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An afternoon ride for a change today. A bit breezy, but quite warm setting off. I was planning to go to Broadway via Beckford, but was a bit distracted, and missed the turn at Pirton, so decided I would just repeat the same route as last week, to Tewkesbury via Upton and Longdon, and then back via Bredon, Beckford and Elmley Castle.

The wind was side and ahead on the way out, and a bit of hard work on the way to Longdon, but once I turned to Tewkesbury I had the wind side and tail all the way, so not complaining.

There was quite a queue at the traffic lights for the Mythe bridge, maybe half a mile, which was annoying, as I just had to sit on it, and lost me maybe half an hour. Still, the roads were mostly clear after that, and made it back in under three hours. No photos today, just the map.

I’m just getting back into cycling but I had a lovely afternoon chasing my son and his best mate Home from football! They’ve been watching the Tour so they got to be the Breakaway and I had to be the Peleton! Such beautiful weather!


Two rides today - firstly a morning 11 mile bottle bank & shopping trip into and around Felixstowe, then home to do a few domestic chores.

Then, with a couple of spare hours in the afternoon I was finally able to test ot the Ventus with its new carbon seatpost. The route was a variation of my Westerfield loop - Falkenhm, Kirton, Newbourne, Martlesham, Rushmere, Westerfield, Ipswich & Bucklesham. A couple of stops were required to raise the post as it kept slipping down, despite having used carbon assembly paste & a decent torque level on the clamp. This from the most picturesque of the stops...
Walk Farm Gate.jpg

A very enjoyable outing in the warm sunshine despite a bit of a breeze, with this 37 miles taking me over 7000 for the year so far.


Today's was another informal Cc ride to destination Nice Pie . Planned route was 30 miles as I wanted to complete a metric century I was out the door early for some extra miles . Did my normal route out to St Bernards Abbey but coming down Swanimote rd I went left at the crossroads on to Warren lane which I had never riden before and it was lovely a nice quite gem . Rejoined my normal route at Belton heading back down Charley rd was my first feel of the wind stronger than I thought . Got to the meeting point at Quorn just on time I could see @Supersuperleeds talking to @tallliman who wasn't in cycling gear . A quick chat and he confirmed he wasn't feeling great so wouldn't be joining us but had come to see us off . We were soon joined by @Noodle Legs so after a quick catch up the 3 of us set off . Off through Barrow ,Prestwold ,Wymeswold chatting away and we worked out the last time the 3 of us rode together was coming back from the UCI world champs in Harrogate a year ago . Up the climb of Narrow lane and onto Nice pie . Coffee and sausage or bacon sandwichs were consumed as we're leaving bumped into a mate just heading into the cafe so another quick catch up and were on are way to face the headwind home . Up the Wreake valley where we did a couple of deadend roads so @Noodle Legs could grab a couple of velo viewer squares as he's a bit behind the rest of us . Into Rothley at the crossroads we all headed different ways . All 3 of us completed a metric century 75 miles for @Supersuperleeds ,68 for me and 65 for @noodlelegs and great ride in great company . We will try again next month to get the four of us together
Given I had to bail early on the ride back from Yorkshire due to my back, I think my appearance for a limited proportion of the ride yesterday was quite apt!:laugh:


