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Quedgeley, Glos
Short ride round the lanes. 10 miles or so. I've come to realise that it hasn't been lockdown, but rather losing the dog and the two walks a day that we used to go on, that has done for my fitness. It's not just the not going on the walks, but I'm sat down on the sofa instead - so a double whammy, less exercise, more sitting down. Need to do something!

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Over the Hill
Yesterday's Ride which I've called "3 Devils"

An early morning start got me to the meet with Andy G. We were soon under way taking the lovely ride up by the Elan Valley reservoirs. They are all now full and excess water is bringing the river back to life. What a difference from our last passage just a week or so ago. It made a change to ride upward and the views are maybe better, certainly different as the water is on the visible left. The mountain road was it's usual wonderfulness with this "reverse" direction giving a new experience. We had to tough out a strong headwind over the moors and the valley road to Cwmystwyth was tough due to the funneling effect. Beyond Cwmystwyth we climbed to the Devil's Arch. The first of our devils. Devil's Bridge (number 2) is at the bottom of the descent so we decided to take advantage of the Woodlands cafe with 25 miles in our legs. The next section was to be a bit of unknown territory. We took to some lovely empty lanes away from the obvious B road which took us on a rolling up and down route with views to the Welsh Mountains and the lower valley in which a large marsh was designated as a nature reserve. Tregaron is where a bunch of roads meet. It's a strange wee town and doesn't seem to have many facilities. So now we were beginning the mountain road but before too long we spied a spot for our picnic lunch. Some little feathered friends teased us with calls and brief sightings in the trees. Lunch for them too. We now climbed upward. some long sections of up were dealt with in the appropriately slow fashion. At the top of one pull the view showed a track heading off into the hills, a road heading for Lynne Briane and a big climb over a mountain shoulder. That was our way (of course). We were now approaching the Devil's Staircase (number 3). There are a sequence of 25% climbs with some superb views. I'm pleased to say we both managed to climb the 25%'ers. Being and ancient mountain goat I have a 1:0.75 gear available. Andy has 1:1. I'd been over this road in the opposite direction many years ago and it was these 25% hills which had stuck in my mind. Much of the scenery has changed as forests had been felled and in some cases replanted. At Abergwesyn we had conquered the staircase and it was a pleasant ride to Beulah. Road choices run out here so we must take to a wide road with a B designation. Sometimes B roads are quite quiet but not this one. Furthermore it had not been graded so progress was slow with an up and down series of longish 10%'ers. I do like to get my big roads done quickly but this 8 miles was not easy, At Newbridge-on-Wye we took to an A road. Again trafficked as might be expected but at least it was a faster ride on good tarmac and little opposition from gradient. I'd spotted a lane a few miles along here so we got off the A road over the only bridge in the valley and took to a very pleasant run with some steep little ups back to the Elan valley and the well known run back to Rhayader. So 2 mountain roads conquered and 3 Devils exorcised it was time to load up for the drive home. 80 smiles and nearly 8600 feet of ups (and downs).



The dancing trees outside indicated 50 miles on the Defy today would be something too much of a toil so that knocked on the head in order to resolve quickly the need to go to Sainsburys by Monday.

Decided to go the long way round and immediately struck an ebike KOM on the “Worlds Full Climb” (Cornwall Road and Harlow Moor Road), with no TTLs on it for once although a set immediately afterwards.

Managed to get this route right for once with an easy left turn on immediate right turn off the A61, and on the bridleway all dogs were well behaved but yet again the gate on showground hill was locked. Someone had a least cut back the hedgerow making use of the foot/bike bypass easier as it was getting a bit dicey with the angle of the wheels on the cattle grid immediately beyond.

For the return then another indirect route pass the queuing cars for the recycling site and on a cycle way through a park, up to Forest Lane Head and along the old railway line to the suburban part of Bilton Lane. Thoughts of heading west on the A59 were scuppered by the headwind and a westerly route taken in steps south and north in-between.

Result was the ebike has been out everyday this week with a grand total of 3105ft climbed in 44 miles.


London, UK
Bit of a strange one for me -- I was out doing some laps of regents park and i came across an older geezer that gave me the impression that he was there just to set a steady pace and get some laps in like myself. There was no verbal or non verbal communication between us, There was no eye contact either. We just fell together in a chain gang taking turns to pull each other around the park. The only communication between either of us was when we were signalling to turn left.

We were both there at the right place at the right time :okay::okay:
Wonderful 40 miles on the tandem in soft afternoon autumnal sunshine.

A rolling start, then a proper test of the new lower gearing on the climb of Bosley Cloud. After recovery from much gasping and near collapse, the view of the Peak District from the top could be properly appreciated:


From the Cloud, the descent to Congleton is magnificent, long, fast but safe and the view stretches from the Long Mynd through the whole of Cheshire with Welsh mountains behind. At 40mph, taking a picture wasn't an option though...

In order to bypass Congleton, the route takes you past the Egerton Arms in Astbury. It would have been rude not to stop...

From there it's flat pretty much the whole way. Jodrell Bank glowing in the light and nothing too strenuous from legs scrambled on the earlier climbs. Perfect.

Glow worm

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Near Newmarket
A nice easy 20 mile ride here today back in Norfolk.

First off through Burnham Thorpe. Lord Nelson’s village. I think his father was vicar at this church.


On through the Holkham estate. This is the route towards Wells from Holkham Hall.


Wells was a bit busy so headed out to the beach/ woods.
The pine woods of Holkham are idyllic. Treecreepers and Goldcrests everywhere.


I then headed back south inland along the long track to New Holkham though this is the view back north toward the sea and ultimately I guess Norway, a place which as a kid here I'd always hoped, optimistically, I'd be able to see from here.


Then on back through the Triumphal Arch. It’s available as a holiday let- looks fab. Just £900 ish per week:

A v pleasant couple of hours in the saddle here in bootiful Norfolk.
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A nice xc Route around some of the cycle paths in the north east
up the derwent walk then down the c to c route through beamish to roker
then straight up the coast to Jarrow and through the ped x tunnel home
nippy start but soon warmed up
@Mark pallister

Any reason why you appear to have jumped north after the ped tunnel to go straight towards Wallsend High Street rather than take NCN 72 Hadrian's Way?

Let me guess, extra miles for a metric century, plus the riverside track along that stretch is messy with lots of junctions and bike restrictions.

Mark pallister

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@Mark pallister

Any reason why you appear to have jumped north after the ped tunnel to go straight towards Wallsend High Street rather than take NCN 72 Hadrian's Way?

Let me guess, extra miles for a metric century, plus the riverside track along that stretch is messy with lots of junctions and bike restrictions.
Nope it’s where I live
And couldn’t give a toss about a metric century
I live in Britain so use miles 😂
Nope it’s where I live
And couldn’t give a toss about a metric century
I live in Britain so use miles 😂
Is there any sign of the opening of the new more cycle friendly lift at the ped tunnel?

The existing one is a bit of a squeeze with my lumpy ebike, particularly if I'm with a chum.

That, and I do fancy a go on the new one, which for the benefit of out of area readers is a funicular-style glass box.


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Sunday club ride
not feeling it today after being on night shift this week so i was struggling for the last 10 miles .
Went to the Bosworth battlefield visistor centre as it was open this week for the 1st time since lockdown .


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