Your ride today....

Well, didn't go to pick up the car yesterday. The MOT is going to cost me the thick end of £900. :eek: So, went over before breakfast to pick up some bits from the car, round trip 1.68 miles.
Very slippery!
Edit: looks like another utility ride beckons this afternoon. Item I'm selling on Gumtree has a buyer. So a trip to my storage garage, which is relentlessly uphill from here, no matter the route. Not that I don't need the exercise...
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Extended College run this morning, Connor only had 2 hours of lessons today starting at 0830hrs ...
So ... parked up next to the college and went off for a ride around Sheffield for an hour .... God it was cold ... so very cold ... ice all over the pathways and cycle paths ... i even wore a helmet !!
There is a patch of this urban art stuff between the bus station and the canal basin in the city centre...

I though i would ride into the canal basin but there was black ice all over the cobbles .... it was deadly .. even on foot.

I rode across the city to Hillsborough, following the river Don, and turned off behind the dog track to Coopers bridge, i often fish here but yet again freezing cold this morning with heavy frost on the road ...


I don't like frost on tarmac !!
Possibly the choice of wearing shorts today was also not one of my greatest decisions........
Another utility ride to sell a chair. Ride to my storage garage around a mile away. Managed to discover an, ahem, short cut. It was, too, once I actually found it. And during the puzzlement of a wrong turn, I managed to lose a ski glove. despite much retracing of steps, I never found it. Rats. The short cut IS shorter, but is very steep. Anyhoo, the way back is ALL downhill or level, so that makes up for it. 2.5 miles, 25 smackeroos for the chair.


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Central Texas
It had been 8 days I think since I had been out and I had planned to ride Wed, Thu & Fri this week to try and catch up. All were forecast to be pretty days with tolerable winds, but starting cool before warming in the 50s F / 10s C.

Wednesday turned out a bust. I visited my mother for what I thought would be an hour or so and I would be home in time for a good ride. I got home a little before sunset, had dinner and that was that. So I told my wife that I was going to get out as soon as possible Thursday and try and get my first 100k of the year.

I had already agreed to join 4 friends at a nearby town and do a 30-35 mile ride starting at 930am. Then I would have some lunch and finish the 100k solo. The only problem is they are much faster than me. I have ridden with these friends numerous times and I know the roads and their planned route. They know they don't have to wait on me and are usually quite patient if I drag behind too much. I imagined, I could try to really sprint this first 30 and be able to keep up for the most part.

It was 33 F when I left the house, 44 F when we started the ride and 77 F when I finished the 100k.

I work hard to average 12-13 mph for that distance unless it is quite flat. It wasn't. I normally average around 120bpm heart rate when out by myself.

Over the first 32, I averaged 140 HR with a max of 156! But I still didn't keep up. I ended up averaging 12.5 mph and only stopped at intersections when necessary and only got off the trike once for about 60 seconds. They stopped and waited on me at several points, but the last 10 miles I didn't have any of them in sight. One of them was waiting at the parking lot to make sure I arrived. :okay:

I had a snack, some electrolytes, actually stretched out in the back of my van for awhile, then headed out for the solo part. It seemed much more delightful . . . but I still needed to keep a decent pace to get the 100k in before sunset. I averaged 11.3 over the last 30 miles and 11.7 for the whole ride.

When I ride alone I prefer a slower pace and frequent stops to take pictures. I didn't get many yesterday and there were some very pretty views.

But I slept really well last night. ^_^



Since I didn't get many pictures here is a fantastic photo another local rider took yesterday not far from where I had to stop for this train to pass.


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