House-sitting out at Liddaton again.
Was planning to go out to Okehampton and back, 28 miles, but the rest of the day got in the way. Have to go to Southmead Hospital in Bristol tomorrow re my pre-lockdown back op. On checking the car yesterday, the space-saver spare was flat. Odd. Set the compressor going, but little progress. The valve stem had split. So today to the local ATS in Tavistock. They don't carry this odd slim valve type. Next place didn't either. Last place wasn't looking good, but one of the tyre fitters had a rummage in the back of his workstation and bingo! So phew, all good. But by now, no time left for the longer ride. Have rejigged Wednesday and will try then,
So, a shortie of just 4.3 miles, but quite hard, especially the first 1.75 miles. Road surface terrible, and most of it relentlessly up, as in 20" gear up.
At the top of this, I would turn right if going to Okehampton and head to Lydford and NCN27 Granite Way. Turn left instead and get a nice long downhill reward for the climb. This bit from the left turn is new to me, so trying to be careful as well. A great sufficiency of gravelly bits on these lanes, so trying hard not to wash out at 20mph+. Left onto an eerily familiar B road. And a set of TTLs, which I managed to trip before coming to a stop. This did not please the chav in an old BMW who waited while I ground past uphill at 9 mph...tough. Pass a village sign, Chillaton. OK, I'm on the Chillaton-Lewdown road. No idea where in Chillaton I turn back to Liddaton. But there it is, and left again I go. This lane is >narrow<, so of course I met several cars...Plenty of field gates. Another short undulating stretch, then the final left turn onto the even narrower lane from where I started. Another half mile, and finish.
I'd delayed any riding until today, because they were harvesting, and it would be suicidal to tough it out with the 30+mph tractors and trailers, which take up 100% of the road. Too many chances of nowhere to go.
Here's the very small map:

Quite a good average for me, aided by a couple of gung-ho descents. Weather: hot and sweaty, but a breeze to take the edge off.


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I have been planning to cycle to Newport (the one in Shropshire) for ages, but never got round to it. This morning I wanted to leave early to avoid the hot midday sun. However, by the time I had been for a blood test and walked the dog, it was midday! The outward route mostly follows NCN552 and is quite lumpy. The compensation is good views over the Shropshire countryside, except for the bits where the Elephant grass obscures the view. When the grass is harvested it goes to a local power station where it is used to fire electricity generators.

Newport is an old market town with several interesting buildings. There have been settlements there since Saxon times. I called in at a Costa for a sausage sandwich and a large Americano.

The return route was along small country roads on the other side of the A552 to the outward leg. It was also a bit less lumpy than the outward route. A total of 64k almost all on quiet rural roads.



Amazing, had booked today off work (at home) last week and the forecast turned out right.
North on the A61 for the Defy. Plotted route had been to turn off at Wormald Green and head through hillier terrain, however the Wahoo had updated immediately after it last use and I noticed the display had reset itself so whilst I had BST time, speed and distance nowhere was the actual journey time showing:sad:
Decided to head to Ripon in case a wifi signal was needed to tweak the Wahoos settings and unexpectedly for a day with little wind recorded a PR on the continuing ride on the A61.
In suburbia at the second attempt found a wifi signal and tweaked the Wahoos display, which gave an excuse to do a loop to the west of the centre of Ripon.
Headed north west on the A6108 which resulted in the ride acquiring three keyboard “N”s in quick succession, starting with North Lees

Followed by North Stainley

where I stopped for lunch of not quite toasted cheese sandwiches and an apple in a nice shady bus shelter with a distant entertainment of school teachers trying to get a group of school children safely across the road; green man light on but one child obviously afraid of the motor bike waiting.
Onwards through West Tanfield to Nosterfield which had been the original target. The lane in was signless so a departing look back on the B6267.

I knew there was a nature reserve around here and, oblivious to the fact I had passed it, cycled along a different section of road I thought it was on. Playing the video back the only sign at the entrance was facing away from me. Returning to the plotted route the south east ride towards Wath become painful as I thought I had been stung on a finger but the length of what was stuck in my finger was obviously plant based unless there are some giant insects aboutxx( Pulled it out and carried on with one throbbing finger which put paid to thoughts of heading towards Boroughbridge. The “M” of Melmerby reached consequently was the completion of keyboard villages .

Headed back to Ripon on the A61 where just before North Bridge over the River Ure I got a jammed chain, twix cogs and frame. Released that and decided it was time for a snack before continuing with a PR on Minster Sprint.
Managed to avoid the pot holes hiding in the shade on a bend in Littlethorpe and paused on a bench by the beck in Bishop Monkton noting the finger was less painful. Then to Knaresborough and a repeat initially of yesterdays ride on the ebike but then with a more direct westerly route.
Back home got the rest, I hope, of whatever it was out of the finger. 46.98 miles @ 14.2mph avg with 2047ft climbed.

