishing I was out on the bike, but finally managed to get out, this evening, for my first ride in nigh on 2 weeks (back when we were up in The Lakes) as it’s rained and blown incessantly since returning.

    There was still a fairly strong breeze blowing, but at least a brief interlude in the gales we’ve been having and are again set to have from about 10pm this evening until Sunday!

    It had clouded over, and indeed there were a few spots of rain falling, as I set off, but thankfully they’d stopped by the time I’d passed through Meole and out onto the busy road to Hook-a-Gate and Annscroft. I was heading into the wind, which made it tough going until I reached Dad’s house, where I stopped for a half hour chat.

    Back out onto the roads to Ryton and Condover, and with the wind now behind me, I was setting a better pace. A chap on a Brompton came through Condover, as I reached the Cross, and I followed him along Lyons Lane, with him slowly pulling away from me, fair play to him!

    I turned onto the road to Betton Abbots and then on home.

    This is the first proper ride on the Cube, since @Rickshaw Phil replaced the rear Brake Pads and Caliper, along with tweaking the gears. The bike is so much smoother to ride, brakes work well, gears are much slicker and I’m sure the piston dragging on the previous pads had slowed me down a bit, as I averaged 12.9 mph, instead of the 11.5mph I did last time I did this route!! Either that or all those hills in The Lakes have strengthened the leg muscles.....

    14.8 miles.
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  15. Reynard

    Reynard Veteran

    Cambridgeshire, UK
    Back on the bike after a bit of a hiatus (knee / life / weather).

    A three mile utility ride today - needs must, sometimes. Put the bike in the back of the car, drove to the garage to drop the car off so the boot latch can be fixed, from there ride off to do some volunteering for CP, and then ride back home.

    I ended up having to pour the water out of my shoes. :blush:
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