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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by gbb, 30 Mar 2008.

  1. colly

    colly Re member eR

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    Out into a cold, windy and sunny afternoon.
    Not too much traffic about which is always good of course, and it was local lanes out to Thorner and back via the not too busy A58. The run back home was into a hurricane like wind, no, really it was, and now I am counting the cost. I was on fixed wheel so couldn't even bung it in the granny gears. Legs are all a-throb.

    14miles and 900ft of up. Fixed wheel.

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  2. Rickshaw Phil

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    A bit of a bonus ride today as I hadn't expected to get out due to the weather. The rain stopped about lunchtime and the wind hadn't picked up yet so I took the chance to rack up some miles mid afternoon. The route was Condover, Cross Houses, Atcham (and through Attingham Park), Upton Magna, Uffington, Shrewsbury and back via Meole Brace.

    I wasn't impressed at the start when an artic overtook me rather close while leaving the village, blatantly speeding and in the face of oncoming traffic who had to squeeze over to avoid him.:dry: I was quite pleased to get away from the main roads onto something quieter after Condover where I also picked up a tailwind. It was a fairly good run to Cross Houses where I got held up by roadworks (lots about at the moment).

    By Atcham the wind was picking up and I had a very clear demonstration of this in Attingham Park where I was able to do an easy 19mph up the drive towards the house but only 11mph at best on the way out. Fortunately I had a bit more of a tailwind to Upton Magna which was cluttered with cars due to it being school kicking out time. I had to turn back into the wind again here and, after the earlier preview, knew what to expect so just dropped down a gear or two and took my time.

    The old canal path after Uffington was horrendously muddy but the alternative way is more exposed to the wind so I put up with it. I'd originally planned to go into the centre of Shrewsbury but I could see some dark shower clouds rolling in from the west so instead headed over the Castlefields footbridge and took the most direct route back, arriving back with just enough time to put the bike away and get inside before the rain arrived.

    19.6 miles this time at 13mph average.

    Sorry, I didn't stop for photos today.
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  3. 8mph

    8mph Senior Member

    Around 60 miles today but maybe the toughest days ride ever, crossing the Western Ghats. Starting with 5 hours of pothole dodging and very rough roads, then 30 odd miles of highway, followed by a ride into Pune city, which seemed to take forever. Finally lots of riding around to find a hotel.
    The traffic has been atrocious, just awful inconsiderate driving and I had three near misses with cars and motorbikes. The day has been hot, even the wind is hot. A very trying day indeed. I've spent a good part of the day thinking about riding on Wiltshire roads, Devon lanes and Scotland, realising how good we have it in the UK.
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  4. 13 rider

    13 rider Guru

    A day off work today ^_^ had planned a metric half century on the new shiny TCR but the weather wasn't playing ball :rain:. Spent all morning pottering about doing odd jobs and checking the BBC weather App . Finally rolled out at 1400 on the old Defy into drizzle . Decided on an hour's so headed for local hills . Newtown Linford to Sharpley hill then down Warren hill around Swithland woods into Woodhouse Eaves . Turned left on to the climb up Maplewell rd . A long climb with lots of changes of gradient and a few false summits if you don't know it . Then straight into the steep ramp of Priory lane quick descent then the second climb a longer one which kicks up at the end . Right at the crossroads for more steady climbing up Whitcroft lane Upto Copt Oak and back onto Priory lane coming the other way another steep ramp then the descent down Pollybotts lane back to Newtown and home . 14.8 miles with 1700ft of upness and I hardly got wet sun came out as I got home . The climbing legs are slowly coming back I might need them when I take on The Bwlch ,Rhigos and the Devil's Elbow in June in a away day to Wales
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  5. Reynard

    Reynard Veteran

    Cambridgeshire, UK
    Well, I can add another trip to the village onto my tally, as I bit the bullet and rode to the garage to pick the car up. With the choice of wet derriere (today) vs being blown over (tomorrow), it was a no brainer, especially after the sun came out. Wind has definitely picked up from earlier, and I had a headwind all the way. And it's uphill.

