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Another prescription ride. Some of the people I’ve delivered to are younger and fitter than me, but the pharmacy are flat out.... I’m doing it for them.
After the deliveries I went on an extended ride. I rode the reverse route to Darkie Hill. Going down was bloody steep, but at the bottom it was straight into 14% that didn’t really let up. Back via Membland and Bridgend.
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How’d you go about getting the prescription delivery gig? Is that voluntary?


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24 mile exercise ride. Sun was out shorts were on. Nice steady ride with the other half.
Check out my activity on Strava:

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The weather spirits are being kind to us at the moment here in Cumbria and I took advantage of this bounty yesterday afternoon. Starting out in Penrith, I headed for Skelton via Newton Rigg and Unthank, passing a few more cyclists than usual on a weekday, not to mention walkers (hmm, maybe three dogs who all want to go in different directions at once is a few dogs too many🙃) and even a Hare as I climbed out of Greystoke towards Whitbarrow before turning left towards the A66 and left again towards Motherby. Lots of lambs in the fields, not all of whom were practising social distancing. The famous Herdwicks usually lamb a bit later-probably won't be seeing any Herdwick lambs for a little while. I observed some more interesting pedestrian behaviour on my way through the lanes back to Penrith via Flusco, Newbiggin and Hoghouse Hill-the woman standing in the middle of the road near Newbiggin listening to music on her phone was a particular highlight:wacko:. At least WCF Pet & Equestrian store in Penrith (an essential service in this part of the world) is still open, so all those lacking leads for their dogs can go and buy some! Lots of Daffodils out at the moment and not just the flowers either...


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I'm told my niece is stuck at home but likes a few of my cycling videos (the pleasure riding ones) so yesterday I popped out at dusk to visit a small collection of Wallace and Gromits round the back of Thornbury. It was a very enjoyable ride. The video isn't that great but she might like it.

This evening I'll ride out to the Severn Bridge for a look-see.


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I ran out of Broccoli, so I had to ride about a bit to try and find some. I didn’t find any, I think fresh fruit and veg are the new bog roll. Idiots seem to want to panic buy these things now. I did get a load of beer and wine in my backpack though, so that’s okay.

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Today looks like being the last bright, fairly warm spring day for a little bit so I made the most of my allowed ride by heading onto some quiet roads over Lyth Hill to Oaks, Pulverbatch, Wilderley, Smethcott, Dudgeley, Hollyhurst, Acton Burnell, Cantlop, Condover and back.

There were a few people out but in general it's quiet round the village. At Lyth Hill there were about the same amount of cars parked up as I'd usually expect at that time on a Friday. Carrying on along the track over the hill though I had it to myself as all the walkers were in the field.

The trip was pretty uneventful which is as I like it. I got through the lumpy bit as far as Dudgeley having seen only two cyclists and five walkers (not counting the various people at work in their gardens or maintaining their houses). There hadn't been many vehicles either and about half of the ones I did see were farm vehicles.

Getting onto the flatter bit through Hollyhurst I found the northerly wind a bit harder to work against than I'd anticipated. Meeting three cars along the old roman road was unusual this time (this is one where it's pretty quiet at any time) and when a worker at the next farm addressed me I wondered if he was going to say something about being out, but actually it was a warning to watch out for the tractor driver; "he could do with L plates".:laugh:

From here through Acton Burnell to Cantlop and Condover I genuinely saw more cyclists than motor vehicles (7 of the cyclists and 3 cars) and it wasn't until Condover that I saw more people out walking again.

The main road was as quiet as it usually is late in the evening.

29.3 miles at 11.9 mph average. Very easy to keep my distance from people this time.

I was keeping stops to a minimum so these are all the snaps I took:


On the climb up to Oaks.


Near Smethcott.


Hazy over Caer Caradoc, as seen from Dudgeley.
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A variation on Wednesdays ride today and clad additionally with thinnest leg warmers and full length gloves; properly right as the ride differed from nicely warm to being blitzed by a cold wind and although warmer clothing might have done for the latter it would have been too much at other times. When I got to Nidd I headed south through the village, the road is set slightly lower than surrounding land for a fair length and was still slightly aquatic in places just showing how much rain there has been this year. I then did the Brearton loop in an anti-clockwise direction for the first time; odd how different the gradients seem when you do them in the opposite direction, I was expecting the long decent to start off with but the climbs back to Nidd seemed steeper than the descents implied going the other way. Some of todays daffodils;

Back towards the A61 from Nidd I subsequently discovered the Strava segment has the pretty weird name of “the city needs a car like a fish needs a bicycle” :wacko: Seen here crossing the bridge over the former Harrogate-Ripon railway line which today looked like a muddy canal.

More sensibly the immediate following segment on the A61 is Pedal for your life; not really needed today although normally there is a tail back from the roundabout.

Traffic was generally pretty quite although their did seem to more lorries about today. The hybrid largely behaved itself today with the rear derailler less problematic but nevertheless a Shimano replacement in the post. 13.25 miles @ 11.6mph avg, 666ft climbed.


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Not off until a quarter to eleven.

So I had long enough but couldn't be too long because I was down to take Mrs Colly into Leeds to give blood later in the day.

I set off north on the Wetherby Road and a mile after the start Wellington Hill has to be bettered. It's not massively steep at an average 4.2% but it's a mile and a half from lowest to highest and sections of 8% so it certainly gets the lungs and heart working. I cut off the A58 Wetherby Road and passed the tail end of Shadwell, through Wike and turned right on the A61 Harrogate Road along by the edge of the Harewood Estate then down Harewood Bank to the bridge:

Apologies for the pic. I can't see a thing on the phone screen when it's sunny so the shots are just a bit of a guess.
I've been over Harewood Bridge by car and bike hundreds of times and today is the first time I noticed these marker plates on the wall.:huh:

Looking downstream to the east and in the direction of Linton and Wetherby:

So on from there and a swift left to Dunkeswick and Weeton. Two small places that, it seems tome have never been on the way to anywhere else. Always quiet, always sleepy. Even so Weeton seems to have avoided Beeching's cutting axe back in the 1950's . It still has a station, a rare thing in rural villages now.
And despite being small and sleepy it has quite a church:
weeton church.JPG

Ok, you can only just about see it from where I was stood but trust me it is quite impressive from close up.
Up some more and then down to the main Bradford / Harrogate road and up again towards Almscliffe Crag. I did take a photo of it but back home I found all I had taken was my mug squinting at the back of thephone. I would not inflict that on anyone and consequently a swift delete was called for.
I pass the Crag and a lovely run down through Stainburn to Leathley where I turned left towards Pool-in Wharfedale at St. Oswalds. Same thing with the photo and my squinty mug.
Back across the river at Pool and then onto Arthington Lane and up Creskeld Lane. At 1.3 miles top to bottom with a small dip just after halfway it's a stiff climb but managable enough with a maximum gardient of about 10%. From there it was Otley Road, King Lane and rather than the usual run around the reservoir I went up to the top of Stairfoot Lane and back home via Alwoodley and past the park.
It was cold when I set out and stayed that way. I was over dressed in the sunshine but bugger going out in short sleeved tops and shorts as some I saw.:thumbsdown:
I was home in plenty of time for Mrs Colly's visit to the blood place. As I sat in the car waiting I took a photo of a back street in Leeds City centre:

Usually you can't move here for people and cars.

Altogether 28.8 miles and just under 2300ft of upness.

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