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First ride for a while, but I had the Half century Challenge to complete and really didn't want to push my luck by leaving it late given what December weather can be like, so I risked the cold.

Like many others, it was a bit icy under wheel and I delayed setting off until 10:30 in the hope that things would improve. They did a bit, but there were still a few too many twitch bum moments for my liking.

Just a familiar old loop, out to Ryther looping around Church Fenton airfield (sorry, Leeds East Airport as we must call it now...) and back. Roads as far as Aberford had been gritted, but once over the county line into North Yorkshire it was pot luck and most of the lanes hadn't been touched..
Anyway, I managed to stay upright although there was one very dicey moment coming out of Saxton near the cricket club when the whole road was covered in ice which was interesting. It was cold though, even with as many layers as I could muster it was through to my bones and had it not been for the challenge, I'd have been tempted to check train times back from Church Fenton. :cold:

Anyway, ride done and challenge completed for another year. :okay:

31.31 miles (50.38 km) in a steady 2h 43m at just 11.5 mph and an average temperature of 2.4°C which seems a bit optimistic if you ask me :laugh:

Sorry, no pics as it was too cold to stop, but here's the map:
Behind bars
Re: automated ice warnings. Walking home last night found myself, without warning, flat on my back with a cut on the back of my head (shoulda been wearing a helmet) - no riding for me today - it's absolutely treacherous out there. :sad:
Since I've discovered gravel riding, some of my favourite forest tracks are to the North of me between Reballah and Hustedt, however, that has often meant a fair bit of dull road riding between. So last night I plotted a route there through the forests from much closer to home and uploaded it to the Garmin. This morning I woke to temperatures of -5 and thick fog. Nothing for it though but to kit up and get out there before I wimped out. A couple of kilometres on quiet country roads warmed me up nicely before the Garmin beeped at me and directed me off into a new section of forest that I'd not explored before.


The forest tracks around here are arranged in a grid like pattern much like city streets in America and it's quite easy to get disorientated. However, with the GPS I just enjoyed flying along under the canopy and revelled in the complete solitude. Every so often a little chirp would indicate another change of direction and new sections of forest would open up. Before too long I hit a familiar section of track which I followed for a few kilometres before deliberately turning aside once more into the heart of the woods.


Every so often I would pass track intersections looked over by a hunters stool, but no one was out hunting today. The ground under my wheels was constantly changing from gravel to mud, from grass, to a churned up mess from the Wild Boars. For a few more kilometres I traveled on familiar ways before once more heading of to explore new lanes and byways. Eventually the ride drew to a happy end after 29.5km. I'd travelled over 80% off road, mostly on new tracks and byways in temperatures never climbing above -4 and had a great time. This is also the third ride on my new Kona Sutra LTD as well and I'm loving it, it's a really comfy and capable ride. Despite also being steel like my old Galaxy, with it's 1x11 groupset and hydraulic brakes, it's a world away from that old bike and a real joy to use on these tracks.



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Actually my ride yesterday ... ^_^
We rode the High Peak Trail from Hurdlow to Middleton Top and back.
We had a few minutes of sun on the return, just enough to want to actually see the route !!
God it was cold ....
Hot chocolate and coffee at Middleton Top ... was good !
Fun trip .......

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+Club Ride yesterday
Out destination was The Watts Gallery tearoom at Compton

There were 7 of us, one a gues/new rider, who impressed us by being in sahorts
Also 2 extra met up at the tearoom
Route via Chogham Pirbright Normandy and up Wanborough Hill to cross the Hog's Back

Return route was the same, until I peeled of from the group at Chbham to avoid the traffic and come homke via Chertsey Brudge
46.8 miles and a measly 14.3 mph, but there was traffic in a few places
Route Here


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North Yorkshire
A day off today so out on the Tricross just before lunch for a gentle spin to Cawood and Selby. 25.7 miles with an average of 13.8 mph.






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I didn’t get out at the weekend as the lanes were too icy but thought that they should be better today after a few days with no rain so went on a short ride to see. Started towards Northwood, Whixall, Fenns Bank, up to Hollinswood, Lower Houses, Coton where I passed my usual turn to Edstaston as it would be flooded and frozen which I didn’t really fancy, past Browns of Wem and a tractor hedge cutting, turn to Poolhead, Paddolgreen where I rejoined my usual lane to Ryebank, Highfields,Horton, past the Moatshed and home. Some of the lanes were still pretty icy but were ok at walking pace and it was freezing cold, 2 degrees. Not many people out today, just one runner, in shorts😮 and one dog walker. 18.2 miles at a slow 14mph but I got back without any ice related problems, should have put another layer on really as I didn’t really warm up. Good not to be rained on for a change though😊

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Near Newmarket
A lovely sunny ride around the Holkham area, north Norfolk today.