    I really need to work on my bike fitness. :blush:

    But at least I got out on the bike. Made me realise how much I miss it when I don't get the chance to ride.
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  6. C R

    C R Über Member

    How much longer left to Delhi? Your adventures would probably merit a thread of their own. And again :notworthy::notworthy:
  7. colly

    colly Re member eR

    @8mph Like the post above I am well impressed with your adventures. :okay:
  8. ColinJ

    ColinJ It's a puzzle ...

    It will be shortly after your death - any sooner than that would be a bit of a problem... :laugh:

    (I'm not sure which would be worse - being burned alive, or buried alive? Or in my case, being chopped up by medical students! :eek:)
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  9. 8mph

    8mph Senior Member

    Adventure or misadventure ? Some of this journey has been sketchy to say the least and frankly, the best parts have been in tourist areas, the rest has been a little grim!
    It's 900 miles to Delhi striking to the highways, my route should be more like 1100.
    Thanks for the encouragement.
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  10. colly

    colly Re member eR

    Are you able to post a route map of where you've been ? Maybe when you're back ?
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  11. 8mph

    8mph Senior Member

    Definitely, I just can't get it together on my phone. I'll recreate the route on Strava when I get back and write a summary in the touring section.
    A couple of nights ago I got myself stranded halfway down a mountain in the dark the road had deteriorated, traffic stopped and a 5ft snake crossed my path. I had a rather spooky night by the roadside in impenetrable jungle and couldn't get a fire together. There were animal noises close by but I'm guessing it was a pig or fox. Whatever it was it wasn't detered by the noise of me banging my metal cup against a rock and it snuffled around, close by for half the night.
    Today has been overcast and good roads from Pune. Maybe 70 miles so far and 60 more to go to reach Nasik, which looks like a great place to stop for a day and enjoy the river and sights.
  12. colly

    colly Re member eR

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    A ride out this morning around 10.30. Cool and dry but very windy.
    Only local roads but into the wind it was desperate. My Garmin thingy has gone all weird on me and also has the Garmin site. Which is a coincidence hard to understand.
    About 11 miles and 650ft of up. Geared bike,

  13. Jon George

    Jon George Mamil and couldn't care less

    Suffolk an' Good
    Oh, the insanity of it. Not Brexit, but deciding to cycle over to Martlesham to do some shopping. Today. In this wind.
    The journey out was probably the quickest 6 miles I've ever covered on a bike - certainly on Patsy #3 The Hybrid.
    The ride back took longer.
    Much longer.
    It's an exhilarating day to be out and about on a bike! ^_^

    This out near Bucklesham.

  14. twentysix by twentyfive

    twentysix by twentyfive Clinging on tightly

    Over the Hill
    Windy today. Gusts up to 50 mph forecast. Pete M and me took to the shelter of the lanes with the aim of checking out the wild daffs. Cafe in Newent fits that plan. We found lots of daffs with more still to bloom. Did I mention it was windy? 55 smiles
  15. Mike_P

    Mike_P Veteran

    Day off work so the usual tinkering with the ebike (soldered dry? joints on battery lead replaced by bullet connectors to hopefully stop the whole thing switching off as soon as the motor starts - oddly it usually does it when leaving work for home but not when going to work:angry:, and main fixing nut refixed with lock thread) Forecasts claimed the wind would calm down after 3 so set off at twenty past on the Bilton-NCN67 Ripley-Clint Bank-Hampsthwaite loop. Still on windy side, too much pedalling needed down grade on the NCN and the cross wind on Bilton Viaduct was unpleasant. Followed a rear wheel drive ebike west of Ripley to the foot of Hollybank Lane and then the advantage of a mid drive showed as I left the other ebike standing up the climb. The wind had an unsuccessful go at propelling me into the kerb after descending Clint Bank and then up Rowden Lane in 2/3rds of my fastest time solely under pedal power
    11.7 windy miles 816 assisted feet.
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