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Over the Hill
Legs were still tired but the glorious sunny weather just has to be enjoyed. So why not an easy standard loop? Ashleworth is always very pleasant with its mix of countryside. On the way out I met Pete M coming the other way at Brand Green so we stopped for a chat. It was quite warm on this ride and drinking was very necessary. Other than that not much to report on this one. 47 smiles


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The forecast was for a hot, sunny day but when I got up all I could see was mist, by the time daughter had left for college and the school traffic at the village school had gone it was starting to clear. Set off to Wolverley, Nonely where I had planned on going to Commonwood but found road closed signs so turned to Myddle, down to Merrington as the sun came out and the mist could now see across to Wales, Old Woods, Yeaton, past Adcote school to Little Ness, Baschurch, Eyton, Myddlewood, Weston Lullingfields where 2 helicopters from RAF Shawbury were training, through to Ellesmere, Coptiviney, Welshampton, Bettisfield, Northwood and home. It turned out to be a lovely sunny day with no wind once the sun had cleared the mist. Only saw a few cyclists and dog walkers. 40.2miles @15.2mph.

South East
Just a short evening ride to meet Mrs SnG, who commuted yet again that’s her 4th one. Some lovely warm sunshine, quite low by 5pm, but still closed my apple IOs green ring, which I wouldn’t have done otherwise.
12 miles, including a gentle canal towpath for 4 miles.
Better to be on the bike, than on the sofa!

The plaque on the wall explains the landing stage being opened, in 1997, at the 175 anniversary of the Chichester canal opening. The landing stage, made from timber, was supplied by a local timber merchant, celebrating their 150th anniversary.
I’ll try to grab an image of the landing stage.
At this point, the original canal would have had 3 directions, North to Chichester Basin, West to Chichester Marina and Chichester harbour, and East to Ford and into the River Arun.
I believe this was originally a way to get from Portsmouth to London, using the Wey and Arun canal.
Portsmouth and Arun Canal
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Cambridge was on my agenda today. I was weighing up whether to get the train up to Cambridge in the morning and ride back in the afternoon, or ride straight up there and finally get the train home later on. The difference is the hills, they're literally all at my end (the last third if you come from Cambridge), so with a hot day in prospect I decided to do the hills first in the late morning and enjoy the flat in the heat of the afternoon.
(And I know, a *real* bike rider would have ridden both ways, but 62 miles was too much for me on a scorcher).

I headed out through Baldock and up over the lumpy bits at Ashwell, and with the first third of the ride done, so were the hills. I called in at the memorial at the former RAF Steeple Morden where WW2 fighter crews are remembered with a fabulous monument, before riding on to Melbourne where I took lunch. Then on to Bassingbourn, Fowlmere, and Great Shelford / Grantchester. Finally an NCN (11 I think) alongside the railway line and then a route along the guided busway took me traffic free right up to the door at Cambridge station, where I let the train take the strain.

31 miles, just about 1000 feet of climb followed by 20 miles of flat, (max gradient was 9% early on at Ashwell) and a hot, hot day with a woeful 12mph average. Oh and a Wahoo that wouldn't sync, but that's another story!




The memorial and the few remaining huts at RAF Steeple Morden.




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Promise of another fine day, the sort of promise I always believe. So I took the fixed out for a ride around the flatter bits of country around here. It is nine days since I last rode this bike, I wondered if I would remember to keep pedalling.

The path downriver from the Armouries is oddly attractive, maybe because it takes six miles or so to reach Woodlesford and the first bit of uphill. And it is a lot quieter than the Leeds to Liverpool towpath. So, climb through Swillington and then around the north side of Garforth. This, without much attention to navigation, leads to the gates at Lotherton Hall. Take the lane that shares the hall’s name to Aberford, turn right onto Main Street and carry straight on. The bike almost turned left onto Cattle Lane, but not today.