First off, the Truimphal Arch. I'm never quite sure if I'm allowed to ride through/ under it, but in 30 or so years, no ones told me not to yet, so I'll just carry on.


Then on to the obelisk. Pretty quiet here today.


Holkham Hall.

After a coffee stop at the new(ish) cafe at the end of Lady Anne's Drive, I walked along through the pine woods to the dunes.


As a kid I used to try to see the mountains of Norway from here- ever the optimist. Visibility was great today but not quite that good. Saw a great white egret which made my day near Burnham Overy.
15 miles here today.


Yesterday's ride, but busy day, so had no time to write it up.

Morning was cold, but as it stayed cloudy during the night, there was no frost. The outside thermometer said 2C when I got up, so full winter kit, including the thermal tights I bought for this eventuality, but had seen no use yet this year.

Out at quarter to seven, in full darkness, as sunrise won't happen until an hour later, though I could see some hints of pink towards the East. Headed for the A38, through Kempsey, and then a left for Kerswell Green at Baynhall.

Shortly after the turn I realised that my rear light had stopped working, so stopped to change it for the spare one. In the dark I struggled to find the spare in my saddle bag, and ended up emptying everything to get the light out, and then I couldn't get everything back in. Anyhow, with the light issue sorted, I set off again. Kerswell Green and then Kinnersley went by quickly, and by the time I reached Earls Croome there was already a reasonable amount of daylight.

So past Earls Croome, then a left for Baughton, where I turn onto narrower country lanes heading for Upper Strensham, going past the small church at Hill Croome.

Onward up the short drag past the services service road, and then a right to go through Upper Strensham and over the M50 towards Twyning. By now it was full daylight, and there were hints of blue in the sky.

On the way to Twyning saw this fellow urging me to stand and stare for a bit, so I did.

I believe this may the white rabbit that @twentysix by twentyfive mentions sometimes. I had a drink after the staring was done, and the water in my bottle was cold enough to give me a brain freeze :ohmy:.

Staring done, and brain defrosted, I continued my ride through Twyning, and out to the A38 heading for Tewkesbury. Quick descent down Mythe Rd, and then a left for Bredon, just skirting Tewkesbury along the south side of the Avon. The Avon has gone down quite a bit, but it is still quite full in places, as can be seen here.

By now there were more frequent sunny spells, but the temperature seemed to be dropping, and there was a hint of a cold breeze picking up in places, so press on to keep warm, down to the M5 underpass, and up through Bredon, and then a left for Eckington. Just after the turn there's a short quick descent followed by a short steepish ramp, as I changed to the middle chainring, the chain dropped onto the small chain ring, and I nearly went over. Luckily I didn't, as I had a lorry coming up behind me. He waited patiently to the top, and didn't overtake until I waved for them to go past. If only all drivers were like that.

I reached Eckington without further drama, and then stopped at the picnic area for a bit of a rest. The river is quite full, maybe about 30cm below the picnic area bank, where there's usually close to a metre.


I love it how in here, even in a fast flow day like today, the water surface is always flat and works like a perfect mirror.

Final stretch then, through Pershore, up the Holloway, quick down Rebecca Rd and then a more leasurely pace through Besford Bridge, Wadborough, Littleworth and home.

Though it was very cold, my new thermal tights were if anything, slightly too warm.

The map

This ride completes my first CC challenge, the half century a month, with 23 qualifying rides, and brings my imperial Eddington number to 32.

When I started posting in this thread last year I thought that a 50+km ride would be something to do maybe once a year, but yor example and encouragement has seen me turn all my weekend rides into 50km + rides, and I have even managed one imperial half.

Thank you all.

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It froze in the night. So I gave it a chance to warm up before heading out around my usual White Rabbit loop. The roads were ice free although there were some frozen puddles. The lane at Upton is open at last. The tide mark from the flooding showed how deep it had been. Only a swimmer could have got through. I was surprised to find that the lane had been washed clean. Often times there is an inch or two of liquid silt left behind. Nice bright but chilly day. 35 smiles
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