The new A1 is to the right, open fields to the left once the village is behind me, and eventually the A64 is reached at Bramham crossroads. It was tempting to carry on north, but a left turn was taken, onto the A64 and its grotty surface. The highlight of this bit was the sign just before reaching Kiddal, there is a canine charity nearby. ‘Dogs Trust’, in large letters, and below on a smaller sign, ‘Cats Don’t’. Anyway, turn left to aim just wide of Potterton.

Barwick in Elmet, then Scholes and a brief revisit of the A64 lead to Thorner Lane. Turn off this to reach the A58 and an often used finish to my rides out, down Wellington Hill, it is a full proper names day today. Roundhay Park has a spare set of gates, pass them on the way to Oakwood, more downhill to go back across the River Aire and it seemed like no distance at all before I reached home. Thirty two miles made me smile, and a smidge over 1400 feet confirms I did ride the flatter bits. Very enjoyable ride.

And a map, of course . . .



Wonderful warm and sunny weather, for the second week of my holidays, up in Wales. Had a lovely 7 mile walk along the beach, with my friend Sophie, yesterday and today was time to get the bike out, to do my favourite route, for the first time in 18 Months.

Headed out through the site and already the beach goers were arriving, parking along the road near the entrance, yesterday was the busiest I’ve seen it in the 5 years we’ve had the caravan here!

Up to Tal-y-Bont and along the busy main road towards Barmouth. A lot of traffic but only 1 stupid close pass. Dropped down to the seafront and paused to take a photo

There were already loads of people in Barmouth, camper vans parked all along the promenade and basically as busy as the big Summer Bank Holidays.....Good for the Town in some ways, but not others, I guess.....

Crossing Barmouth Bridge was a challenge, with so many others doing the same on foot and bike. Did my best to socially distance where I could, but I was glad to get onto the wider Mawddach Trail, which was still busy but more space.

A pleasant ride up the trail, was asked for directions by a couple at Penmaenpool, which was pretty easy to tell them to basically just keep going straight on and following the trail to Barmouth.


Arrived at Dolgellau and paused for lunch in my usual spot, by the Cricket field, before heading through the town and then beginning the climb up into the foothills of Cader Idris. It’s a pull up there, but I wound my way up and laughed when a chap in a car pulled in for me and said “I feel worn out for you!” from his open window.

Finished the climbing, when I reached Cregennan Lake. One of my favourite spots in the U.K. Normally very peaceful and quiet, but lots of traffic up there today. Still stunning though.


I started the fast steep descent, down towards Arthog, pausing to take a photo of where I was heading back down to

I was following a car, with a bike rack on the back and he obviously likes a fast descent on a bike, as he pulled in and waved me through with a smile and said “you enjoy yourself down here” whilst he negotiated the hair pins at a slower speed. There was one grumpy chap coming up, who grunted in exasperation at having to pull over for me on the steep bit. Good luck when he encountered the car higher up!

I arrived at the main road, at Arthog and then followed it back to the Mawddach railway station, before heading back over Barmouth Bridge, which has just seen the start of a multi million pound project to completely rebuild it, but keeping to the same style, thankfully. It is closed overnight, at the moment and then properly closed from mid October. It’s a 3 year project though and only closed for certain quieter months of the year. They were working underneath it today and I don’t know what they’d dug into, but crikey there was a stench of drains/sewers! I ended up walking the bike along the last narrow section of the bridge, as there were simply too many people to do anything else.

I dropped back down into Barmouth, along the prom, which was heaving and then back along the main road, to Dyffryn Ardudwy. On the Beach Road, I came round the bend to the level crossing, just as the lights started wailing and the barriers came down. Short wait for the 2 carriages to come through, before the final stint back to the caravan.

33.51 miles at 10.3mph avg and 1452 ft of climbing, which is pretty much all in the 3 miles out of Dolgellau to Cregennan.
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